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    Fall conversion?

    Looked back at my notes and photos. From my experience, when I was at the stage where you are now, there was no more goo. But I didn't drain and you did, so maybe you have avoided the whole crappy goo issue all together. Cross your fingers... I think you're almost home! Nice job so far.
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    Never tried this particular brand, but once, in a pinch, I bought two gallons of something similar. Took it home and tested with my TF100 kit. Result: not quite 4%. Basically just 96% water. :mad: Someone on the forum once stated that if the percentage is not listed, there's a reason. I...
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    Skimmer block off for winter?

    I tried 'em twice. No more. Both fell out. This year I'm going with the cut up pool noodle tightly squeezed into the "tub" of the skimmer, and extending through the mouth of the unit slightly into the pool. (See Newdude above.) I plan on lowering my water about 2-3" below the bottom of the...
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    Fall conversion?

    I didn't seem to have any issues with a rainy day or two when I converted. I don't use "official" skimmer socks, but rather spun polyester hairnets purchased by the hundred from Amazon. Can usually find them for under $10 a pkg., as I recall. Mine were on throughout the conversion and almost...
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    Homemade winter skimmer plug ideas

    Forgot to mention, I also have a Gizmo, but it does nothing to prevent the mouth of the skimmer from freezing up and becoming a solid part of the pool iceberg, as you mentioned.
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    Homemade winter skimmer plug ideas

    Newdude, I like the pool noodle hack. Are you cutting them into long enough pieces so that they sorta fill the skimmer body, then bend at the top to go into the skimmer mouth (then a little into the pool as well?) Otherwise, it seems like a bunch of little pieces of noodles would just scatter...
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    Pool pump died when closing

    I'm in North Central Pa., and right about now, I just do the SLAM/Polyquat thing and cover using a pillow 3/4 inflated. I wait until all/most of the leaves have fallen, maybe Nov. 1st, then spend a good hour or so cleaning off all I can from my winter cover. After that, I just monitor the...
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    Bring FC To Shock Level/Polyquat 60 question

    Thanks Allen. I was thinking that it probably made little difference, then the little voice in my head started with, "Better make sure!"
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    Fall conversion?

    Your pool is about 2/3 the size of ours. I didn't drain and refill because we are on well water, and "hauled" water for half a pool full, would have cost us around $600. Without draining, we only used around 20 gallons of 10% chlorine from start to finish. Even accounting for hot weather, if...
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    Bring FC To Shock Level/Polyquat 60 question

    I am in the process of closing my AG pool. Last week I brushed the walls and vacuumed and backwashed on Thursday. Water temp was finally in the 50's. With great weather forecast for both Friday and Saturday, I added chlorine to bring me up to SLAM level and hold for 12 hours. Now I just...
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    Recommended pH Level For Pool Closing

    Thanks again! Sounds good. My TA is 80-ish and that's why my pH runs where it does: because it wants to... :) . My CH has been 125 almost forever, so I guess I'm good to go.
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    Recommended pH Level For Pool Closing

    Thanks, Marty. I have a laminated version of that to take out with me during my close so I don't forget anything. Mine is a bit "customized" so that anyone could close my pool if I was unable to do so. Also have the same for opening. However, it only speaks to chlorine and polyquat; says...
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    Recommended pH Level For Pool Closing

    I didn't make any notes from last year except for chlorine levels and Polyquat levels for closing my AGP. Am I correct to think that pH will rise gradually by Spring? I normally run it at 7.5/7.7 when open. Should I leave it alone or lower it to close? If so, what's the recommendation...
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    1st SLAM a Success!

    I just completed my first SLAM since joining TFP 3 years ago. I was both looking forward to it, and dreading it at the same time. Over the past couple years, I have read and re-read the process dozens of times, knowing it was only a matter of time until I would need to do it. In my case, it...
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    Recommend a submersible pump?

    Yes it does. I think they normally come with the garden hose attachment included. I use a 5/8" hose on mine. I used mine just yesterday to drain and clean our horse watering tanks. Each hold 100 gallons of water and were both pretty full. Drain time with my pump was less than 6 minutes per...
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    High pH As SLAM Is Nearing Completion

    Thanks, Allen. I was pretty sure that was the case, but as this is my first SLAM, I wasn't willing to proceed without reaching out for TFP confirmation here.
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    High pH As SLAM Is Nearing Completion

    I have now had over 20 hours of very clear water and my FC is slowly beginning to drop from where I began. I accidentally added a higher than recommended amount of chlorine (25 ppm) to begin, so I am now just beginning to approach (21 ppm) my SLAM target of 20. I had lowered my pH to 7.4 prior...
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    5ml Sample Size of Water When Slamming

    I have read on here that it's ok to use a 5ml sample when testing FC during a slam. It would definitely save on reagent until I get nearer to the end of the slam, when I would revert to a 10ml sample. My question is this: Do I still use the heaping blue spoonful of DPD for a 5ml test, or does...
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    Recommend a submersible pump?

    I have one very similar to mickey4paws unit. Mine's about five years old and I beat it to death doing way more to it than it's built for. Less money than the pool store pump, much more efficient, way more durable, and you will discover tons more it can do once it lives at your house. ;) Good...
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    Pool guy is leaving in a few weeks, what will I need?

    Drip, welcome to TFP! As you probably can already sense, you're in the right place. I see you bought the TFP TestKits for your adventure in pool boy-ing. You won't regret it. As for cost, this kit will be good for about 2 years or so. Even if you purchased every option or shiny toy with it...
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    How often should I shock my above ground pool.

    Well put and easily understandable. A good reminder for us all. My high target, at my CYA, is 8 ppm of FC. I always reload daily (no SWG) when convenient to 7.5-8 ppm. This allows me to skip a day whenever I want to, without worries. Thank you TFP! :)
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    Overwhelmed Amateur Pool Chemist

    Ben, welcome! It looks like you are beginning to believe it's safe to put yourself into the hands of the folks on this site, who have almost all been "Ben." (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Forget the pool store or any pool service professionals. In no time, you will be "the pool service...
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    Cloudy again..

    I have also found that a CYA addition via the sock method is much more quickly apparent if the sock is suspended in front of a return, rather than put into a skimmer. I simply tie the sock on a short piece of rope, tie the whole thing to the end of my pool pole (note: weight the back end of the...
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    CYA bottle has label at different spot on 2 different kits

    I have the old TFT kit mixing bottle. My label was applied significantly askew and was always a bit of a problem to fill accurately as a result. This spring I found the new small view tube (figured to save a bunch on reagent) on their website and immediately got one with my refill kit. I...
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    How Soon to Swim After Dry Acid?

    EDIT: I use MA, not dry acid. Good catch, Marty!
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    How Soon to Swim After Dry Acid?

    I wait a half hour also. And welcome to the best source of pool info you'll ever find. Enjoy your journey.
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    TDS Levels for my situation?

    Once I acquired my own test kit (TF-100) all my pool chemistry got much simpler to understand and manage. I have no SWG nor any automation. For instance, I now know that if I didn't test my pool yesterday, I need to add 24 oz. of 7% liquid chlorine today (I know my LC is 7% because I learned...
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    Gritty Deposits on the Bottom of my AGP

    Well, I completed my first ever (yeah, I know... don't say it out loud!) OCLT. Started at 8:45 last night and completed at 6: 45 this morning. The results are as follows: Last night- FC 8.5, CC 0. This morning- exactly the same! Soooo...Sand it is! :D Now I have to figure what's causing...
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    Gritty Deposits on the Bottom of my AGP

    Thanks Casey. I'll post in the morning once the OCLT is complete. G