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    Should I be seriously worried

    Second year with inground pool fiberglass steps this seems to be a sealer around the steps had a little kid in pool the other day and noticed him playing with something snd saw this. Is this a major issue?
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    Just opened pool

    So this is my second year with pool and just opened it. Took water sample to local pool store and they kind of freaked me out with some of the results. Posting pic to show what they said I needed. My biggest concerns are numbers 3 and 5. I have tfp app and tested and used app all last year and...
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    New to owning pool numbers are concerning me please help

    Have an inground pool vinyl liner first year owning it. 19500 gallons water temp is 84 I tried attaching recent test results. Last week and went to local pool store with similar numbers and they told me to add three bags of green out shock treatment and superchlorinator. Also going to attach...
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    Can companies open pools

    I had a pool installed in the fall, inground never covered. Can my pb come and clean the pool and get it running? They are telling me New York State has said they can not open pools but my mason is telling me they can because it was never covered. Anyone have a correct answer so I can tell the...
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    Swcg and coronavirus

    Anyone know if the normal pool chemistry with a swcg will be able to kill the coronavirus if someone was to go swimming in your pool if they have been exposed or possibly a carrier of the virus. I do not have my pool open yet but will be by mid April was wondering if anyone knows anything about...
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    Outdoor furniture - suggestions for cushions

    New pool have lots of beautiful teak furniture need suggestions for good quality cushions for chairs loungers and couches please help, also don’t want to spend a fortune
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    Sr smith turbo twister

    Just finished installing new pool 18x36 4’-8’ deep have a 5 yr old and a 7 yr old both girls. Pros and cons of installing this slide. I did have pool builder run a water line for the slide, any thoughts appreciated.
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    New Pool Build, Bubbles from returns

    I recently just have my build completed and electric connected, yesterday, PB came and dropped the bags of salt in and started running the pump, filter, SWG and I checked it out last night and lots of little bubbles coming from the returns, and the water coming out did not seem like it was that...
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    Skimmers - both in deep end on short wall

    Building inground pool 16x32 4’-8’ builders are putting both skimmers along deep end wall the 16’ wall. Is this the right way or not a good idea, we also have fiberglass steps with 2 water returns, 2 water returns on the long south wall and a swimout in the deep end with 3 water returns as well...
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    New build - what is best automation panel

    About to start construction on 16x32 inground pool 4’-8’ with swc, heater, 3 led lights, and sr smith turbo twister slide, what are your recommendations for a control panel? Is Hayward Omni logic too much panel??? What are other good panels??
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    Sr Smith - Turbo Twister

    Good morning - I am about to start construction of my new pool and wanted to get a a pool slide. Anybody have a good place to buy a SR smith turbo twister, I have been looking for a while now and notice the price can range drastically. Best price I have so far is 3236.99 and that is with...
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    New install - concrete collar

    I am in Nassau county on Long Island. My pool builder has informed me he is not pouring a concrete collar just pouring concrete at the base of each support. Is this going to be a major issue in the long run? Should I insist on a concrete collar? The company has been in business for over 50 years...