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  1. MannyT

    Active 30i Turns off

    I have a Active 30i and I'm not sure if the control panel suppose to turn off after it completes its cycle. I'm not sure but I thought it did when I first purchased it back in April. Now it runs its cycle but the control panel stays lit and I have to manually turn it off.
  2. MannyT

    Active/S 2018 models Caution

    The new 2018 models except for the Above Grounds now come with a new anti tangling swivel cord. I purchased an Active 30i yesterday and received it today but I didn't get a 2018 model with the swivel cord, apparently I got one of the previous models. I noticed I might have a problem when the...
  3. MannyT

    CYA Problem Testing

    I have the Taylor k2006 test kit and I'm having trouble with the CYA testing. Every time I try to test the water I can't get it to be cloudy enough to make the black dot disappear, even though I took it to Pinch A Penny and they say its 60ppm. I know the pool store tests are not always the...
  4. MannyT

    PoolMath app suggested levels

    How do you set the suggested levels on the PoolMath app? I want to set them to the levels recommended by my Hayward Swimpure SWG. Thanks