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  1. aussieta

    cant view others pool logs

    apparently when you click on a users profile name it should bring up their pool logs i dont get this info using win 7 brings up everything else
  2. aussieta

    old pool math

    i dont like change so i still use the old poolmath just using it and found when entering pool size and then changing to metric the value is incorrect
  3. aussieta

    floculant in drinking water

    in melbourne, australia, we have had a very funky storm last week it dropped an incredibly fine red dust into all the swimming pols in the metro area it passed straight though sand filter with glass media and cartridge filters clarifiers or floculants were the only remedy unfortunately the tank...
  4. aussieta

    Aussie SWG Operation vs. US Operation

    Moved from here as it was not related to original thread.. Economics of my SWG our aussie swg seem different to usa swg or just the models i have seen in usa 50% means turned on at 100% for half of the pump run time in aus 50% means either half voltage or half amps for the whole run time i...
  5. aussieta

    M500 lost its mind

    my dolphin m500 has decided it only want to clean for about 45 minutes regardless of what program i set it on last month it was fine this weekend only 45mins it is in the shop now they think it is cable, but i dont as it is always exactly the same time luckily it is still under warranty any...
  6. aussieta

    TF-100 instructions

    sorry if this is in the wrong place whilst trying to find instruction for the TF100 ph test i went to this page TF-100 Test Kit and Salt Water Test Kit Instructions and Tips which has a link for extended directions which...
  7. aussieta

    photobucket fix

    one of the other forums i visit had this post it is an extension for your web browser that converts photbucket pictures automaticaly i have downloaded it for chrome and it works flawlessly I know the one for Chrome works as I installed it and went through a few threads that the photos were...
  8. aussieta

    ecobright in australia

    just having my pool refurbished as previous owner thought paint was a good idea poor pool company had to grind off old epoxy paint repair render/plaster and then paint with the eco-bright very happy with the guys work but i am unsure of the motley finish he assures me i wont notice it...
  9. aussieta

    aquabright in australia startup chemicals

    just signed up to get my painted pool refinished in aquabright blue lagoon whilst perusing their website i found the startup sheet at initial fill use EasyCare StartUp-Tec maintain chlorine 1-3ppm using tri-chlor do not use calhypo as it is too harsh (LOL) weekly add algaecide and shock as...
  10. aussieta

    dolphin M500

    just bought the m500 (one month now) make sure to hide that receipt from wife they are not cheap they no longer come with a remote you need an app for your smart phone after upgrading my android software my phone now barely works and i still cannot install the dolphin app it appears to be aimed...
  11. aussieta

    pool renovation help

    we have 13,000 gallon inground concrete pool with quartzon interior that is in very good condition, however previous pwners did not look after chemistry so interior became "sharp and cut childrens feet" (not sure but suspect highly acidic, pool store measured ph at 4.5 when we bought house) they...
  12. aussieta

    before and after TFP

    after seeing the "sparkle posts" i added my pics of when i bought house with what i thought was a lovely clean pool and then after using TFP methods, you can actually see the steps and all the suction ports
  13. aussieta

    CYA to Ammonia

    Moderator comment: This post was separated out from this thread: LAST DITCH EFFORT....and I don't know what to do now just trying to learn here but where did you find this information never heard you had to wait, i believed the cya to amonia conversion was a long process i always understood to...
  14. aussieta

    need new pump for solar heating

    hi , currently have a davey xa105 3/4 hp pump for my solar it doesn't appear to be a self priming type and if i don't keep an eye on it it loses prime anyway must have lost prime for around a week and been running 8 hours a day i think it is now dead as it seems deformed and isnt running...
  15. aussieta

    quartzon cost in australia

    anybody had their pool renovated with quartzon was originally quartzon pool was painted with epoxy by previous owner 50,000 litre kidney shaped located mornington peninsula, victoria, australia after a rough cost thanks, andrew
  16. aussieta

    suctiion air leak

    about two weeks ago i was very busy and didnt empty the skimmer basket for a week anyway the basket became overfilled and then floated and settled side ways the excess leaves then went through to the pump strainer basket and filled that too after cleaning everything i now seem to have a suction...
  17. aussieta

    epoxy paint

    our inground concrete pool was painted with two pack epoxy paint (dulux durebild) the finish is becoming chalky and rubs onto your hands and feet in Australia painting is common does any one know of a way to minimise rub off or a better paint finish pool was originally quartzon but original...
  18. aussieta

    pump losing prime

    Hi. i have a secondary pump that is dedicated solar heating it pumps to black hoses on roof of garage about ten foot head height anyway it loses its prime after about 12 hours of being turned off this means i can't leave it on automatic as there is no protection to turn off pump if no flow there...
  19. aussieta

    SWG percentage

    Hi, trying to get my head around how the percentage factor works on a SWG I thought either the voltage or the amps were reduced to the indicated percentage i have been too busy to dismantle control box and measure but i do intend to i made a post stating that is how they worked, fortunately a...
  20. aussieta

    flat looking water

    ok a bit of history on the pool, bought house december 2013 water sparkled like a diamond, you could not look at it on a sunny day had water tested at two different pool stores while waiting on test kit 17 december fc 1.8/0 cc 1.6/0 tc 3.4/0 ph 4.8/7.4 TA 14/33 CH 56/61 cya 50/29 got pool...
  21. aussieta

    hydrochloric acid

    all of my local pool shops sell hydrochloric acid as pool acid and have not heard of muratic acid Dr Google seems to think they are mostly the same besides strength are they the same?
  22. aussieta

    removing pool cover

    last year i was reading a thread which had lots of handy tips one of the tips was removing the pool cover on an inground pool and diverting all of the water, leaves and debris into the skimmer box i can't find that post now, does anybody remember how to do this or a link to the post thanks, Andrew
  23. aussieta

    Taylor K-1766 salt test

    just received my K-1766 and tested my water when you add the R0718 silver nitrate do the drops completely disolve or partialy solidify i ended up with little lumps in bottom of test vial thanks, Andrew
  24. aussieta

    cya levels

    just curious why a salt pool has a different recommended fc/cya level to a non salt pool i cant see the difference between adding bleach at night or SWG both pools would add the same fc ppm, both same sunlight, bather load etc is there some chemical relationship i dont understand please keep it...
  25. aussieta

    algae around steps

    starting to get a bit of green algae around the steps i think this is due to a bad circulation issue is there an easy way to modify the circulation pattern i have a bean shaped pool with skimmer in the centre of the curved wall and a return jet each side between skimmer and end of pool latest...
  26. aussieta

    mortar mix for pool surround

    not sure if this is the correct section , mods feel free to move anyway a lot of the clay pavers around the pool and the coping the mortar has disolved/cracked i want to rip up and repair damaged areas is there a special mortar mix or type of mortar for around swimming pools thanks, Andrew
  27. aussieta

    pool cleaner with surface mount lights

    does anybody have experience with automatic pool cleaners with surface mount lights i am looking at the maytronics dolphin series my concern is the cleaner may damage the lights by keep crashing into them and the robot cleaner will probably fall off of the side if it makes it over the lights and...
  28. aussieta

    low free chlorine

    is it possible for the chlorinator to show an output but not actually be working? have a lincoln SWG, shows around 68% fluctuating with air bubbles last thing before FC drop was add 4kg balpak 300 (calcium) hardness was 120 increase to 170 FC dropped to 1.6ppm, 0ppm CC, from a steady 3.6ppm FC...
  29. aussieta

    new pool owner rental property

    Hi guys and girls have just bought a property with a view to moving in at a later date the inground pool looked like a diamond, so clear you could not look at it on a sunny day the original owners are renting the property back their pool maintenance was when chlorinator said low salt throw a...