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  1. TRUK71

    Hard salt

    Might be a dumb question but it ok to use pool salt that has sat around and gotten hard as a rock?
  2. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    Been having A LOT of air in my returns. Have done leak test on suction side with no results. Found however that if I turn salt cell off the bubbles stop, as soon as I turn it on the bubbles return. I understand that the salt cell with create some bubbles because of the chlorine reaction however...
  3. TRUK71

    Sand filter medium

    Is there a better medium than just regular sand? In particular a medium that will capture out calcium or calcium flakes?
  4. TRUK71

    Foam on water while slamming

    Ok so I'm slamming because I can't keep any FC in pool and it's very cloudy. I had a new VSP installed and they didn't turn my salt cell back on and I didn't realize it until it was too late. So I started a slam but now am getting a foam like substance on top of water. I also am raising my cya...
  5. TRUK71

    Main basket not filling with water

    Our main basket by pump doesn't fill up to where we see others fill up ( all the way with maybe a little bubble at top). Ours fills up to about 85%. Our pool builder says that's normal when others says it's not. They did find an air leak at the pump yesterday that fixed air coming into the...
  6. TRUK71


    The manufacturer of our specific pool says CH should be between 150-250. The pool math app states differently. Do I need to lower my CH if it's at 380?
  7. TRUK71

    FC struggles

    Last year I had zero issues with water chemistry. This year has been a battle from the get go. In particular my FC and I'm struggling to understand why. It's having big swings. Last year I ran my swg at 30% pretty much the entire year. This year I cant find a setting that will keep it a steady...
  8. TRUK71

    White patches

    Any idea what these are? Pool is only 1 year old. There are a couple more spots in pool as well that are in areas that are not high traffic areas. So I don't believe it's a scratch or scuff marks.
  9. TRUK71

    Air leak and equipment

    I have air that is in my return lines. Pool is 1 year old. 7000 gallon, swg. Pics of equipment below. I have had builder out multiple times over course of the past year to try to find the leak. So far no success. They've tested the 3 return lines via pressure test and came back ok. They tested...
  10. TRUK71

    Blue material in skimmer sock

    We were trying a skimmer sock for about the past 4 days and have this strange blue stuff in it. Here's a picture. It's not part of the skimmer sock as it's way to dark of a blue. We have a blue fiberglass pool. Any thoughts as to what this might be?
  11. TRUK71

    Antifreeze and pool chemistry

    What effects on the pool chemistry does the pool antifreeze have?