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    First time opening pool with sand filter

    We installed an 18' Intex pool last year, so this is the first time opening it up after winter. We have a sand filter. Do I just keep the same sand that was in it from last year, or do I need to change the sand every year?
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    Intex Filter - Sand in Pool

    I did a search and found some results, but not my exact situation. We have an 18' x 52" Intex pool with a sand filter. It's been up since early June-ish. We vacuum it regularly and had not had any problems. The other day the pressure gauge indicated we needed to do a backwash and rinse...
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    Leaking Connection

    Hey all, just got our Intex 18'x52" pool set up yesterday. After we got out of the pool today we noticed that the connection of the pipe coming from the pool into the pre-filter assembly (see circled in attached picture) was leaking. I started tightening the nut and after it turned a little it...
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    Pool Movement

    It's up and filled! Finally. Intex 18'x52". My question is... Is it normal for the pool to "move"? Like sway back and forth as the water shloshes around. The legs seem rock solid, but the top of the pool moves around. Just wondering if this is normal. Sorry for the "newbie" question, but...
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    Sand Base Finish

    Hey all, it's getting close to install time. Again, we are putting up an Intex 18' x 52" pool. I just finished leveling the sand base and I've compacted it a couple times using a lawn roller filled with water. I'm seeing a lot of imperfections (see pics). Is this ok, or do I need to get it...
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    Intex Ladder

    Hi all, we're setting up our first pool. It's an Intex 18' x 52" Ultra XTR. The attached picture is the ladder that came with it. Doesn't the two feet on the inside of the pool damage the liner? Is there anything to use to protect the liner from damage? Or will it just be fine as it is...
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    Pool Cove on Outside of Pool

    We are installing an Intex 18' x 52" pool. Is it possible to put cove material (the foam type or similar) on the outside of the pool to "protect" the bottom edge of the liner from stuff (like landscaping material and such) that might come in contact with it?
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    Intex pool sand base and pavers

    Hi all, first post here. I've been searching and reading all of the fantastic advice on this site. Thank you for that. We are about to install an Intex 18' x 52" pool. I have the ground dug out and leveled. My plan was to put a layer of sand down and set the legs on pavers. Intex...