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    Replace two solar panels

    Hi, I replaced two solar panels that were leaking. The new panels have a 2" header where as the old panels are 1.5". I used the following coupling to marry the two. I did end up with water leaking from two of these connections. My panels are on the 2nd story roof and panels are very near the...
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    Solar panel replacement -

    Hi, I've had the same solar panels on my 2nd story roof for nearly 16 years (came with the house when I purchased). Two panels are leaking and look toasted. I ordered two panel from my local reseller and noticed that the new panels are plastic whereas my current panels are rubber. Which is...
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    Pool light removal

    Hi, The bulb in my pool went out. I think it's close to 20 years old if not more. I purchased a new bulb and when I went to remove the pool light cover (single screw), the screw wouldn't budge. I tried different Phillips screwdrivers but none of them are making a difference. What do you...
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    DIY - towel holder

    Hi, I have a 4”x4”6’ treated post left over from my fence project. It’s a red color and my question is, can I use this for my towel holder project? Is the treated post a bad idea? Thanks in advance.
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    Cartridge Filter

    Hi, Is it terrible to pour a little bit of DE in the skimmer if I have a cartridge filter (4 cartridges inside the housing). A pool tech stated it will help if I pour a small amount (half of scoop; scoop he uses for other DE filters). Thanks in advance.
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    Filter pressure

    Hi, I have a 4-cartridge filter and it seems that I need to clean the filter x2/month in the summer to keep the pressure at 17-21 or so. I do notice that when the solar heating turns on, the pressure goes from 17 to 30. I assume this is normal when the solar heater is active. Thanks in advance.
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    Solar panel leak

    Hi, I have a panel with a couple of leaks. I inserted repair plugs along with liquid nail. After testing the following day, the upper hole no longer leaked but the bottom hole on the same panel/same line still leaks (see photo and video). I thought if the top hole was plugged, the bottom hole...
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    Polaris 360 - tail gets sucked in

    Hi, My Polaris 360 started to suck it's own tail in. It's happened 3-4 times in the last 3 weeks or so. What can I do to avoid this? I just cleaned the filter and everything seems to be running good. It has been rebuilt once in the last 12 years. Thanks in advance.
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    Solar panel leak/s

    Hi, One of the solar panels has two leaks. One leak is easier to get as it's near the middle of the collector which seems to be made of hard rubber. I inserted two (by accident) plugs. One plug is up there (inside) and the other plug closest to the cut I put liquid nail adhesive and inserted...
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    Solar heater plumbing repair

    Hi, One of the elbows in my solar panel has a crack (I assume the roofing company stepped on this while working in the area; can't think of this elbow bursting on it's own). I'm no plumber but can follow specific instructions to do the work myself. Can someone please tell me where I should...
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    Do commercial hot tubs/spas use chlorinators like a Petair IC20?

    Hi, Do these make sense for or only used for pools and why? This question pertains for use in commercial properties. Thanks in advance.
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    Need a safety fence installed around my diving board

    Hi, My wife is opening a day care in our home ( San Jose, California ) and we have a pool with a diving board (old style). It seems very difficult to have a fence installed with the diving board in place. I was hoping to just have a safety net installed but I guess this is not approved. Any...
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    Polaris 280 is not moving

    Hi, My sweep has stopped operating as it once did. The video (see link below) shows how the polaris sweep just sits there while the hose just gets tangled up. The o-ring in the valve seems to be worn but I doubt this is the culprit. Please suggest what I...
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    Polaris Sweep shoots water out of tail

    Hi, I have a Polaris 280 and when it's working, it splashes water all the way to my windows, about 10' (leaving a water stain). The pool guy recommended a 'weight' for the sweep. The photo (see link) shows the weight at the beginning of the tail and not at the end like I thought it was...
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    what is acrylic when plastering a pool

    Hi, My neighbor has a very nice white plaster (was re-plastered 6 months ago) in their inground pool. I asked what their contractor used and they stated acrylic. I'm not familiar with "acrylic" and my pool is in need of re-plastering. I'm looking for a bright white color (which I believe...
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    Solar heating not what is use to be.

    Hi, I have a 25k gallon pool with solar heating. I recall last season during the hot spells, the water was very warm and my kids asked me to turn it down. This season the settings have been the same (timer=6 hrs, solar heating set at highest) but the water temp is lower ( I would say 7+...
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    Solar heat is not heating like it use to

    I'm in Sa Jose CA 95118 and this year has not been too warm. We hit 80-85 this week and my pool has been rather cold compared to last year. I would say it's only in the 70's (pool temp). I have the system running 6.5 hrs like usual this time of year and I can see the solar heating is on. When...
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    solar cover reel is very hard to turn

    does this mean I need to replace it? is there a way to replace the bearings or lubricate? thanks in advance, ~jv
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    sealing stamped deck

    Hi, I have a stamped deck that I want to seal. 2-3 yrs ago I sealed the deck with: DECK-O-GRIP® W/B Water-Based, Acrylic, Slip-Resistant Concrete Deck Treatment I did not like the non-glossy. I want to use a high-gloss sealer and my question is if I have to remove the deck-o-grip I put...
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    Is Poolrx for real

    Hi, I came across this website: is this product for real or just snake oil? anyone ever try this? does it make any sense? thanks in advance, ~jv
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    "how to" enclosure for a motorpump

    Hi, how can I make a simple enclosure to reduce noise for a pool motopump? Does anyone have a step by step procedure? I would love to hear/read about what you have done. thanks in advance
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    filter pressure change

    Hi, 1) I have a leak in my solar plumbing fixed about a week ago. 2) removed a lot of leaves from skimmer basket and basket in filter plumbing (don't know the tech name). I thought that my filter pressure has always been around 20 but I currently noticed that when the solar is not on the...
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    how to seal stamped concrete

    Hello I am planning to seal my stamped concrete (ashlar slate; san diego buff color) and was wondering what would be the best practice. Can you please let me know if I'm planning accordingly: ** pressure wash (either rent a power washer from HD or purchase a 1800 psi cheap pressure washer from...
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    black algae spots

    Hi, I did a partial drain of my pool (25k gallon pool) last year being that the tds level was over 3k. I drained about 3/4 if not more. This yr again my pool is getting black algae spots though my water clarity is really good. The first and only test from Leslie's indicated that my pool...
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    what contractor license should a maintenance company have

    Hi, what are the type of contractors licenses that a pool company can have? if you are not doing remodels or anything like that, what is the appropriate license in CA? what is the exam composed of? thanks
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    how do I change my password

    thanks Moved to proper forum - Molson