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  1. duckcmmndr

    New DIY Inground pool build - Arkansas (Picture Heavy) - Glacier Pool Chiller install complete!

    Ok...well I am a little late starting this thread. We decided last spring it was time to take down the above ground pool and put one in the ground. I had been planning to do an IG pool for 5 or 6 years. I had a local pool company give me a bid even though I was 90% sure I was going to do it...
  2. duckcmmndr

    Light Wire not long enough

    I am about to start a in ground pool install and I have 2 of the low voltage Hayward Color Logic lights that are going into it. I ordered lights with 100' cords, but they were out and sent lights with 50' cords. 50' is not long enough to reach my equipment pad. I don't have an ideal location...
  3. duckcmmndr

    Plumbing new pool (suction/return lines and sizing)

    I am trying to work out the plumbing layout for my pool. I plan on ordering the kit this week. 18x43x30 True L pool Hayward 2.7 HP variable speed pump Hayward 31" sand filter I want to use 2" plumbing or possibly bigger if necessary. I will have: 2 - Main drains 2/3 - Skimmers (can't...
  4. duckcmmndr

    Main Drain Install?

    I am working through all the details of installing a new vinyl liner pool. The main drains are supposed to be installed in concrete. Are you suppose to pour the whole hopper bottom in concrete around the main drains? Do you just use regular 3000 PSI concrete when you are pouring the collar...
  5. duckcmmndr

    Pool Plumbing questions

    I am in the planning stages for a new in ground liner pool (see SIG). It is a fairly good sized pool and I am thinking about 3 skimmers and 4 returns, I have not decided on location and quantity just yet. If you have a recommendation for a L pool skimmer/return location...please let me know...
  6. duckcmmndr

    SWG Size

    I have read multiple times to pick a SWG that is rated at twice the size of the pool you are using it on. I am look at putting in a 31,000 gallon pool and I am only seeing SWG's in the 40K size. Is this a problem? I have had an AGP for years now and would prefer to stick with salt water if I can.
  7. duckcmmndr

    New Pool Heater Questions

    I am in the process of planning my 1st in ground pool. I am looking at a 18x43x30 L shaped pool. I live in Arkansas and the summers are HOT and the pool will get full sun from a little after sunrise till 4/5 in the afternoon when the shade of the house gets in the way. My wife is wanting to...
  8. duckcmmndr

    Add SWG to existing Pump/SWG Combo????

    I have an Intex CS20110 combination sand filter and SWG all in one (Similiar to this one). I have used it on my 18' above ground pool for 3 years now and have had zero problems with it. My only issue is for the size pool that I have to keep the chlorine level where it needs to be, I really...
  9. duckcmmndr

    Question about lowering PH without messing with TA

    Ok....this is just a theoretical question at this point. I have spent the last couple of weeks going through the "raise PH through aeration, lower PH and TA by adding acid" process. I got my TA to 80 which is where it needs to be. My PH was 7.4 this morning and I am running my fountain today...
  10. duckcmmndr

    Should I worry about lowering my TA?

    I am new to the very detailed pool testing. I have always used the test strips in the past, but this year I got a new pool and after doing some reading on here I got the Taylor K-2006 test kit. I have been working on getting everything balanced and I am about there with the exception of my TA...
  11. duckcmmndr

    My First "Level" Pool Install and Deck Build

    Let me start by thanking everyone on this board. It's packed with great info and I learned a lot of good tips/tricks for this project. I have put up two AG pools in the past and neither were level and neither had a good pump/filter combo. I hated both of them. I was very, very close to...
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    Howdy All

    New to the site....have put up a couple of Intex pools in the past without the proper prep and up keep. In the process of a new Intex pool install now and going above and beyond to make sure this one is correctly installed as well as maintained.