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  1. J

    Does DPD Powder have a shelf life?

    Should be an expiration date on the bottle. If stored in a dry place it'll likely last even longer.
  2. J

    Shrimp or copepods in pool?

    Cicada nymphs?
  3. J

    Is this a decent sequestrant?

    This doesn't answer much about its usefulness in pools or how effective it is for what you want: The phosphonate you listed goes by HEDP as a quick abbreviation. The salt just means in place of a proton(s) it has a sodium ion(s). It's effectively the same thing. It's a chelator so it's a good...
  4. J

    Bromine - knowledge is confusion!

    In the typical DPD chlorine drop test you are measuring free and total chlorine separately. The R-0870 powder contains your DPD and the R-0871 is the titrating agent. The R-0003 is a potassium iodide solution that you add to get your total chlorine reading. Your free chlorine is considered your...
  5. J

    Bromine - knowledge is confusion!

    Hi Adrian, The DPD drop-test works for bromine you just have to multiply your result. In what I have seen, bromine has issues with bleaching and reliability at lower concentrations than it does with chlorine. I wouldn't trust DPD drop-test readings at high concentrations of bromine. DPD can...
  6. J

    Australian Aquarium

    I don't know how many people here have aquariums, but I've been on a number of aquarium forums where people are as particular about water care and water chemistry as people on TFP. That's probably the best starting place. We just set up a small freshwater tank and got a few kits to check the...
  7. J

    Waterguru support a bit slow, but they did redeem themselves

    They are definitely still open. I recall people talking about waiting to hear back from customer support in older threads. Sounds like a slow response in that department is a theme in the company. Maybe it's a one-person department and that person happens to be on vacation/sick?
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    Liquid CL efficacy ques

    You are going to lose hypochlorite, the active chlorine sanitizer, with time. As you pointed out, temperature will accelerate the decomposition. One of the decomposition products is oxygen. I don't think leaving the cap loose is going to do you any favors in keeping the bleach concentration up...
  9. J

    Backswimmer Infestation

    I've been creeping on this forum for awhile now to get a better handle on pool care. Your post compelled me to make an account just to ask for a picture of the thousands of insects 📷 I'm sorry about your infestation issues and hope they are resolved soon!