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    confusing numbers

    Tested the water this morning and have some interesting results. PH 8.0 FC- 3.0 CC- 0 CH- 250 TA- 70 CYA- 30 Salt- 3000 Temp- 75 when I put this in pool math it gives me a CSI of .04.....thats nice, but I want my cya higher and my ch closer to 400. When I put those values in to see how much...
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    Water Temp Question

    This may be in the wrong section. I am in South MS, so I dont really close my pool. I chose this year to turn off my SWCG when the temps drop and have been using liquid chlorine. What water temp should I turn it back on at? Should I have just let it run all winter?
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    brown stains from dirt in pool

    so my dog decided to dig a hole with her butt toward the pool.....thus filling the pool with dirt. I brushed the dirt and when I did I left some brown streaks in the plaster. What is the best way to get rid of them? I have been going to town with a nylon brush and it doesn't seem to be doing...
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    First winter with new pool

    Our pool was finished in December 2019....I have been following everything suggested here and its been super easy to keep levels where they need to be. It is beginning to get too cool to swim, so I am beginning to think about this winter. What do I need to do to transition from summer to winter...
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    cya level

    tested my water this morning...heres what I got. PH- 8.0 TC- 3.5 CH- 325 TA- 80 CYA- 45-50 Salt- 3200 Temp- 73 I added 28oz of Acid, and a bag of salt...should take care of the ph and salt question is the CYA. I guess I dont really understand what its doing. by the chart it should...
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    Pool builder wants to use me as a test bed for using borates...I have done some reading, and see that it can be harmful for pets. I have a 65 lb dog that drinks from the pool. I keep fresh water available for her, but really have no idea how much she drinks from the pool. How big of an issue is...
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    first water test after pb turning pool over to me

    Here is where we stand..... FC 12.5 CC 0 PH 7.8 TA 110 CH 550 CYA 50 Salt 3600 65 degree water PB said "oops" when he saw the chlorine reading and said the guy he sent by must have added too much... I know thats high, the SWCG is turned to 0 waiting for it to lower. I am putting in 50oz of...
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    First water test after filling

    We filled the pool a week ago yesterday. The pool builder hasn't officially handed it over to me, and I wasn't here when they put the first batch of chemicals in it so I dont know exactly what they did. I do know that there are 2 chlorine pucks in my skimmers (total of 4). Below are my test...
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    Started today...its full 12-2-19

    Got the digging done today...rebar Monday.
  10. J

    finalizing plans with builder...what do you think?

    aprox 20,000g gunite Equipment list: Hayward AquaLogic Automation Panel with salt (aquaPlus) Hayward Ecostar Variable Speed Pump Hayward 325 soft Cartridge Filter Dolphin pool cleaner