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  1. dattia

    Spider gasket

    Thank you. I ordered a whole new valve. I just wish I hadn’t started to pick the gasket out because now I will be without filtration for at least 3 days.
  2. dattia

    Spider gasket

    No, I haven’t. Leslie’s does not have the replacement gasket and when she checked the parts list, it only comes with a new top part and sight glass. Now I’m kinda in a pickle. I’ve destroyed the gasket and don’t have a replacement. Ugh!
  3. dattia

    Spider gasket

    So no miracle solvent “ dissolve a gasket without harming equipment” out there? Perhaps someone should work on that. POP is not strong for me, but I will work on it... again. I think I am only a day away from clear pool joy! Thank you!
  4. dattia

    Spider gasket

    Oh dear Lord, any tips on removing a spider gasket that has “become one” with the valve? It is coming out in small increments with much work. I currently have it soaking in soapy hot water. I’ve been using a hook and needle nose pliers... and I’ve stabbed myself twice so far. :(
  5. dattia

    Loss of return

    I replaced the lateral assembly and the sand (passed on the Quikrete). Got it all back together and it is working properly at the moment. Thank you for your help.
  6. dattia

    Loss of return

    I opened my multi port today and it looks fine. However the pipe on my lateral assembly was completely cracked and when I reached down in the filter, I had to go at least halfway down before I hit sand. Obviously this needs to be replaced and luckily I have a new assembly in hand.... would this...
  7. dattia

    Loss of return

    Thank you, I wasn’t able to get back to it today, but will open the multi port in the morning. So darn hot here in PA
  8. dattia

    Loss of return

    I am just starting on my swamp, 3 days in with the pump. Scooped most of the leaves before using the pump, spent a day vacuuming basket after basket of remaining leaves and pine needles. Everything going great and then I lost suction. I thought the impeller got clogged because I reached in and...
  9. dattia

    Loss of return

    I took my pump apart yesterday thinking I had an impeller issue, put it back on today. The pump is pulling water in the backwash cycle and the rinse cycle but stops pulling water when I switch to filter. What is my next step? Opening the filter? Also have to get a new pressure gauge. The pump...
  10. dattia

    Trying to convince others...Its tough

    I actually had someone call me this year who had just purchased a home with a pool. For a few weeks everything was fine, then things didn't look quite right and she dumped in everything that she could find and ended up with a real problem. She called and told me that I had the nicest looking...
  11. dattia

    Transformed Yucca

    I like it too! :) I am in PA too and lost 4 potted crepe myrtles to the harsh winter. Glad your Yucca survived.
  12. dattia

    pH question/AA treatment

    Diver Dave/AA Treatment Is it a bad idea to put my Diver Dave in to clean the bottom of the pool during an AA treatment. After less than desirable results yesterday, I put more ascorbic acid in this morning and the stains have greatly diminished. While we are not swimming, I would like to put...
  13. dattia

    water testing

    I would let the water circulate for a while and then test again with the little double vial before you add any muriatic acid. High levels of chlorine will throw off a pH test, but I am not sure you added enough bleach to achieve a high level of chlorine. SORRY... I just read that your pH was...
  14. dattia

    water testing

    Don't worry, the testing will become very easy, very soon. The CYA test is by far the most frustrating and it will have you questioning your eyesight, but even that will become easy after a time. While you are in the learning phase, don't waste your CYA regent. If you are not confident in...
  15. dattia

    water testing

    Your kit is probably working just fine. :) If the black dot never disappeared, it means you are a bit low on CYA. Since CYA protects the chlorine, having less allowed the chlorine to be eaten up quickly. A nice sunny day will destroy chlorine rather handily. You sent your daughter for...
  16. dattia

    Favorite pool toy?

    We like the diving rings, the dog loves them.
  17. dattia

    Time differences

    Thank you :)
  18. dattia

    Time differences

    I noticed that the times seem to be off on the forum, unless I just never noticed it before. My laptop is showing the correct local time (6:22PM), but the bottom of the forum says All times are GMT it is now 10:22PM. Is this something that I can change or is it a forum default. Forgive me if...
  19. dattia

    pH question/AA treatment

    I am in the middle of an AA treatment right now and have not achieved the instant gratification that I was hoping for. Trying to decide if I should go and get the super expensive stain remover from my local pool store, or give it a little time. Last year, I used Natures Chemistry Stain Free...
  20. dattia

    Looking for advice on SLAM (picture)

    Oh man!!! It took me 2 1/2 weeks to get there. Way to go!!!
  21. dattia

    sequestrant after AA treatment

    Did your staining lift gradually, or was it noticeable immediately? I did my treatment this morning and was more than a little disappointed to not find a big change 4 hours later.
  22. dattia

    Using trichlor tabs to bring up CYA?

    I used some pucks during my slam last week, as I had no CYA at the time and my pH dropped to 6.8 (I had no idea why until now :) ). Just keep that in mind.
  23. dattia

    New pool and deck build!!!

    Love, love, love the pergola!!!
  24. dattia

    Serial Number ID on Hayward S310S Sand Filter

    I always thought the S meant Side mount and the T meant Top mount
  25. dattia

    Ladder/Stair Pads - do you use one?

    I have stairs and have never used a pad. I also do not have mine anchored in any way and move them around frequently.
  26. dattia

    Is it dangerous?

    Well, now that I have the info... all I need is the courage. Thanks guys. :)
  27. dattia

    Is it dangerous?

    Experienced Swamp to Oasis member here... I must like it so much, I task myself with it every year. :/ This year, I got a late start (yesterday), and I know the best way to the finish line is to clear the pool of debris as quickly as possible. For the first time ever, I am considering getting...
  28. dattia

    Let the lynching begin - Used copper algaecide and I like it

    Re: Let the lynching begin - Used copper algaecide and I lik I don't think you should be lynched at all. I think this board is about taking control of your pool, and you did. You have seen the affect of this product on the issues you were having with your pool and you are satisfied. You are...
  29. dattia

    cloudy water....

    Cloudy conditions can last for a few days, just keep with the SLAM process, it will clear.
  30. dattia

    Clear pool/green pool ping pong

    I am also wondering about the degrading CYA. The general consensus of this site seems to be that CYA does not degrade, except in certain circumstances*, and can only be lowered by water replacement. *every year I let my pool go to swamp in the off season and am always at 0 CYA upon opening, so...