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    help with high cya levels and low free chlorine with SWG

    With an SWG your CYA should be 70+. It won't make your FC fall, only increase the amount of FC levels you need to keep in your pool. The pool calculator will show you that if you plug in a few different CYA numbers to see what they do. If you ran your SWG overnight, I would expect your FC...
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    Help for a novice

    You are fine. You are correct in thinking that if you can't hold your FC easily that there is something going on in your pool causing it to work which breaks down the chlorine into CC. I would SLAM and look for any nooks and crannies where any dirt or algae could be hiding. Steps, lights...
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    Help for a novice

    If you're having trouble keeping your FC in range, yes, you should SLAM after you get your ph writhing range.
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    GOT MY KIT... Tested my water... HELP!!

    Yes, muriatic acid to bring down you ph a bit.. 7.2-7.8 is normal. You can plug all of your pool info into the pool calculator and determine how much you need for your pool. You can change the % top so you can use whatever % that you find. So ph first, then CYA to 30 for now. Sometimes...
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    From Green Swamp to Sparkling Oasis

    Beautiful! Enjoy it! :paddle:
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    GOT MY KIT... Tested my water... HELP!!

    Get your ph down using muriatic acid like mcnaus suggested. Add enough CYA in a sock by your return to get your level up to 30... It can take up to a week to fully dissolve in the water even when it's gone from the sock so it won't show on your test right away. Start the SLAM process. Add...
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    Filter Issues trying to clear up my swamp

    Like the others said, no hate here. We all have to learn sometime. You'll get it. The pool stores are supposed to help pool owners but all too often they just sell stuff and give suggestions that mean more sales whether they mean to or not. If I was a pool store owner I would be inclined to...
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    Under Construction in Tomball, TX...IG with fire feature

    I hope your plans go through with too much of a hitch. Looks like it will be beautiful!
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    My TFP. And the Perfect Storm.

    Perfect! Just encouraging new users to try it & not giving advice yourself is great help. Enjoy the extra time you have now that you aren't always running to the pool store!
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    My TFP. And the Perfect Storm.

    :kim: Awesome! Refreshing isn't it?!?! Can I encourage you to step in and encourage some of those newbies? Too many think they can muster along with pool store tests and half following our advice. I often think they would listen better when someone who just converted to BBB stepped in and...
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    Under Construction in Tomball, TX...IG with fire feature

    Looks cool! Keep us updated. We love to see pool builds!
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    Filter Issues trying to clear up my swamp

    The pool store isn't telling you the same thing the people here are. We don't use "shock" products, it's a process with chlorine after you know your accurate test results. Algaecides are not recommended as they are not needed. The problem with pool "shock" products is that they contain other...
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    Favorite Pool Toys & Accessories

    JoeSelf .. We've never thought o use tubes to hold the winter cover. Smart. The pillows we've always gotten for that never seem to last the whole winter. TSiGirl.. Love the post and hooks, might have to steal that idea Mickelin.. Pretty wood deck! Teald024.. That's a good one! One of my...
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    How can I get that chlorine smell back?

    We used to have no problem swimming in hotel pools or at the Y. Always assumed that if the chlorine smell was strong it meant they were dosing it well to keep everyone safe. Now that we know what it means we have a much harder time getting into public pools. And when we do it's... don't get...
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    Balancing Skimmer and Main Drain Circulation

    I envie your fancy pool wth a spa :cool: I have a simple above ground pool and find that when I have a few leaves/debris on the bottom and just want to get the manual vacuum out and do a quick pick up rather than waiting on the automatic, if I switch the pool to just main drain and give it a...
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    I need help with my PH level.

    It's really best to check daily if you can if you don't have anything adding chlorine regularly for you like a Salt Water Generator (SWG) for example. If your chlorine dips below the recommended value even for a bit you are risking cloudy water, algae, etc and having to SLAM. It's great you...
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    Awesome! I agree with Patrick. Get yourself a good test kit that is recommended here and do some testing and figuring out what you would do with the results you get. When you think you've got a good handle on it, let him go and save yourself the money and have the satisfaction of knowing you...
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    SWG Above-ground pool closed wrong in fall, now I've got a mess. Best way to fix it?

    Don't be too frustrated with the pool opening. I've had a cover slip and throw a bunch of nasty stuff in the pool and make for a whole lot more work. This year we did well getting the cover off but there was a slit in it and it let a bunch of yuck through during the winter. We were gone over...
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    First time SLAMers passed OCLT! Could use some help with follow-on maintenance

    Congrats on passing you OCLT! And welcome to the world of a trouble free pool! You will find that your excess chlorine levels will diminish quickly on the warm sunshiny days. You shouldn't have any CC unless the chlorine is actively working on something... Non is a good thing. I wouldn't...
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    Milky blue water for 2 weeks despite SLAM, wondering if sand filter at fault

    You really should be testing and adding chlorine several times a day if possible, not just daily if you want the faster results. It's also hard to really know what you were doing with things without having an accurate test kit yourself. Pool stores are notoriously unreliable as far as testing...
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    I need help with my PH level.

    Your chlorine level needs checked and added to daily. Your ph rise has more to do with aeration from rain and possibly a high TA level. Read through Pool School to learn more about ph and chlorine. If you don't have one of the test kits recommended here you should look at getting one...
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    Never Had a Pool, Excited to Learn

    Welcome! :swim: You have found an awesome place to start your pool journey. Read through Pool School and get the recommended test kit and you'll be all set.
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    Add salt water system to my above ground 24'round pool? Pros and cons

    I don't think you can go wrong with a SWG. I have one on my pool as well and we wouldn't be without it now. We went with the Intex version, it does the same thing as the pricier ones doesn't have any bells and whistles. It's true salt can be corrosive, but I don't think the amount of salt...
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    Our little cajun oasis

    Love the bar and the signs! I would like to do something like that on our deck sometime. We are considering a sunroom of sorts off of the back of the house that would serve us longer in the year for entertaining and relaxing... not sure it's in the budget yet. If we don't do the sunroom...
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    Dive-In Theaters

    We bought an "office" projector years ago and it worked great for our movie needs until the bulb finally quit on us. When I went searching prices for bulbs, I found a used projector of the same model with a new bulb with it for cheaper than the cost of a bulb alone. Since we knew the...
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    TA question

    I wouldn't bother too much with the TA, as your ph drifts back up, add some muriatic acid to bring it back down. Every time you do this it will lower your TA a bit. Eventually your TA and ph will stabilize and you won't have to do much with them. Enjoy your sparkling oasis!
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    Pay or DIY

    I concur with the rest of those here... Do it yourself, save some $$, and the SWG is a great asset to pool maintenance. I actually enjoy the little bit of time it takes to tend to my pool. It is also rewarding to have someone compliment how nice your pool water looks and feels and you know...
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    New sand filter & pump + chem question

    You don't want to put your chemicals right in front of the skimmer and have them go through the filter and plumbing at a high concentration, but no... don't bother with putting you pump on circulate.
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    Where is my muriatic acid going

    When you add acid to lower the ph it also lowers the TA... aeration brings back up the ph but the TA stays at it's lower point. Doing this over time will lower your TA to where your ph shift is less and more manageable.
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    Our new Pool & Deck

    Very nice set up !