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  1. rmturner54

    Water test results/options needed

    I did a water test after all of the N. Texas rains. FC 9, PH 7.5 with a digital tester, CYA 60 just added stabilizer, TA 50-60, CH 120. According to the recommended levels for a saltwater pool, ideal is PH 7.2-7.8, TA is 60-80 but 50 -60 is acceptable, CH ideal is 350-550. Should I leave my TA...
  2. rmturner54

    Can't figure out salt cell issue

    I have got plenty of salt in the pool. The cell is clean. It is 3 years old. T3 cell. The cell voltage and current switches polarities ok. First I started having some really weird behavior and readings not normal. Until I determined first that my salt level was low. So I corrected that issue...
  3. rmturner54

    TFP App in Tapa talk issue

    Not sure where to post this, my login and password for the TFP app in tapatalk does not work, I have had the same login since I started. Let me add that its the mobile app. At home on the browser it works. Thanks. Richard
  4. rmturner54

    Do they make a less dense filter element

    I recently changed from a Hayward Max Flow VS pmp to a Jandy Pro FLow. The change over is another story entirely, which I have yet to post and will not get into that this time. The new Jandy was installed by a certified pool company to maintain the warranty. The flow rate on the Jandy is higher...
  5. rmturner54

    Bad news about VS motor/pump

    Hi everyone, well my situation does not look real good. My Hayward SP2300VSP(now discontinued) appears to be bad. Last night we were not home till late, lots of lighting strikes, came home to no power. This morning pump was not running. Had 240V at the motor terminals, so everything up to that...
  6. rmturner54

    PH test results in consistency

    I been having the following issue for a while. First of all I am very meticulous with my testing. So the issue is when I run the 1st PH test ,lets say for conversation its 7.2 So I test again to verify and its always higher on the 2nd test. All test after the 2nd one are consistent with the 2nd...
  7. rmturner54


    Anyone have experience with these
  8. rmturner54

    Not sure if I have alge

    Once again it seems every year about this time I start to see a thing that looks like sediment/dirt forming on the flat surfaces- steps-sitting ledges and it appears to be on the wall at the deep end. Obviously when I brush, the water get cloudly. Before brushing the water looks really clear in...
  9. rmturner54

    do i need to raise my CH

    Here are my test results. FC 6.5 PH 7.5 CYA 70 CH 200 TA 90 Wtr Temp 84 Salt 3800 should i raise my CH to the middle of the road to say 250? It will change my CSI from -.45 to -.35.
  10. rmturner54

    White ring at water line.

    I just noticed recently after my water had dropped due to evaporation that there is a white ring around my fiberglass pool. Is that calcium and what can i use to clean it without damaging the finish
  11. rmturner54

    Aquabot customer service A+

    I have a supreme that bought new with pool in 2014. The drive motor and pump have both been replaced under warranty. Thats 2 years. Then the motor again twice in the same 12 months. Bought a turbo t jet to jave something reliable. Had been using a approved repair center. This time call mfg...
  12. rmturner54

    Dont buy from this place

    I thought i would try a new generic cells. I purchased from on March 21, 2018. I have called amd emailed over amd over again with no response at all. I cant imagine how customer service would be if you had a problem. They dont amswer the phone or emails. I have yet to rcv my...
  13. rmturner54

    Is my salt cell bad

    Ok here we go. I have started to notice lately since the weather here in N Texas has started a warming trend. My chlorine level was a lot lower than normal history of my pool would be. During the winter I keep it open and supplement the FC with bleach. So the last few days I have experienced...
  14. rmturner54

    Numbers appear to be good......but!

    Hey everyone. Pool has been good all season till yesterday I came home form work and checked pool. Noticed a slight brownish green substance on the walls and floor in various places. Vacuumed pool first then ran test. 530PM FC 12.5 CC 0.5 PH near 8, I knew it was almost ready to be adjusted...
  15. rmturner54

    To SLAM or NOT

    I started noticing a brown/green layer in the pool in a few areas such as ledges and a few areas on the wall. The water appeared to be clear. Once it was brushed and vacuumed obviously the water would get cloudy. This started 3 or 4 days ago. I have replaced the cartridge filter with my clean...
  16. rmturner54

    Latest update on Gazebo build

  17. rmturner54

    Adding a gazebo

    Finally got around to working on the pool area. Needed some much meeded shade. Its a Sojag gazebo. 10x12
  18. rmturner54

    Brownish stuff on walls and flat surfaces again

    Hi everyone, its been a while since I had this brownish looking dust appear on my walls and flat surfaces.Let me start by saying that the water is crystal clear until I brush the pool and the run the Auqa Bot. The stuff will stay gone for a day and the start to re-appear. Here are my numbers...
  19. rmturner54

    Best way to combat high water temps and drive PH thru the roof

    My question is this. What is everyone doing to combat high water temps (90-94F) and keep your PH in balance. I know that there is no simple or easy way. Otherwise everyone would do it. :D Thru reading on this forum and learning from others the process that I know for my situation with a SWG...
  20. rmturner54

    How are my numbers

    Hi everyone finally got good weather here in N. Texas and able to get stable testing w/o all the rain and drain. Just wanted to run some numbers by everyone since it says in pool school for a fiberglass pool to keep the CH between 220-320.Should I raise my CH from the 160 up to least 220? Or...
  21. rmturner54

    Do I need to SLAM, OCLT passed

    Here is my situation. First of all we have had tons of rain in the DFW area. So constant battle with keeping pool water level at a manageable level, maintaining chem balances etc.... About a week ago I go out one morning and notice around the edges of the pool's swinouts, steps and the safety...
  22. rmturner54

    PH readings acting strangley

    I got a strange thing going on with the PH readings I have been taking for the past week. I just happened to stumble on to it when I tested the water and got a low PH reading around 7.2, I retested with the same sample water in the same bottle and the PH 7.8, because I suspected that it wasnt...
  23. rmturner54

    First PH reading and store comparisons

    Took a sample to pool store just to compare. Pool store readings My test results FC 3 2.5 CC0 Salt 2100 2900 instant reading on SWG CH 300 200 CYA 35 50-70 depending on when its read TA 120...
  24. rmturner54

    Low PH and low CYA

    Just wanting a thumbs ups or down on my approach. First of all in N. Tex we have had a lot of rain the past month. I pumped water out of the pool twice in a 4 day period. When the level reached the top of the skimmer opening I would pump down to mid level of the skimmer(approx 2.5"). Like I said...
  25. rmturner54

    Bermuda in the snow

    Not sure where to share this. My Bermuda in the snow, N.Tex
  26. rmturner54

    Gonna run pool all year. Have several questions

    First of all I hope this is the right place to post this. We are going to keep our pool open all winter and I have several questions. But first here is the test results before I get any further. On 11-6-14 the water temp was 60F so the SWG was still generating. FC 9, TA 120, PH 7.2, CYA 70...
  27. rmturner54

    Covered equipment

    I made a removable frame from pvc that can be easily slipped over the pump and filter. Then wrapped a tarp over it. If the temperature gets really low I will hang a cord with a 100w bulb under the tarp. alsp have a freeze protection feature built into the timer. I set it for 34. Last nite temps...
  28. rmturner54

    Concrete deck sealer

    Getting ready to try a penetrating concrete sealer from Armor Foundation to put on my brushed concrete deck. Will let everyone know how it works out. I did a lot of research on brands and types. 2 factors figured into my choice.. 1) the quick responses to my questions and ease of talking to a...
  29. rmturner54

    PH a little low confirm my thinking

    Hey everyone I just want to say thanks first of all to those who have helped me with my first pool experiences. Things have gone pretty smooth so far. My pool water has been and still is crystal clear. My latest test results today are as follows. FC 3 PH 7.0 TA 120 CYA 60 Salt 3300 Wtr temp 89...
  30. rmturner54

    FC down to 1.5 while away

    Well, I come home after 3 weeks work, the wife says she has barely had time to sleep, let alone test the water. He last test was on 7-31-14 at 930 AM after the pump had been on for 1 1/2 hours FC 3 CC 0 TA 120 PH 7.8 CYA 60 Temp 80 Salt 3500 water was crystal clear My first test when I got...