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  1. lisawillmon

    Intellicenter. connectivity NO POWER MODULE needed

    I have not idea, I was not sure either, I did read. here on TFP I think about intellicenters shipped after Jan 2021 were the new ones that did no require the extra part. I believe. maybe someone can help with that date.
  2. lisawillmon

    Intellicenter. connectivity NO POWER MODULE needed

    Please know there are new intellicenters. Pentair has not trained technicians about newer connections. You do not need the power adapter module. You use the tan ethernet cord. but you dont use some of the other connectors they included in the package. Their install literature is not accurate. I...
  3. lisawillmon

    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    I appreciate all the help on this forum and want to make sure I p ay it forward. thus the following: This was inaccurate for my newer intellicenter. that has an ethernet connection from transceiver straight into the board. there is no Power module. after three technicians who all talked to...
  4. lisawillmon

    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    i attached a pic of the tranceiver (on side of house in an oval housing). I just noticed a connection spot for cat5 looks like which should run through conduit to the intellicenter and connect to the black pigtail that connects to the board in the center and the tiny pin connects...
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  6. lisawillmon

    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    Here is a pic of extra things that may need a connection or place to make this all work. The electricians did not use these pieces. Where do they go? my old cat5 cord does not work wired from attic, used new one provided after rewiring my entire house to accommodate the short cat5 wire...
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  8. extra pieces .jpg

    extra pieces .jpg

  9. lisawillmon

    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    I added the pic with cat5 in the ethernet plug in and holding the pig tail black wire, that has a very small pin connector on one side and an ethernet connector on the other side of it. Is this supposed to go somewhere?
  10. board with black pig tail .jpg

    board with black pig tail .jpg

  11. lisawillmon

    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    there is no communication with router to intellicenter board. I have ehternet/ cat5 plugged directly in to the board. See the black pig tail wire I am holding? hmm what is this and where does it go?
  12. board with black pig tail .jpg

    board with black pig tail .jpg

  13. router front.jpg

    router front.jpg

  14. intellicenter board willmon.jpg

    intellicenter board willmon.jpg

  15. router pic willmon.jpg

    router pic willmon.jpg

  16. lisawillmon

    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    yes, hard wired, it says it can not detect ethernet cable, yes cat5 wire. I just saw post about a pig tail wire and I have that and it is not connected. stay tuned.
  17. lisawillmon

    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    Moved from here. Bought intellicenter item number 521907 personality kit ips5 with two actuators. There was not protocol adapter with the kit. I. Understand with the newest system there is not a need for this $500 part. However two technicians have been out and said all they have every seen...
  18. lisawillmon

    Intellicenter Wifi

    I think I am in the same boat. I can not get the panel to log me in as a new user. my panel is just not connected to internet at all I don't think. I have the indoor receiver hard wired to router. I read about 5.2 hz vs 2.4 hz. forgive the incorrect labels but anyway , the need to tweek the...
  19. lisawillmon

    Intellicenter hook up

    thank heavens now to figure this out myself apparently. Leslie Pool technician came out and admitted he's never programe an intellicenter. uhhhhmmmmm okay, never mind then. I already know more than he does. appt cancelled, not billed. I live very remote so maybe there is limited expertise with...
  20. lisawillmon

    IntelliCenter and MasterTemp 400

    you actually touched a heater. You won the golden ticket. What black market did you get it from? jk but seriously are they now available?
  21. lisawillmon

    Intellicenter hook up

    I am getting conflicting information about the intellicenter. Does it require the $500 protocol adapter that does not come with the personality kit or not. I understood that the adpater was for screen logic that went with the Easytouch. in other workds: Easytouch and screen logic go...
  22. lisawillmon

    Ten Guidelines for Quality Pool Plaster

    ya but now I can very observant of what they are doing and question it if they do. knowledge is always good, thanks for all of that. It is printed and will be on the porch when they plaster. fingers crossed, we hired a good plaster company and there wont be any concerns (with one eye open) lol.
  23. lisawillmon

    any updates on heater and intellicenter manufacturing?

    Is it because there is a computer chip or something needed coming from China? or computer chip, like the car industry that heater and intellicenter manufacturers need? We have decided to set pad for heater, but bypass for now. I am assuming the electrician can also bypass the intellicenter, and...
  24. lisawillmon

    Any reason to not go with generic plain white plaster?

    We are building ourselves. and will hire the plaster professionals. I want plain white plaster so that if here are any issues later on, we can get the plaster and make repairs ourselves. I just want a pool, color is irrelevant to me. Do not want pebbles finish due to texture. Thanks for any...
  25. lisawillmon

    Updates on Equipment backorders may2021

    My husband suggested calling Arizona California “pool” locations (call each individual shop) not affected by winter apocalypse in Texas . Here we go......
  26. lisawillmon

    The equipment struggle is real / 2 steps forward 1 back

    Same here. Soooo good to see your post about Pentair time frame ? Does it do any good to bale on Pentair brand at this point? I have hole in the ground things have to move forward ...... or not ???? Ugh. I managed to snag a pump. Amd filter. Need intellicenter and 400k btu heater id love to...
  27. lisawillmon

    Updates on Equipment backorders may2021

    I have been relying heavily on polytec they have been great. I listed us as in industry because husband is construction manager. Has built a 1m city park splash pad with loads of features etc . He has not built a pool so I did not want the impression that we had never built. Mike does have a...
  28. lisawillmon

    Updates on Equipment backorders may2021

    I am hoping this c an be a place where those in the know can shed some light on equipment backorders. I am wanting to order Pentair equipment but after 30 hours, literally searching site after site, call after call, back order notification after another, I am tired of looking. If you are in the...