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    Fiberglass or gunite - high water table area coastal property on a canal Galveston Texas

    We are building a coastal house on a canal around the Galveston texas area. The pool will be several feet from the bulk head. I have been told soil shifts more in this area and I know we have higher water table as most pools need to be built up out of the ground a few feet to handle high water...
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    Salt water pool or in line Chlorinator for vacation home pool

    I was not sure where to put this question.... I have a salt pool at my home and we love it but it does require very frequent additions of acid every few days. First thought salt water for obvious reasons. But since we don't live there and I will have a company servicing it... I am trying to...
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    New pebble... pool looks great but ph is up everyday...

    So, finally got the new mini pebble clear and beautiful! CYA is in range around 55.. CH 300. Using liquid chlorine right now until we can add salt and adding daily using pool calculator. The PH is high every day.. like 8 or above. adding acid daily. Any ideas on why? What can we do to...
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    Sharp areas of mini pebble.. new plaster

    So my plaster was done last week Wed/Thur.. finally was able to swim few days ago... and one of my benches has some really sharp spots where it wasn't smoothed out properly... really frustrated.. my pool guy is supposed to be letting plaster guy know.. but what can be done about that?? Thank...
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    How long for liquid stabilizer to work?

    New mini pebble.. 27000 gallons.. added 2 bottles of liquid stabilizer, one a few days ago and the other yesterday.. still only registering 30-40.. added 2 pounds of shock last night and 0 chlorine is registering.... how long before my level rises so I know what my real value is for the Cya...
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    Having issues getting pool math app set up on phone...

    I went thru and answered the questions.. I can't see how to finish the set up... to get to the calculator? help appreciated..
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    Pool filling now!! Tropics blue mini with puerto rico blend and blue glass added

    So exciting... wanted to share progress pics.
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    should I add any blue glass beads to my tropics blue mini pebble?

    We are going with standard tropics blue, no custom mix... but should I add glass? will it make that much of a difference? plaster is tomorrow. Thank you!
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    HELP!! Toe tile or not and if so which one?? Should I add extra abalone to my tropics blue?

    OK... next decision.... toe tile. I dont want it lining my steps and benches, just accents... I think. There is a 2 inch tile that matches my oxford tile exactly but I also like this NPT lightwave tile.... I have sample of that. What do you guys think? I have sun shelf, and lots benches in...
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    think made mistake on grout color... too late having anxiety!!

    So... I put soooo much thought and have been sooo anal about EVERYTHING.. how could I mess this up??? I did not put enough thought into grout color and I think too dark and I am stressing out.. but stuck chuck, so I need to just suck it up.... just frustrated with myself I didn't take more time...
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    Cypress Texas Pool Renovation Pics of progress

    Its getting exciting over here! We had a rough start with not so great tile guys.. but we have a great crew now and its going much better. Adding a jump rock water feature to make things bit more exciting. Its been stressful but I think its coming together nicely now. Next hard decision is...
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    moss rock waterfall with salt water pool? Need advice ASAP so can make a decision

    We are renovating our pool. Thinking of adding a moss rock waterfall with jump rock to deep end. We have a salt water pool. We are ripping out flagstone due to deteriation of stone so obviously I am gun shy about real rock water fall. My neighbor has concrete molded rock and grotto on her...
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    Aquabrite- Houston Texas?

    I have learned about this product from these forums.. sounds great.... I would like to consider it for my replaster, but not sure if that is possible for remodel also not sure if can get it in Houston area. Does anyone know? I did fill out a form on their website, but just thought someone here...
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    Mini Pebble vs. quartz? Worried about Mini pebble being too rough.... help!!

    I am replastering my quartz pool which I loved the smooth surface.. but it did have mottling that I did not love. I feel its more sensitive to water balance issues and acid etc. Shows more wear etc. I had decided to change it up and upgrade this time to mini pebble tropics blue so we could go...
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    Stone scapes mini pebble vs. quartz / Is Pebble sheen same as mini pebble?

    I have decided to go with the tropics blue mini pebble for my renovation.. was going to stay with quartz which is what I have now, love the feel of it.. do NOT like regular pebble... to rough. I started considering mini pebble due to being easier to maintain, its super pretty and I wanted a...
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    Renovating... tile, mini pebble and travertine choicesz; Cypress Texas

    We are doing a face lift due to deteriorating flagstone... anyway, I think we have our choices picked out after what seems like a million tile store trips and many changing minds... on my part. What do ya think? stonescapes mini pebble tropics blue (may customize), Mastertile Oxford, Walnut...
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    replastering.. not chipping out old plaster?

    So.. I always thought they chipped out old plaster.. but he is telling me in my case they didn't need to.... anyone chime in on this? Pool is only 7 years old.. its quartz now going to mini pebble.... thanks so much
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    I have never gotten a handle on balancing my salt water pool... ph issues/ scaling etc.

    I love my salt water pool... but the ph creep constantly has been so difficult to manage... had my pool since 2013.. i know we let it creep up too high. I feel like I need to add acid every few days to keep in check... what can we do to better maintain and get out of this constant ph of 8 or...
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    Possible to replace coping and tile but not the quartz plaster?

    We have a pool that is only 7 years old. Flagstone is badly deteriorated (salt water pool). We did seal it but it may have just been cheap, not sure... but its pretty bad at this point. My plaster is still smooth... I have heard 2 things. 1. yes it can be done, they would cut below the tile...
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    Can you upgrade a hayward goldline prologic PL4 to a PL8 or add relays?

    My automation runs main pool pump, lights, heater. My pool builder said I didn't have enough spots/relays to run my 2nd slide pump so we have that on a regular electrical switch. I am trying to figure out if my automation can be expanded? I have an email into Hayward.. but thought maybe...
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    Algae in slide pump

    I have a separate pump for my slide, water feature and bubblers in my tan deck.... these run on its own pump.. so it doesn't run all the time.. just when we are swimming and want to use those features... I had a build up of algae in that pump. just cleaned.. wondering how to prevent in future...
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    Mosaics- Pictures anyone?

    I am doing some mosaics and would love to see any pics of how some were arranged on sunshelf etc. I am doing a group of sea turtles going from the shelf down the steps into the pool smallest to largest swimming out. So, 1 littel one on edge of shelf, then down to steps etc. It also came with...
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    leslie's pool guy not keen on salt water pools!

    I took my tap water in to be tested.... There was a guy in having his water tested and he has a salt pool and I asked how do you like it and he said I like it but its eating my flagstone! Really bad. He said he has sealed it twice and it is still eating it.... Great! NOw that I just had my...
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    Bicarb start?

    I accidentally learned about this Bicarb start last night while researching salt pool start up and how long to wait before adding salt etc! Now I am wanting to do it but I am 99% sure my builder won't know what I am talking about since it seems this is not used regularly. After reading about...
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    Where to purchase test kit on this website?

    I have seen that people purchase the recommended test kit somehow on this site? I need to purchase mine, can someone tell me how or who to purchase from? Thanks! KIM
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    Should I have plumbing stubbed for pressure cleaner??

    Right now we are going with tiger shark robotic cleaner. We have had a polaris in the past so we are familiar and feel we would like a robotic better. We have the option to stub out plumbing for a future pressure cleaner just in case just to the decking for free and all the way to the...
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    New Build Started Today! Cypress Texas

    They are finally digging as I type! Pool/spa Perimeter 130’ Pool/spa area 597 sq ft Pool Size 35.2’ x 23’ Pool Depth 3.5’ 4’ 6.5’ I will try to post as progress is made! I finally decided to go with Salt vs. Chlorine and Ozone... just wanted easy maitenance and felt salt was more...
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    Slide, scuppers... how will it all work?

    I want to make sure I have a good waterflow at the slide.... so builder says need an extra pump that can be either for scuppers or slide I think. We are going to discuss tomorrow but wanted to try to learn how all this works so I understand better..... Hate to spend another 400 for a pump but...
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    Hoa issue!

    My easement on left side is 3 ft. Rt side is 5. Pool going on left side and theybarevsaying we must be 5 feet from property line. Anyone heard of this? I am mad as I want it as far over as possible to save yard. I know 2 feet is not that big of a deal but why are they making different...
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    Salt vs. chlorine and ozone

    I understand how salt works etc. My concern is equipment corrosion, rust on my patio furniture etc. I would love to have it due to my son having eczema but the above concerns are leading me to chlorine/ozone combo. I know many many of you dont like the ozone but I have spoken to people that...