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    Wago Wire Connectors

    Hello all, and happy new year! I will be doing some electrical work in my Compool to Easy Touch enclosure. I was going to use wire nuts as usual, but happened to run across the Wago wire connectors on a U-tube video. These connectors appear to be much easier to use than wire nuts and have good...
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    IC60 Thermistor

    For the first time this season, the cold water LED on my IC60 is showing red and all the other lights are off. My water temp as reported on Screen Logic is 58 degrees. Salt level reported by Screen Logic is zero. My question is, when the IC60 powers up will the IC60 stop due to what it thinks...
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    Just a little tidbit about the ICXX cold water stop I didn't know

    My IC60 has been giving a cold water stop light for a few days now. The light was on this morning, and then when I checked about 5 hours later the IC60 was back to generating Chlorine! I thought that when the unit powered up in the morning, it detected cold water and stopped until the next power...
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    Time for the Stenner to take over

    Installed my IC60 last May and ran it all Summer. What a joy. It replaced a Stenner pump that I used for a few years before converting to the SWG. Now that the water temp has fallen enough to make the SWG not work, I will revert back to the Stenner for the Winter. Really glad now that I did not...
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    IC60 cold water stop

    My IC60 finally stopped working with a cold water temp indication. Pool water according to Easy Touch is 54 degrees, but probably the thermistor in IC60 is indicating 52 degrees or less to the IC60. Too bad the thermistor in the IC60 is NTC or I might be tempted to put a small value resistor in...
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    IC60 zero salt indication

    My IC60, installed last May is showing zero salt in the ScreenLogic PC and Android applications. All lights on the IC60 are normal and the unit is producing CL. I can adjust the run percentage from ScreenLogic, so it would seem that the RS485 interface is working. The IC60 is connected through...
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    Sacrificial Zinc Anode?

    Is a Sacrificial Zinc Anode a good idea for a salt water pool? The only metal in my system is the heater core. Thanks, Gary
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    Triton Plus gets stuck on main drain

    I have used my Dolphin Triton Plus for a few years now, and it has been exceptional. Occasionally it would get stuck on the main drain cover (Aquastar 8"), but today it has done it twice. Any advice on some type of cover or clip I could put over my main drain would be appreciated. Thanks...
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    SWG Output to FC Conversion

    Moved from here. In a related question, My IC60 puts out 2 Lbs per day. How does that convert to pure liquid chlorine in ounces?
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    CYA recommendations

    For a SWG system, TFP recommends a CYA level of 70-80 PPM. I just installed an IC60 and noticed that the Pentair manual recommends CYA of 30 to 50 PPM. I will follow the TFP recommendation and shoot for a CYA of 75. TFP has never let me down on any type of recommendation so it is a no-brainer. I...
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    Liquid Conditioner

    My CYA is very low (10-20 I know, my bad)) and I want to raise it to the recommended level of 70 using liquid conditioner (Natural Chemistry 4 07401 Spa Swimming Pool Conditioner Stabilizer). If I pour this directly into the skimmer, will it damage my IC60 SWG? Or am I better off pouring it into...
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    How best to get salt into pool

    I am about to convert my 38000 gal chlorine pool to salt. From what I have read, it will take about 800 to 1000 lbs of salt. What would be the best way to get all this salt into the pool? Should I add it slowly over a few days or just start putting it in? I have a VS pump. Should I increase the...
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    Enough room for an IC60?

    Hello all. I am contemplating converting my 38000 Gallon Chlorine pool to Salt Water. The only section of 2" pipe available to install a IC60 is 13 1/2" as shown in the attached image. I can't seem to find out what the overall length of an IC60 is. Do I have enough room to do the install? If not...
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    Cannot connect to TFP using Tapatalk

    Since the "maintenance upgrade" I cannot connect to TFP anymore using Tapatalk. Just get network error message.
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    Bleach degridation

    I have been using Chlorox Bleach purchased at Sams Club for a few years now. Since Chlorox changed the SH level from 8.25 to 6.05 percent I am looking for new alternatives. I was in Leslies today (God forbid, only to buy acid) and noticed that their Chlorine was 10 percent and sold for about 4...
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    Photobucket huge price increase

    Up until now, I have been using Photobucket to host pictures I post on TFP. Today I found out that they now want 40 dollars a month to enable 3rd party viewing! What photo hosting site do you folks recommend to host photos to post here?
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    Pentair Quad 60 air relief valve

    The air relief valve on my Quad 60 is starting to leak. I would like to get a replacement before I attempt to tighten it to the filter lid, since it is plastic and I don't want to be down if it breaks. The manual for my filter shows part number 98220100 for the air relief assy and I can buy...
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    New ScreenLogic Connect for Android

    Just a heads up here for users of the Android version of ScreenLogic Connect. Google Play store now has new version available for download. This replaces the old version which is not available any more. I have mixed feelings about the new version. It does now include scheduling but the...
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    Chemical Automation sub forum

    Is the Chemical Automation sub forum gone for good, or just for the Winter?
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    Pentair customer service

    Just had my Screenlogic protocol adapter die after 8 months of use. Called Pentair on Monday and they sent me a new one without requiring me to send in the old one. Got it the next day and I am back running on Tuesday. Just wanted to say GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, PENTAIR. :D
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    Water flow thru heater to get best heating

    Hello all. I have just started to heat my pool using a variable speed pump and new Raypak heater. With my plumbing setup I can disable flow to heater, bypass some water flow to heater or direct all flow thru the heater. For the most efficient heating, should I bypass some water or send all the...
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    Low TA

    Just measured my TA a couple of times and it is reading 50. Other readings are: CYA = 50 FC = 6 PH = 7.5 CH = 450 Pool is IG plaster 38000 Gallons. Pool calculator is saying to add 16 Pounds of baking soda to get to TA = 100. How much should I add at a time and what is the best way to add it...
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    Descriptive text for link

    When I insert a link into a post, how do I modify the link to show descriptive text for the link instead of just the URL? Been trying to figure this out, but no luck.
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    How to replace weir door

    Hello all. Got a question maybe someone here can help me with. I am trying to replace the weir door on my U3 skimmer. The weir is Pentair 08650-0022 assembly which is a hinge with the door attached. I got the old one out easily because the door was missing and it was simple to unscrew the old...
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    EZ way to remove skimmer basket

    Hello, all. I am an oldster and have a bad back which made removing the basket from my skimmer very hard for me. I came up with a handle idea that I thought I would share and possibly help someone else in my situation. I ordered a 1/8” diameter 3’ long stainless steel rod type 316/316L and cut...
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    Easy Touch relay connectors

    Hello All. I did a Compool to Easy Touch upgrade and few months ago and all is good with that, except for the fact that I had to re-use the 20 year+ original Compool relays. A couple of the connectors that attach the relay coil to the Easy Touch PCB, due to age and flexing have become...
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    Remove drive from Intelliflo

    Hello all. I just had a new Intelliflo VS installed. The electrical conduit connection is straight in, but for various reasons I would like to use a 90 degree conduit connection. The fan housing prevents this. I looks like I could just remove the drive assembly then put in my 90 degree conduit...
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    Intelliflow VS Pump Cover - a good idea?

    Is this Intelliflow cover a good idea? Summers here can be 115 degrees. I wouldn't want my pump to overheat because of it. Getting my new Intelliflow installed tomorrow, WOOHOO!
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    Intelliflow inlet height

    Hello all. I am considering changing my Maxi Glass 2 pump to a Pentair Intelliflow VS pump. Is the height from the ground to the middle of the inlet port on the VS pump the same as the Maxi Glass? I don't know if there is any kind of standard for this dimension or not. I only have about 4" of...
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    Stenner wiring

    Right now I have my Stenner (230 v) wired such that my filter pump relay outputs are tapped off and feed an Aux relay that the Stenner gets its power from in my Easy Touch so that my Stenner cannot run unless the filter pump is on. I am planning on getting a VS pump in the near future and...