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  1. anthonypool89

    Is anybody else (who just closed recently) already missing their pool??? 😟

    Today was nearly 80 degrees here and I found myself looking wistfully out the dining room window at a cover instead of the nice clear water. It was tough. Already making plans for next year's (earlier!) opening. Have to close by end of September next year (boo..hiss) so would like to get an...
  2. anthonypool89

    I'm trying to find a replacement pool leaf skimmer net insert for a "Lifegard" brand net

    I bought this thing a few years ago. You pry the insert out with a screw driver. There is a track that runs all the way around the netted insert and then the whole thing snaps into a fork-like aluminum frame. It'a really cool idea but unfortunately my net tore. Now, I'm trying to find the insert...
  3. anthonypool89

    Does anyone else have trouble with heavy rain increasing the filter pressure?

    Drives me crazy. I backwashed yesterday, hosed off the grids really well, starting pressure 14 and today it's up to 18. Happens every single time it rains. Sometimes it goes back down but usually not. Oh well. Looks like DE change #12 (since June) coming up by tomorrow or day after.
  4. anthonypool89

    Does anyone still use an air compressor attached to the top of the filter tank for blowing out the lines?

    Just curious, since there is so much talk about gizmos, cyclones, etc. and having to rig up various hose attachments, etc. With the a/c all I need is a single hose to the top of the filter. I've always been told that for winterization a gizmo would not work with my skimmer anyway. These older...
  5. anthonypool89

    If most who report on this section of the forum are (assumedly) chlorine users, why so many algae issues?

    Since I'm being told that chorine kills the stuff, I'm surprised that this part of the forum is so active. Are problems encountered with algae primarily due to not maintaining proper levels?
  6. anthonypool89

    Has anyone (who is using or used baquacil) ever used "Performance Algicide"?

    Thinking of trying this to see if it helps with the filter pressure issue. If indeed my problem is a just-below-visibility' algae issue, maybe I can clear it up with something other than baquacil's regular algicide. Worth a shot.
  7. anthonypool89

    a baquacil pool TFP, no chlorine, no SLAM, but....looks pretty good I think. Having a terrific season here in (hot and humid) Berks County. Best wishes to all...stay cool.
  8. anthonypool89

    Does it sound like a good idea to put a skimmer sock over the pump strainer basket while vacuuming?

    Has anyone done this? I just started using socks in the skimmer, and really like how I'm catching all these small bugs and other debris that I know would otherwise wind up in the filter, and so was thinking that when it's time to vacuum the pool (like very soon) if I don't have something to...
  9. anthonypool89

    Question for DE users....what do you do with the backwashed stuff?

    Not just from backwashing, but also the debris that gets washed to the ground when hosing off the grids? Put it in the trash? I have a bit of a mound that has grown where I typically set the filter grids to hose them off. Thinking of just putting some in the trash bags. I know DE is considered...
  10. anthonypool89

    Why is my heat pump not producing cooler water on chiller mode?

    I have a Jandy heat pump. I’ve never really experimented all that much with the chiller mode but given that today the water is 89° I thought I would try to temper it down a little bit. So I turned it to chiller mode and the water coming out of the return lines is just as warm as if I set the...
  11. anthonypool89

    So what are the advantages / disadvantages of using a skimmer sock?

    I've heard these mentioned here but never really looked into it. I don't want to overtax the pump but am trying to find a way to maybe reduce the filter pressure in terms of less frequent DE changes.
  12. anthonypool89

    DE filter problems using Baquacil

    If you get the answer to this one, please let me know. Been living with and fretting over this a good part of last season and now continuing the same way this year again. Water can be (and is) clear, and yet pressure just keeps going up every few days. My starting pressure, after backwashing and...
  13. anthonypool89

    Here we go again...filter pressure went crazy after farmer cut the field next to the pool!

    Darn, darn, darn. With the most recent filter cleaning (yesterday) I was so optimistic. Water was in terrific shape. Now pressure went from 14 to 19 in a space of hours after the tractors came through. See what happens by tomorrow. If it follows last year's pattern, by tomorrow the water will...
  14. anthonypool89

    Any (easy) way to try to determine where an air leak might be coming from?

    Been a problem, to varying degrees, for quite a few years - air bubbles coming out of the return lines. Particularly noticeable since opening the pool this year. Very weird stuff going on with my pressure though. Filter pressure psi is going DOWN instead of up - that's weird. And so, the...
  15. anthonypool89

    Opening day!!!

    Let it begin. 😳 Starting filter pressure around 11, but increased to 14 over the course of 4 hours or so. To be expected. Usually takes a few loads of DE till the water clears up. Might have to postpone further work on the pool due to rain in the forecast new two days.
  16. anthonypool89

    Still didn't open this season yet...somehow just don't have the enthusiasm to do it....anybody else (in the 60+ age group) feel the same way??

    Realy hard to admit it to myself, but I think I'm just tired of it all. Love swimming, but just weary of so much that goes along with keeping the thing going all summer. Been at this now for 32 years. I'm more and more finding myself so glad when the season is finally over and it's all closed...
  17. anthonypool89

    Always meant to ask there any way to determine what a pH reading is that's obviously above 8 (using Taylor K-2006)?

    If it's darker than the purple color at the 8.0'd be nice to know, for the sake of calculating SI, just how far above 8 it really is. Today, for the first time in months (since I couldn't get at the pool water most of the winter), I finally got around to seeing what my readings are...
  18. anthonypool89

    Crack / hole in pool expansion joint - how to repair?

    I'm referring to the (assumedly)plastic dividers that run perpendicular to the coping and are all along the deck (one of which can be seen on my avatar). One of mine has a small, 1/4" (or so) hole in the top. From some quick research, it appears that these things have caps over them and so can...
  19. anthonypool89

    Anybody know how interchangeable pool cover anchors are?

    I noticed that with the weight of the snow and ice the past few weeks a few of the threaded anchor inserts popped off. Assumedly they are embedded somewhere on the cover, which had a 3-4 ft. drift over most of it after the nor'easter. So I'll probably find them, but have lost several over the...
  20. anthonypool89

    Are there alternatives to a heat pump (but that would still use my existing 220 line?)

    And...another question....just who is allowed to recharge the refrigerant on these things? I seem to recall the pool company telling me that they can't do it anymore and also hearing the same thing from my local HVAC service people. If such is the case....what am I supposed to do? I think it...
  21. anthonypool89

    Has anyone sold unwanted pool chemicals on eBay?

    I've been an eBay seller for a few years and sold a few quarts of unopened scale inhibitor early in the summer. Most recently I was able to sell around $240 worth of Aqua Finesse Pool Water Care Tablets (decided not to use them anymore). Two containers were new and sealed - went to buyers in OH...
  22. anthonypool89

    For those in the northeast that have a heat pump - how good does it work???

    A friend of mine just got one and claims that - even with our current daytime temps in the 70s and lows of high 40s at night - he has his water at 86 degrees - says he can increase 3 degrees an hour. I'm astounded. I'm struggling to get the water to 79. Pretty sure he has propane. Mine's...
  23. anthonypool89

    Is there any maintenance required at some point on an underwater light?

    I presume mine is 300W judging from comparing the size of my unit with what I see on youtube videos. Quite honestly I've used it very little over the years - find it starts to attract bugs pretty quickly for one thing. Since the pool is over 30 years old, and nothing has ever been done with the...
  24. anthonypool89

    Any thoughts on closing pool in early September when water is still 80+ ?

    I'm thinking it's a bad idea. Reason I ask is that I'm planning a trip for '22 that will start in early September. I typically close early October once the water temp starts to drop. I have a mesh cover, but still thinking that nothing good can happen with the water with the system shut down...
  25. anthonypool89

    Any advice on a good (but fairly portable) power sprayer for concrete pool deck?

    Our deck gets stained from having the Meyco cover on it during the off season - you can clearly see all the darker areas that are always under the cover. I rented one from the local hardware store a few years ago and it did a great job on the pool deck and walkway pavers - don't recall the...
  26. anthonypool89

    Greenish area developing below the skimmer and some evidence of algae in areas where the plaster is pitted

    I thought it was some sort of reflection at first but there is definitely an area of the plaster that has a greenish tint to it - probably extending about 3 feet down from the skimmer and maybe 1-2 feet wide. I see a few mildly pitted areas in the plaster (didn't expect that after it only...
  27. anthonypool89

    If I'm going to convert in the spring, would it be best to stop adding anymore CDX? Or doesn't it really make much difference by next year?

    Just wondering. I read through a good many of the conversion threads going back many years and a salient point that stands out is the process being all that much harder if CDX has been used. With the water only being in the pool for 6 years, I'm still hesitant to drain. Let me know any thoughts...
  28. anthonypool89

    Are there any possible issues with using copper piping with a SWG (following a conversion from baqua)

    My filter has copper piping coming out on the pressure side. At one time also had it on the suction side but all that was redone with PVC following some needed repairs. Actually, the pressure side had PVC also at one point but was changed back to copper - long story. Just thought I'd ask about...
  29. anthonypool89

    Hayward Super Pump is making a high-pitched screeching noise

    Bought it and installed in 2009, but then I noticed from my saved invoices that it was serviced by a local electric company back in '12 - work done mentions new seals as well as replacing the motor. Suggestions? They did the work in October so likely right after the pool was closed. Had it for...
  30. anthonypool89

    learning to use pool math

    This is an interesting thread to me since OP has the same number of gallons I do. If starting with no chlorine in the pool at all, is 1 gallon really enough to get to 5 ppm? I'll be doing a baqua to chlorine conversion and so I know I need to get to 15 initially. No idea how much liquid...