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  1. TexasRain

    Tons of rain - order to add chemicals?

    Hey y'all! so we have had about 3 weeks of rain here in TX and want to get my pool all balanced out. With the overflow from so much rain my SWG thinks my salt is too low and I guess when it thinks that it doesn't produce chlorine, or not as much?? Here are my test results, is there an order I...
  2. TexasRain

    Hello Y'all

    Hi, I have been reading along this site for a couple months now and everyone has helped me a LOT so far! We live in Schertz, TX...NorthEast of San Antonio and we just signed our contract. Hopefully they can start digging before Halloween! 😁
  3. TexasRain

    My New Pool in SCHERTZ, TX

    Hello all you fabulous people! Here are page #s and links for the different parts of my build: Excavation: PAGE 4 Rebar & Plumbing: PAGE 5 Soil Injections: PAGE 6 Gunite: PAGE 8 Coping and tile: PAGE 9 Deck Poured: PAGE 10 Tile Border: PAGE 11 Sundek: Page 12 Blue Surf Pebblesheen: Starts on...
  4. TexasRain

    Modern Coping Ideas Please!

    Planning out some choices now considering how long it can take me to decide on things! :unsure: I am looking for a more modern look for coping, White/Gray colors and square-ish edges. I know there are a lot of choices out there, what are some that will: not be slippery look awesome not get too...
  5. TexasRain

    Tile on Sun Shelf???

    Hello y'all! We are in the very beginning stages of planning our pool. I want to have a large sun shelf, probably 16'x8'. I LOVE the look of a tiled shelf, BUT is it practical? Will it be slippery? Bad idea?? I attached a few images of tiled shelf ideas.