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    So, I opened the pool the other day and fired up the heater.

    Sounded like a kids bike with playing cards in the spokes. That and a bunch of rusty stuff coming out of the exhaust. Hmmm, I know what this means. I pulled the blower off and this is what I see... New assembly is around $350 bucks on line No fins, all that is left is the disk. Out to the...
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    Is this coating Cooldeck???

    I woke up this morning to this... Is this some sort of Cool-Deck coating. It looks like it would be a bit on the cool side.
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    Covered the pool the other day

    Sad day again this year, Water and air is just too cold now plus with the leaves that are falling the daily cleaning would be a chore. Aquadoor on the skimmer. Plug also in the return. Barrel floated into the middle and tied off. You can see how many leaves are falling now. This is about 10...
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    Some views from my motel room while on vacation

    Family, 22 of us, went on vacation together a couple weeks back. Here are a couple of pictures from the rooms we had. All 22 of us survived the ordeal:cool:
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    Help, someone stole my water!!!!!!!!!!

    Back in January my pool looked like this... Not bad, A little cold but overall pretty good. The last couple of days I started to notice that there was no water on top of the cover. This is a bit unusual based on past years experiences. Yesterday I went out and checked to see what was up...
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    I hate this time of the year

    finally covered the pool for the season. Water is in the low 60's and we have not used it since early Aug this year due to weather and commitments. Here is to hoping that next summer will be a bit nicer. BTW, today the temp is in the low 80's. tomorrow, low 60's. Typical WNY weather. Oh well...
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    confused and need some advice

    Hi all As the title says, I need some help figuring out the chemistry in my pool. short story, Came back from vacation to a messy pool. All was fine when I left. Current readings are PH <6.0, FC 0.5 (after a shock yesterday), TA 18 - 20 (suspect this is the problem) and stabilizer reading close...
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    Opened the pool today and found a leak in the heater

    Pulled the cover today...hooked up the pump, etc...Saw water leaking out of the bottom of the heater. Now What!? pulled the cover, and saw water streaming out to one of the elbows on the heat exchanger. Pulled it out and saw this... Took longer to get the tools out that it did to fix it...
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    power requirement for hayward heater

    I have to install a Hayward H series heater(h200fdn) . I can not find any power requirement for this unit. I know it can be set up on either 120 or 240. I would like to know what the amperage draw is. I doubt it is very high, but I would still like to know for peace of mind, Thanks.
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    Another solar cover storage solution

    It seem that there has been a couple of good threads on building solar cover reels/storage devices lately. Some guys and gals have come up with some very creative solutions to fit their needs. With that I thought I would share the solution I came up with that works for me. It is a simple ladder...
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    In ground pool liner question

    I did not see a section for in ground pool questions so I figure I will ask here. The neighbor lady (friend of ours) has an inground pool. A couple of weeks ago, one of the neighbors decided to "help" her out by draining the pool to clean it for her. I have not been up to see it yet but...
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    Filter controls question

    Hi all. New member here with something of an embarasing question. I have owned this used above ground 18' pool for about 10 years now. never had any major issues that I could not resolve. Anyway, while replacing the divirter valve and spring I got to realizing that I never used 2 of the 6...