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    Augh, pool replaster start-up problems

    Help! Our pool was just replastered. Unfortunately, the contractor didn't go through proper start-up procedures. :grrrr: We still have a final payment due, and hence some leverage, so I'm hoping to get the wisdom of people here on just how bad things might be down the road in terms of...
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    How long can a pool sit empty after plaster is chipped out?

    Our (well recommended, current licensed) replaster/retile contractor chipped out the plaster and removed the tile on July 6. It's now July 16, and the pool is still an empty hole, because the tile guy hasn't shown up. Every time we call the contractor, we're told that the tile guy is showing...
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    Extra tiles, tile trim on steps, and grout color

    The pool is emptying as I type, so it's time for a few last minute questions about retiling. First, would it be a good idea to purchase a few extra tiles? When we moved here 12 years ago the pool already had missing waterline tile. I don't know if that's normal wear and tear (in which case...
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    Keeping the protective cover on a rolled-up solar cover

    Anyone got some good tips on keeping a cover on a rolled-up solar cover? Our pool is slightly free-form and the deck has a one-step riser near the deep end. Because of that, our solar cover reel (a Rocky's Rollers model) straddles the pool, about 5 feet from the edge of the deep end. It's...
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    Matte vs. glazed waterline tile

    Is there any advantage to using matte-finish or glazed finish tiles at the waterline? My husband and I are down to three finalists in our "pick a tile already" contest, one glazed (manufacturer is Fujima), two matte (National Pool Tile), and we're spinning our wheels. If one of these tends to...
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    Silicone Shield: worth it or scam?

    One pool company that bid on our replaster/new tile job for a 20x40 IG pool is suggesting Silicone Shield Plaster additive at just under $600. The one other post on the forum I've found on the subject thinks it's junk. Anyone else have an opinion?
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    Quartz with plaster--worth it for longevity?

    I've been getting quotes to replaster our 20x40 IG pool and replace the tile. Some companies (including one highly recommended by a fellow forumite who is in the biz) suggest using a quartz aggregate instead of straight plaster. The companies say that the finish will last longer than plain...
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    Looking for replaster recommendation for Los Angeles area

    I've been pushing off the inevitable for a few years, but the time has come to get the pool replastered, along with new waterline tile. I've been looking through the forum for any recommendations of builders or replasterers in the area, but no luck. We have a roughly 20x40 oval-ish IG gunite...
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    High CYA, Mustard algae, drought

    Not a happy situation here. My pool has had a mustard algae attack. The usual TFP prescription is to measure FC and CYA, and then use the pool calculator to figure out how much chlorine to add to get the FC level up to mustard algae shock levels. FC is at 6.5, and CYA is at 80. As the Pool...
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    Aquabot not resting flat on pool bottom

    My Aquabot Turbo T has developed a tilt. Fully submerged, at the bottom of the pool, the cleaner rests with one track on the floor of the pool, and the other track hovering about an inch or two from the pool bottom. I've made sure that I've bled all the air out of the machine before letting...
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    Aquabot cleaner problems--stretched drive belt?

    I'm having problems with a recently purchased Aquabot Turbo T robotic cleaner--maybe someone has had a similar experience? After about a month and a half of use, the cleaner has developed a clicking noise. The cleaner is also moving more slowly, and does not move horizontally along the...