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    Stenner Duck Bills

    Can some please help me with my thoughts on the operation of the duck bills. I see these as check valves. So, there is one installed in the injector lets say. Return line pressure is 8 PSI. Pool pump on, stenner is off. 8 PSI pushes the duck bill closed and the pool water gets just that...
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    Stenner Pump Injection Question

    I had the chance to get a Stenner 25 PSI pump at a really great price, so I did, lol… My question is do you think it will inject via a stenner injection / check valve adapter into my return that has 14 PSI ? Is this to close and will cause it to be slow ? Also, in searching around I pretty...
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    What If ?

    If i got my water to near perfect what would be a "guess" on the amount of liquid chlorine i would need to add each day ? I know there will be off days due to many factors and i know there will be other products i need to add. I have my solar blanket on pretty much 24/7 . My pump runs for 5...