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    120v to 12v lighting help

    The lights don't have any user-replaceable fuse in there, but most devices have some sort of over-current protection. Unfortunately, many of these types of devices are meant to be used only once and are there to prevent catastrophic failure of the device. I don't know for sure whether those...
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    Colorlogic Lights

    The short answer is no. The Hayward Colorlogic Network module is a modem of sorts that communicates to the lights individually by way of a network address over the power line. It is only compatible with the older ProLogic system, not the current OmniLogic system. There is no replacement for that...
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    Calcium Crystals

    Thanks. You're describing my situation exactly. I emptied several full bags and had the issue with the scrubber wearing down, as well as the bag, as you said. The bagfuls of crystals has stopped, but I am seeing some white powder at the bottom of the pool, which I assume are smaller crystals...
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    Raypak 405K propane heater - won't turn on

    This could be a lot of things. I'm not sure how handy you are, but you have to trace down what is getting power and what's not. If you're savvy and have a multitester, you can open the panel and check for voltage. If you are not comfortable around electricity, then do not try this. Which model...
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    Calcium Crystals

    OnBalance, thanks for your response. I was skeptical of aggressive water causing crystals. I would expect crystals to form when there is an excess of a chemical and it deposits on a crystal nidus. Your comments about CaCl and Ca(OH)2 make sense as the pH went up. @shoot_the-goalie, what did you...
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    Calcium Crystals

    Thanks, Texas Splash for your quick reply. I'm trying to understand my goals for the LSI/CSI better. I understand that a high saturation index leads to scaling. I always thought a low LSI/CSI would lead to etching of a plaster pool, but this article says that another consequence are these...
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    Calcium Crystals

    Moved from here. I'm jumping on this thread because I have the same issue. I've winterized my pool many times before and this is the first time I found calcium crystals. The only difference this year was that last year we got a new Hydrazzo plaster. At the time of closing, my parameters were...
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    Coverstar WiFi touchpad registration problem

    Hi. Coverstar only supports one controller per cover as far as I know. Another manufacturer (Controls - Cover-Pools) allows multiple and even wireless controllers to open and close the same cover. That, though, only works with the same manufacturer, CoverPools, not CoverStar. For Coverstar...
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    Coverstar WiFi touchpad registration problem

    @nopain00 - what security options did you use on your wifi network? Did you connect this device to your wifi network manually or using WPS? Sorry for the late reply. I connected to a regular router with WPA2-PSK [AES]. Did you ever get this to work?
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    Coverstar WiFi touchpad registration problem

    Yes, it's reliable as long as you have good WiFi coverage in that area. Fortunately, it tells you when there's a connectivity problem. The server expects to hear from the device every so often. If there is no communication for 24 hours, then the server sends a message. I had to install another...
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    Heat pump warranty requires professional installation?

    Correct, most manufacturers will require whatever they consider "professional installation" for the warranty to be in effect. What you can do is do most of the electrical/plumbing work myself except for the so-called last-mile. Then have a GC or similarly licensed professional do the final...
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    Coverstar WiFi touchpad registration problem

    The notifications are free of cost. They can be sent to one e-mail address and/or one phone number by text. The 6 possible notifications are: Cover opened Cover closed User X has logged in Error Cover left open for Y hours No communication from device for Z hours If you want to integrate any...
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    CH Test Accuracy

    Yes, the R-0011L will turn the water a pale-ish red that can appear pink. If you have a lot of calcium, as you add R-0012, it will first turn a purplish color and then a distinct blue. The best way I found to "calibrate my eyes" to the correct colors is to use a standard solution. I made a...
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    Hayward Omnilogic

    I also have an OmniLogic. From what you're saying, the pump seems to be staying on because of "heater extend". It's not clear why the temperature is going to 85 when you have it set to 83. If you have the old firmware, the SWG schedule will not work. That is, even if you set the SWG times, the...
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    Coverstar WiFi touchpad registration problem

    Thanks for the bump. I ended up contacting Latham directly and after a few email forwards, I got in touch with someone in IT. The problem was on their end. They added the MAC address to their list and it works perfectly. Now I can work my cover into my pool automation tasks. I'm happy to help...
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    Smart Things Integration.

    The Hayward Omnilogic now works with Alexa, so you can do at least some of the things you've mentioned. See the following links for more information. HAYWARD OMNILOGIC NOW OFFERS SKILL FOR AMAZON ALEXA | Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products
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    Coverstar WiFi touchpad registration problem

    I wanted to know whether anyone has any experience with the Coverstar WiFi touchpad, model #A2463. I've recently replaced the old toggle-style switch for my Coverstar cover with this one. Everything seems to go well with the switch, including connecting it to WiFi. However, to use the online...