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    New owner of Hot Tub and new to Bromine

    Have a new Nordic Hot Tub and will be using Bromine as a sanitizer. This site has been amazing and have been happy that I found it. I have had no issues with my inground pool where I am using Chlorine, but am a little confused on the Bromine in terms of testing. I have been reading through...
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    First open with TFP

    First time opening pool after using the TFP method last year. It worked great last year, probably the best I've had the pool. Everyone said pool was great and no irritation issues or anything. Switched from using pool store product (Sustain) and multiple trips to pool store for tons of...
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    Newbie still - when should I be concerned on levels

    1st Test - help for a novice Greetings. Owner of an unground pool. Tired of going to the pool store and not knowing what I need and trusting them and buying all sorts of stuff. So trying to educate myself and be better at maintaining pool. Ordered my TF-100 as I had been using test strips...