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    Newbie Plumbing Question on Cleaning Pump Filter Basket

    I opened my pool a few months ago and just decided it was time to start managing it myself. I'm now working on balancing the water that the pool company had outside of ranges. I noticed I need to clean the main pump filter basket but want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I open it up...
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    Taking Over Chemistry From "Pool Guy"

    Very cool! I'm just starting out using Pool Math and wasn't aware it could help me calculate the FC lift based on the percentage output of my cell. I just checked it out and it's very helpful! I also didn't realize that PoolMath could tell me what SWCG % output to run in order to get to a...
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    Taking Over Chemistry From "Pool Guy"

    I just dialed back the pump RPM to 1700. 1400 and 1500 impacted the flow switch. It seemed 1600 worked fine but I bumped another 100 just to be sure. I also adjusted the SWCG output to 30% from the 20% it was at. Any recommendation on how long I should wait before testing FC again to make sure...
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    Taking Over Chemistry From "Pool Guy"

    Thanks @Texas Splash and @gingrbredman . I honestly never paid attention to the RPM until checking the settings to write this post as I had a company help with setup. I'll likely drop down the standard RPM as I have a "Pool High" feature that was setup when I want to run it at 3450rpm. The pool...
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    Taking Over Chemistry From "Pool Guy"

    I finished my BYOP build and started up the pool in late May. For the last several months, I've had the company who helped with startup manage the chemistry for me so I didn't have to jump right in. The goal was to have the experts handle this while I learned more about chemistry and became...
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    Pentair Heat Pump Availability

    That’s awesome. Does all of the automation work seamlessly from what you’ve seen? It seems I won’t be able to get another Pentair for months and hear great things about the Acquacal anyway. Everything I have is pentair but if it integrates seamlessly that definitely gives me more options.
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    Pentair Heat Pump Availability

    Brutal! I hope you’re able to get it sorted out quickly
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    Pentair Heat Pump Availability

    @pjt Were you able to get your intellicenter installed with the new AcquaCal? I'd love to hear any feedback on if the full integration works or if you lose out on anything by not using a Pentair Heat pump. Also, how are you liking the AcquCal?
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    Intellicenter and Low Voltage Lighting

    Thanks, Jim. I also thought that was pretty strange. I have a startup guy that’s going to help me setup the Intellicenter and get things going after plaster (which I’m hoping gets done early this week as long as the weather cooperates). I’ll probably ask him to help me make sure the laziness is...
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    Intellicenter and Low Voltage Lighting

    My low voltage lighting crew connected up the low voltage lighting around my decking and said they wired it into my Intellicenter. I do see where they installed a beaker in the Intellicenter panel, but I don’t think they wired it into a relay based on what I’m seeing. That said, I’m a complete...
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    Pentair Heat Pump Availability

    Thanks! I also have intellicenter so definitely keep me posted as that could be a viable alternative for me as well.
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    Pentair Heat Pump Availability

    Which acquacal did you get? Also are you using an easy touch or Intellicenter? I’m wondering if I lose any of the automation/integration capabilities of the Intellicenter if I go Acquacal on the heat pump.
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    Pentair Heat Pump Availability

    Hey all, Like alot of other people in Texas, my Pentair 460958 UltraTemp 140K BTU Heat Cool Pump was wrecked. I was lucky and was able to get my insurance to cover it, but I've called all over the US and haven't been able to find one given the supply challenges that started with COVID...
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    Austin BYOP Build In Progress - 9/23 Construction Start

    Hi All, I’m remiss and need to post some updated pics of my progress. Things slowed down due to a delay in some materials but they are finishing decking today/tomorrow in anticipation of a decking pour next week. Does anyone have any recommendations on a cleanup contractor to haul off the...
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    Austin BYOP Build In Progress - 9/23 Construction Start

    I have some updates... 1. The IC60 has been moved the before the pool/spa valve. 2. Check valves have been added as advised to heat pump and heater/cooler. 3. I now have the recommended 12-18” before the cell. 4. Gunite was completed on Friday! They started at 7am and finished at 6pm. What a...
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    Pool deck experience with hot concrete pavers

    Very kind of you, @chemsales . These pictures were incredibly helpful, especially the one with the paver against the blue background. My wife and I are now confident this is the right choice for us. We’re having the pavers cut for coping and retaining wall capping. No need to go out of your way...
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    Pool deck experience with hot concrete pavers

    @chemsales were you by chance able to take pictures of the Shell Beige paver cut for coping? I’m going with travertine coping cut from 16x24 pavers and my wife and I want to go with Shell Beige but we’re hard pressed to go with it solely after the pictures in the catalog and I can’t find it...