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    Glacier Chiller plumbing question

    I’m trying to figure out if I should leave my Glacier Chiller running while I’m out of town. My wife won’t know what to do if their is a problem. My concern is one of the automated valves. I’m wondering what happens if the automated valve dies and doesn’t flip to 12:00. See pic 2. When chiller...
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    CYA target level

    Just curious will the FC always fall quickly to the target level? Let’s say for example my SWG pool my current CYA is 80 (target level 6). If I raise my FC to 10 using LC and my daily FC demand is 3 and my SWG is set to produce 3 FC will my FC still fall to 6 as its trying to get to the target...
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    High salt light blinking green on IC40

    I’m at 4200 ppm with a blinking green salt light everything else is green. Green light is coming on showing it is producing chlorine. My question is even though the chlorine light is green it is producing chlorine right? Basically the cell can produce chlorine with a high salt reading correct...
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    CYA testing question..

    I’ve seen lots of different posts with different answers. If at 70 the dot is still visible but at 60 dot is gone is the CYA 70 or is it 60??
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    SWG Pentair IC40 warranty question..

    Let’s say my pool equipment was installed Jan 2018. I had a flow switch give out and was fixed Jan 2020 obviously within the 3 yr Pentair Warranty. If the flow switch failed again in July 2021 would that be covered under warranty . I realize it’s past the initial 3 years but that same part that...
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    Can anyone recommend a QUALITY pool brush?

    I have the Whale brush already. While great on vertical walls I do not like to use it on horizontal surfaces (ledge,bottom of pool,etc). I have had no less than 6 brushes in last three years. Have spent easily $200 on brushes from Lowe’s,Home Dept, Leslie’s. They’ve all broken. I don’t care...
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    IC40 question

    is there anyway to have the IC40 do a salt Measurement more than once every 12 hours? (Other than physically restarting it). I ask because down here in Houston we get some pretty darn hard rain. Yesterday I was at 3900 ppm on the Screen Logic. Heavy rains last night and u just looked and I’m...
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    SLAM question…

    How fast during a slam can you expect the FC level to fall to the SLAM level? Example you think the CYA is 70 but it’s actually 60 (or who knows possibly 50) for an SWG pool. If u raise the FC to 28 how fast would you expect it to fall during the day to 20-24 if your CYA is actually 50/60? Is it...
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    Wasps around pool and backyard...

    Anybody have any tips they can share on what they do/use to control/kill the wasps? Yes I realize killing the nest is the best way. I’ve done that but I still have tons of these pests flying around. Heck even some landing in the pool. I’m looking for something other than “spraying them with...
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    Quality pool rafts...

    Anybody know of places to order quality one person pool rafts? I don’t mind spending $100+ for them. Places other than the usual Amazon,Frontgate,etc.
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    Wireless pool filter gauge...

    Anybody used this yet? Just curious. I’d drop the $100 if it works.
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    Tool for drain plug on Pentair Cartridge Filter?

    Do they make a special tool for opening this plug (other than pair of pliers)? What a pain. Mine is tough to get to based off how they ran the piping and where they positioned the drain plug in relation to that. With a pair of pliers a complete nightmare. When I clean the filter I typically just...
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    What to be aware of when starting pool back up after freeze

    I’m just curious things to be aware of when starting this back up. Obviously here in Houston I’ve never “Winterized” my pool. I was able to drain all the equipment within 20 minutes of power going out and got tons of water out. I let it drip empty for some time as well. Anyways besides refilling...
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    Plastic bottles in skimmer?

    What does this do? Just place it in skimmer basket? I don’t get it. I’ve drained everything now trying to figure this out. They need to be plastic? What else can u use?
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    How long after power goes out before draining equipment?

    I know this is a general question and depends on a lot but at 15 deg maybe a few hours? I mean tough to see inside all of the pieces too see if ice is forming. Maybe Intelliflow.
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    Water in spa always drops during freeze protection

    When my freeze protection kicks in my water in my spa always drops. When I wake up in the morning the water level is down to the jets. I have to manually go out and shift the return valve to Spa so it will fill back up when it flips back to Pool. Is this normal? Is there a way to fix that...
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    IC40 temperature

    I’m just curious how you would know if the temperature sensor inside the SWG is off by an amount say 3-10 deg. When I look at my ScreenLogic I see the temp but I’m assuming that’s from the Intelliflow. Reason I ask is can you damage the SWG when all the lights are green and it’s making chlorine...
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    GPM on Intelliflow

    If you set the GPM on the Intelliflow to a specific GPM does the IF adjust RPM automatically to keep the GPM constant? Just curious. With my Chiller I notice the GPM when the Chiller is off and when the Chiller is on are different. Also sometimes for my Chiller a consistent set RPM doesn’t...
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    Pool app suggestion

    Why can’t you add the other affects to the main page? For instance when I go to CYA application why can’t you state here the “ph will decrease by x amount”. Why do I need to go to the “effects of adding “ to see this? Just include it on the main page. Also when go to PH list the effect to...
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    Flying ants...

    Anybody have these annoying bugs in there pool. They drive me nuts. I scoop them out and new ones fly in. I get several weeks of this annoying pest every year! Anything you can do to prevent these bugs from flying in your pool?
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    Best hose nozzle for cleaning filter cartridges

    Can anybody recommend a good hose nozzle head for cleaning filter. Obviously looking for some type of “fan” pattern to clean. Thanks
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    IC40 and low flow

    I’m just curious if I have my SWG at 0% does it matter if my low flow light is on?? I would imagine the low flow would only be important if I’m making chlorine. really the only reason I ask is I run my pump at 1800 rpm which is the lowest I can get it before the low flow comes on. In the winter...
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    Freeze protection question

    Just curious, does the freeze protection take precedence over any schedules? Ashed another away, if the circuit is not defined as “freeze protection ON” and the freeze protection is ON will that circuit not come on even if it is on the schedule. For instance, this morning my Spillway is set to...
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    No FC loss in one day in colder water with SWG off

    Just curious if this is common. I have my SWG off (well 1%). I wanted to know my daily FC loss so I could set my SWG accordingly going forward. Yes I realize I can just shut it off soon due to cooler water temp and just use LC. I tested before pump came on today at 8:00 am and got 7.5 ppm. I...
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    Get ready for all the green pool threads in Houston

    Yeah I just got about 4” of rain in 20 Harvey down here and I’m in SouthWest HOUSTON. Ten times worse in North HOUSTON. Glad I loaded up on Stabilizer,LC, CH, and SALT!!!
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    PH standard solutions

    I’ve searched the web and can’t find any, but does anybody know if they make PH 7.5-7.8 standard solutions? The ones they make (4,7,10) are obviously useless at least in terms of pool water testing. The Red’s to me are sometimes hard to tell on the vial test. No I do not want a digital meter...
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    Is there a way to set a schedule for my IC40 on the Easy Touch?

    I’d like to be able set my IC40 on a schedule on my East Touch. I run my Glacier Chiller at night sometimes and I don’t want my SWG working at 50% the extra 5/6 hours at night. Right now after the SWG runs during the day I manually go in and put it to 1% on nights the Chiller runs and then in...
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    Max PPM concentration for IC40

    Here in Houston we get some very heavy rains. Sometimes 10-15” in one day/two period. Last time I went on vacation this happened and my salt reading on my cell went from 3600 to 2600 while I was gone and cell quit working. I’d like to put my PPM at 4400 or so and this is what cell reads not what...
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    Brushing of the pool

    I’m just curious how often people in the south brush there pools that are over a year old. I ask because I do weekly and it honestly feels like a waste of time. Its 100% outside and I’m just trying to figure out why I continue to do so often. I keep my water chemistry pristine. Always in...
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    Tf100 FC test

    I always wondered what difference not having exactly 10ml makes on the test. For instance how much does it affect the results if I have +\-1-2 ml difference? I think it’s arbitrary where u call 10ml. Is it at the bottom of the meniscus? I think this would also affect if this is truly 10ml..