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  1. smforte

    So this just happened....

    You just gave me a new perspective on that dang one little acorn. Your right, maybe he doesn't have enough to do. But alas, storms tonight. He's resting and hopefully will reach his full potential tomorrow. :snorkle:
  2. smforte

    So this just happened....

    Sorry for late response but meant to add....if I have more than normal leaves on bottom I found taking the black oriface guard off and it picks up more. It really does a good job but it's been chasing 1 acorn around the bottom deep in for 3 weeks.
  3. smforte

    So this just happened....

    I've had the S300i for a year. Absolutely love it. One problem I run into is,,,,I have lots of trees which means lots of trash. The black mesh cover on the bottom of the filter box gets stopped up. Mine Dolphins name Is Robo Cop! Love him! Oh one more thing.vvmy liner is fading Ned's to...
  4. smforte

    Indiana Pool Finished and Updated Pics

    Sooooo jealous! Beautiful
  5. smforte

    How much longer until you open?

    Opens last week, got it perfect and we had those storms today. Bunch of trash. More storms predicted for Wednesday Water temp at 70 but that too chilly for me.
  6. smforte

    The One Thing I would not want to do without Thread

    My Dolphin Robot. If I could sleep with it I would
  7. smforte

    Hello from Alabama!

    Wooohooo..someone from Bama!c welcome! I'm in Montg. Also need a new liner this summer. Just trying to find a way to pay for it!
  8. smforte

    Tarp cover

    Got my little pump from Walmart for about $50. Auto shut off. I have the end of the hose going in to my pool. To trap some dirt from going in pool I rubber banded a hair net to end of house going to pool. I also put my pump inside a plant basket and lined it with a hairnet too to keep dirt...
  9. smforte

    How long until pump fails? No right answer to neighbor's noisy pump?

    I'd just say....."I noticed your pump is making a funny noise, would you like me to look at it?" I know I'd be grateful if someone other than myself checked out something on my pool.
  10. smforte

    Saving sod?

    We had a patio built last year and had several areas in my yard that needed some grass. We were able to save most of it but it was a lot of work and without tamping it down it's rather bumpy and uneven. Giving it lots of water after laying is the key. It has to be laid within a few days of...
  11. smforte

    If I could change TroubleFreePool, I would....

    How bout a terminology page. For instance, when I was new and talking to some great folks I had no idea what a puck was. It was just assumed I did I guess. I've seen a lot of people ask,,,um, what is a puck?
  12. smforte

    S300 not picking up leaves

    Did you get a chance to try your robot without the fabric on bottom?
  13. smforte

    S300 not picking up leaves

    When I had a lot of leaves my Dolphin S300i had problems picking them up. They were bunching up where the fabric is on bottom and just stirring leaves around. I took the fabric thing off and it picked up more. Worth a shot.
  14. smforte

    Our Pool

    Beautiful....i want!
  15. smforte

    Hello from Huntsville Alabama

    Welcome fellow Alabamian! Montgomery here. Best pool forum ever and the pros here have an answer for any question and if they don't know they'll jump through hoops to find out the answer. #1 thing their gonna tell you is you need a good test kit. Either the TF100 or K2006 both FAS-DPD...
  16. smforte


    Did you try the suggestions in the other post Swampwoman gave? She went into a lot of detail. I battle iron stains so I feel your pain for sure!
  17. smforte

    Is it CREEPY to have a security camera pointed at the pool area?

    In my last house, no pool but I did install security cameras because our area had a few break ins. It freaked my neighbor out thinking we were spying on them and they got highly upset. I tilted it down so it wouldn't point at their house but also let it be known if they had a break in don't...
  18. smforte

    Seriously need to cover my pool but.....

    Thankfully here in Bama I don't have to worry about blowing lines etc. the few nights it gets below freezing I just run my pump.
  19. smforte

    Seriously need to cover my pool but.....

    Thanks y'all....I do keep my pool sparkly and use my robot just about everyday so I know it'll be good and clean before I cover it. Think I'll wait til next weekend though so I can look at it a few more days...I open in March.
  20. smforte

    Seriously need to cover my pool but.....

    Yes, we don't swim w water temp lower than 78. Only use a tarp that works great for no longer than we cover it. Just want to make sure it's ok since the water temp isn't below 60. I wouldn't have to close at all if it weren't for these blankety blank trees.
  21. smforte

    Seriously need to cover my pool but.....

    OMG Al where we're still in the 80s and 60s at night. Water temp is 76. But I have a gazillion trees around my pool and pine straw and leaves are falling like mad creating a huge mess in the pool that I can't keep up with. I normally don't close until the water temp is 60, but...
  22. smforte

    Maytronics Dolphin - 4 ppm chlorine?

    Have had my Dolphin for 4 months. Keep my FC at 6. Accidentally left my dolphin in overnight and the blue faded some. Other than that, it works great.
  23. smforte

    DIY Indoor & inground pool near Vegas

    Excited to follow this!
  24. smforte

    Did someone say CLOUDY?

    Welcome have the best defense for taking care of your pool with the test kit. Always trust your own testing rather than pool stores testing which or notoriously wrong. Dumping loads of liquid chlorine in your pool at one time (as well as other pool store magic potions) is not...
  25. smforte

    Need Cover up Ideas- had to remove diving board

    Our pools are identical!! The electrical box is for the pool light. I'm waiting for my ins co to do the same. My first ins co canceled me unless I removed the diving board. Too much of a hazard I guess. I changed companies instead. When it happens and I'm sure it will, I'll put a bench...
  26. smforte

    First Time Question (Can I Never Run My Pump)

    Your method certainly isn't the BBB method. Seems like a disaster waiting to happen!
  27. smforte

    Recovering from a flood - Louisiana

    Sorry to hear of all the devastation there! Don't drain, put 1 gal bleach in each day and brush to circulate it until you can get that pump fixed. After pump is repaired post a set of water results with a good test let such has tf100 or Taylor 2006 You'll probably have to SLAM. Good luck
  28. smforte

    The TFP way

    I've tried metal clear but it clouded my water.
  29. smforte

    Talk me into the best robotic cleaner

    The remote is acutally an AP you use with your smart phone which is Bluetooth enabled. The AP allows you to change to even more cleaning modes such as bottom only, tile only or ultra clean. I may use ultra clean once a week and I will play with the cleaner and move it where I want about once a...