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  1. Butterfly

    Another newb!

    Hello, Darryl :smile: ...... and welcome to the forum :wave:
  2. Butterfly

    New IG pool owner in Maryland

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Congratulations, you have landed on the best pool site on the net! There are many able and willing folks here to help you with all your pool questions :D btw, do you know Lash? :mrgreen:
  3. Butterfly

    First timer

    Welcome :wave: :goodpost:
  4. Butterfly

    Hello new friends!

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Glad you found TFP!
  5. Butterfly

    new to the group.

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Nice set-up!
  6. Butterfly

    Hello from Belle River, Ontario

    Hi Dale and welcome to the forum :wave:
  7. Butterfly

    Hello from Texas

    Hello Ripsnorter and welcome to the forum :wave: We still have room for some more Texans :wink:
  8. Butterfly

    Hello from California

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with the install :wave:
  9. Butterfly

    Hello from Montgomery Co., MD

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Guess we'll be hearing lots from you around opening day :smile:
  10. Butterfly

    Hello from Northern California

    Welcome to the forum :wave: You really are hitting the ground running :goodjob:
  11. Butterfly

    Greetings from Sydney, Australia

    Welcome to the forum, Nigel :wave: We are glad to have you.
  12. Butterfly

    Black (I think) Algae that will not go away

    Here's the link to deep cleaning a sand filter:
  13. Butterfly

    Pool came with the house

    Welcome to the forum :wave: You are off to a very nice start :goodjob:
  14. Butterfly

    Black (I think) Algae that will not go away

    Re: Black (I think?) Algae that will not go away - any help appreciated! It does not sound like black algae, if you can brush it away...... Some/most of it looks organic to me. Have you tested for copper? How does the pool look now? Do you have/can you take a pic of it just after...
  15. Butterfly

    Hi Everybody...

    Welcome to the forum :wave:
  16. Butterfly

    North Dallas 39.5 - the Big Dig starts

    Looking good with nice progress! ::epds::
  17. Butterfly


    Did you try using a trichlor tab? If no help, then try some dry acid in a sock..... Are you using anything that contains copper? Algaecides, maybe?
  18. Butterfly

    Al in Vegas!!

    Welcome to the forum :wave: We are happy to have all newbies! :D
  19. Butterfly

    thedrew8 in VA... well, sort of

    Welcome to the forum :wave: and, Thank You :salut:
  20. Butterfly

    Skerdog in Houston Texas

    Hi Skerdog and welcome to the forum :wave: Houston, another Texan has landed :D
  21. Butterfly

    Frisco, TX 8 Weeks from digging to swimming.

    Looks fabulous :goodjob:
  22. Butterfly

    Sandissimos says hello!

    Welcome to the forum :wave:
  23. Butterfly

    New Pool Test Results

    More info, Start-up Card from the National Plasterers Council:
  24. Butterfly


    :smile: We knew what you meant :wink:
  25. Butterfly

    Gabe here...

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Your new pool is gorgeous! You can compare test kits here:
  26. Butterfly


    Welcome to the forum :wave: I think you got a typo in this sentenence! :shock: :lol:
  27. Butterfly

    New Build in Myrtle Beach

    Fabulous! Love it! :D
  28. Butterfly

    Finished deck pictures

    Very nice work! Beautiful :goodjob:
  29. Butterfly

    Many topics not showing

    You're welcome :smile:
  30. Butterfly

    Many topics not showing

    Go to "settings" (top R under Pool School button), then select "general settings" (left side). I think that is where you scroll and set the view in " Default Thread Age Cut Off:" I apologize in advance if I am not correct! :smile: