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    HELP!!!!! ET Abducted my Pool Builder!!!!!

    This is a valid concern.
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    HELP!!!!! ET Abducted my Pool Builder!!!!!

    Hard to tell from the pictures...if you go halfway up the skimmer opening (normal water level) where will that hit on your top step? I do like your idea about the sandstone cut and shaped...that might work and might look really good too. My liner over steps was from a kit and each step had a...
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    *Shallow end, being shocked when grabbing railing*

    This is a great idea...after seeing the decking around the step area, would be pretty easy to get a bonding wire to a point where you could bury it to pump pad.
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    Inground Pool leaking and groundwater, cement repair

    You need to remove any of the loose crumbling pool krete. You read correctly that you need to use a Hydraulic cement to repair. This is good stuff, mix in small sets up fast. You can also use this to fix/smooth out any divots or low spots that are in the pool (think...
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    Hayward Skimmer SP1084 Leak - Cork gasket?

    This is the way most of them are done. We can see the gasket on the face of the skimmer throat in your picture. I used a thin layer of silicon to make my gasket stick to the face of the skimmer, I am guessing your installers did the same thing. I also did this exact same thing on the gasket...
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    *Shallow end, being shocked when grabbing railing*

    Let me start by saying...I am glad that you are back and did not leave us hanging indefinitely. :) You might not have to remove all the current decking. You might easily get away with cutting back 2' from the edge of the pool all the way around. You could pour back the 2' with a...
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    New Pool Owner - Help!

    Welcome to the board, lots of great info and people here to help. 16 bags of salt in your pool should give you a salt level of 4,000 ppm. The Ichlor 30 that you have will produce 1lb of chlorine when set at 100% and run for 24 hours. If you experience say 3 ppm chlorine loss per day you would...
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    Concrete footing 1 inch above lines & conduits?

    You do not want the footer sitting on top of the pipes nor do you want any pipes going through the footer. As stated above, footings should be on undisturbed and/or compacted ground. The obvious best choice is to move the plumbing...I think your idea of the 2 footers with I beam might also...
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    Please share your pool equipment storage/placement

    Mine is on the side of my pool house and it is clearly visible from the pool area, so I wanted it to look nice and be out of the weather too. Sun is really hard on plastics and electronics. I have an omnilogic panel that has basically a computer with touch screen in it and I did not want it...
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    Has anyone cut in an additional return and a vacuum port without full drain? (Steel Wall)

    I mainly use a pressure cleaner, but I also have a manual suction cleaner that I use from time to time. I have the plate that goes in the skimmer to hook it up and if I don't turn off the other 2 skimmers completely the suction is Crud. I have a 2.7 hp pump and even if I run it on high, there...
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    Using a pressure side cleaner with skimmer closed

    As long as you have main drains and can open those all the way and close the skimmers all the way, you should be fine.
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    After the 2021 Deep Freeze, is anyone else considering closing for the first time?

    Last year was my first winter with the new IG pool. I had no intention of closing it and didn't. We had 20" of snow that lasted for over a week and several days of below freezing weather. Completely out of the ordinary for Southwest Arkansas. I was very luck to never have lost power. I had...
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    Bypass Polaris

    Need a picture of the pump and it's connections to help you here. Is is plumbed with the flex piping and fittings that comes with the pump? Like in this picture: If the answer is yes...those fittings on the end of the flexible piping are 3/4" fittings and you would simply use a 3/4" PVC plug...
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    Starting the DIY process....advice needed!

    You would have to re-search further to get the details...but I asked this very question to Hayward before I bought the Omnilogic system and was told yes, but one would hook directly and the other would run through a separate controller. I think if you have more than 1 T-Cell you will need an...
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    Starting the DIY process....advice needed!

    Welcome to TFP. DIY'ing a pool can be a rewarding experience if you know what to expect going in, can save some $$$ too. The Omnilogic system can run multiple salt cells, so you don't have to only have the single 40K unit. One will hook directly to the Omnilogic board and the 2nd, 3rd, etc...
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    Pump speeds to use new suction side cleaner.

    I don't even have main drains and all I use and a Polaris and it will get the dirt in the deep end. You don't need main drains to get that dirt if your Polaris is working correctly. You have a lot of things going are some recommendations: - I would stay away from a suction side...
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    Skimmers are not pulling in water to the Pump - Problem fixed!

    In most cases no...since you have a drain and skimmers stubbed up at the pad, there should only be one hole open in the skimmers. I assume you have 3?
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    *Shallow end, being shocked when grabbing railing*

    Man...the new episode of this epic journey is taking forever to air.
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    Next Summer Upgrades!

    We put our pool in at the end of last summer and my wife bought tons of new patio furniture/cushions/umbrellas that stayed in boxes in our garage all winter. It literally looked like we were moving. Our local stores have that stuff on sale right now and I have been getting ads from Home...
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    Sonance Garden Series Subwoofer Placement

    As mentioned above...bass is mostly omni-directional. I have done subs indoors and in vehicles my whole life...but I don't have any experience outdoors. I think you might be surprised how it would sound centered behind the water wall.
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    Need advice! PB used lowest point for shell elevation

    No...when you put them in you will want to take the tops out and put them back in where the seam in the grate does not match up to the seam in the bottom sections. Just take a top and cut it in half and start with that and your left over cut piece should go on the other in other words...
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    Need advice! PB used lowest point for shell elevation

    Stegmeier Frontier Deck Drain Thats what I used. I ordered it online.
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    Need advice! PB used lowest point for shell elevation

    The ones that have the removeable grate also come in different colors....Grey, Tan, and White for sure. I used about 80' of the grey color in my pool project.
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    1st Pool Build | Sugar Land - Skimmer Repairs have started.

    Is the water level of the pool and the water level of the auto fill the same? If the answer is yes the auto fill float is in a position that shuts off the flow of water into the pool and you may need to loosen the wing nut and raise the float up so that when it drops back down to the current...
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    Water is being trucked in! Intellicenter question though

    Yes...let it get up a few inches below lights, returns, skimmers before cutting the hole for each so most of the downward stretching force due to the weight of the water is done.
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    Initial Excavation Depth

    The laser level with the grade stick is the only way to go! (y) No real rule of thumb on retaining wall. A gradual slope from your pool deck to the existing yard will look better and be cheaper than a retaining wall. You will want it shaped so you can mow it. Just build up in 2-3 inch lifts...