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    Pool closing question if you use 55 gallon drum

    Nope, I use the standard size for my pool
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    Hayward H250 Heater problems

    3-5 seconds is the free run time a gas valve gets prior to flame sensing. Pull and clean the flame sensor with fine steel wool or use a dollar bill folded and rubbed on the sensor to polish it.
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    Hayward H100ID turns on but doesn't fire

    Yep. looks like time to solder wire jumpers in place. Dan
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    Hayward H100ID turns on but doesn't fire

    Gas valves are not recommended to be disassembled. If this is a new unit the first thing I would check for is to make sure that all of the safety switches are being satisficed. There is a pressure switch that monitors water pressure in the system. Too low of water pressure and the unit will not...
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    Current In Water

    Per the NEC, the only connection point that the Neutral and Ground can be bonded together is at the first disconnect point in the service. After that, all panels, outlets and connections have to be separate with the neutral not bonded ( floating). This is why sub panels will have 4 wire cables...
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    How can I replace the outlet coupler on Hayward H100ID1 heater?

    It has been a while since I had mine apart, but that fitting should be a regular PVC pipe threaded part from what I can remember. I am sure the Hayward part is about $50 but you should be able to source it from any hardware store that sells PVC parts. I would cut perpendicular to the threads...
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    Pool Delivery, but where to start on the electrical? Do I need a sub-panel?

    I would run a sub panel. Some inspectors see the pool as a separate structure and some don't. A separate structure can only have one circuit running to it( 2 hot, 1 neutral , ground) This sometimes can work but having two hots on one neutral does not allow for GFCI breakers to work properly. A...
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    Anyone have plans for a deck extension over pool rail

    I can't speak for the OP but, when I built mine, I looked at some of the decks that friends had that were under the rail and did not like what I saw in some of them. Mostly the problem I saw was how bad the top rail looked after a couple of years of people standing and stepping on them. One...
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    Anyone have plans for a deck extension over pool rail

    This is how I did mine. The overhang is about 1" above the rails. The deck itself is also only sitting on the framing rails. I intended to bolt it to the rails, but never got there. If I need to, I can slide the deck back away from the pool to do a liner change. A while back I did the same deck...
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    Jandy LT400 LP Gas Heater - rebuilt and fully functioning!

    The steam should not have an effect on the switch. The same switches are used in condensing furnaces all the time with no problems. Excessive water buildup can cause the problems you are experiencing though if the exchanger is designed such that the vacuum pulled thru it can be interfered with...
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    Jandy LT400 LP Gas Heater - rebuilt and fully functioning!

    Some advice on the inducer motors. Most all manufacturers that use these use a standard supplied component from companies such as Nutone. When the inducer went bad on my hayward it was still available from them, but, it was $450. I work part time in the HVAC industry so I was able to recognize...
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    Pool closing question if you use 55 gallon drum

    Here is how I do mine. 2 ropes with one tied around the barrel. Done this way for the last 12 years.
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    As winter approaches...

    If you are in NE ohio then you know what snow weight is. I doubt you can build a strong enough structure out of PVC to support that weight.
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    winter float needed

    I use a plastic 55 gallon barrel I sourced from a local hardware store that caries them. going on 10 years with it now.
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    MiniMax NT Heater - No Ignition Sequence

    That looks to be in real good shape. There should be a port that the vacuum hose hooks to that could be clogged as well. If you still cant get a good vacuum signal to the pressure switch make sure the connections for the small hose are tight and don't leak. It is possible that the motor is not...
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    Pentair Mastertemp not igniting

    You most likely have a spark ignition system. This system also utilizes the igniter as the flame sense circuit. Pull the igniter from the unit and use steel wool to clean it. Reinstall it making sure the mounting area is corrosion free...flame sensors need a good ground. The delay at startup is...
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    Jandy LX400 Heater Win

    You have discovered the biggest scam in the pool industry. Almost all components installed in the heaters...control valves, fans, blowers, etc are standard heating system parts. I too had the same ordeal a few years ago. I needed a new blower for my heater. Hayward wanted over $500 for the part...
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    MiniMax NT Heater - No Ignition Sequence

    If you remove the top of the unit you should be able to get to the fan assembly. It usually only has a couple screws mounting it. Pull the fan assembly and check the fan itself. I am willing to bet they are rusted off. Dan
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    Pump timer: What is this thing?!??

    This is a Digital Cycling Unit. It was installed as, Jim said, to control loads on the local utility in times of high demand. These were used mostly on Air conditioners. Here is an excerpt from the manual for the unit. What is a DCU? A Digital Cycling Unit (DCU) is a device installed at the...
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    Hayward heater IF error

    Replacing the flame sensor, while it looked like it was needed, will not solve the "not lighting" problem. The flame sensor does not come into play until after the burners have lit. Once the burners light, the control board allows the unit to "run free" for about 5-10 seconds to establish a good...
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    Any gas line gurus in here ?

    I know the charts don't support this and I did it more as a test than anything... I have a 100,000 BTU hayward running on 50' of 1/2" od line. teed off of a 1/2" black pipe line feeding my grill. I have clocked the heater at the full !00,000 BTU several times. Not sure of my line pressure but, I...
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    Pool heater leaking

    You can test the "leak" water with a test kit and see if it is pool water. It should match the test readings from the pool. I am suspecting that it is condensation from cold water running thru the heater and drawing the exhaust temp down too far. Once natural gas exhaust temp goes below 150 deg...
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    Electric heat pump question

    Is he willing to accept the liability if someone gets hurt? Is the breaker tripping due to an overload or is it tripping the GFCI protection circuit (reset button)? He needs to determine why the breaker is getting hot. There is nothing in a GFCI circuit board that would cause the breaker to get...
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    Spa GFCI breaker keeps failing...

    I would start by checking voltage at the motor connections when it stops spinning. It may be something bad in the motor that opens the circuit when it gets hot. A 30 amp breaker is not advisable due to the fact that your wiring is sized for the 20 amp breaker you have installed. What do you...
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    Raypak M206A won't heat

    You can try to jumper the TH/TP terminal on the gas valve to the TH terminal to bypass the safety switches. This will tell you if the problem is in one of the safety switches or not. If the unit fires then the problem is in that circuit and you will have to use a volt/ohm meter to determine...
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    Broken Igniter

    OK, same problem with them though. finger oil is bad and can cause hot spots. I have not seen may failures in that style though. And, Yes, they should be a universal type and readily available. Not sure if this is one that will work or not. Universal Furnace Igniter replaces Most Flat...
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    Broken Igniter

    Is the igniter one of the ceramic "W"/"M" shaped hot surface igniter? I suspect it is. If the installer touched the ceramic with his fingers, the oil from that can cause the igniter to burn out. It is possible that you may have also won the lottery as I have had brand new ones fail within a few...
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    Pump GFCI breaker trips when bonding wire attached

    I will agree and second the advice to fix the wiring although I doubt it is the reason the GFCI is tripping. The GFCI is only looking at the power the pump is using and monitoring it on the return side, so what ever is going into the pump via the 2 or 3 strands is all it is looking for on the...
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    Hayward H250ED2 keeps shutting off

    What brand heater? Igniter switch???? we need some more info