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  1. BigPapaSmurf

    The Great Slapulator Pool Saga

    I did a 7 year “sentence” on the HOA of my old neighborhood. All I have to say is “Bring on the pain! (For you)” :p
  2. BigPapaSmurf

    Patio extension structure started

    Roof shingles and rafters are done, bring on the electricians
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  9. BigPapaSmurf

    Quartzscape tier1 to tier2 upgrade cost

    That depends on your builder and location. The price can range greatly. Just ask your builder the price difference and what that “Actually” buys you.
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    Hurry up and wait! (Katy, TX)

    Make sure to move your hose holder before they put a heater or filter in front of it and you can’t move it. :unsure:
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    Help! New pool issues

    Most pool builders do charge for change orders, although, this charge may be related that the tile is glass and require a bit more ”experienced” installer.
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    New Pool in Leander, Texas

    I would guess the plumbers and electricians will also have some ”Fun” digging their trenches.:p
  13. BigPapaSmurf

    Patio extension structure started

    Some more work yesterday and a clean-up of the yard. Next week we should see the structure guys put in the rafters and install the shingles, if the weather holds. The electricians should rough in the porch and the kitchen team will start to build the kitchen and the structure columns stone...
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  18. BigPapaSmurf

    Inground 1994 Pool Renovation

    Saw it 48” X 72”
  19. BigPapaSmurf

    Southern Indiana Tiny 'lil FG Build

    Just one big headstone that says “Frankenpool”
  20. BigPapaSmurf

    HELP!!!!! ET Abducted my Pool Builder!!!!!

    I’m watching Ancient Aliens right now and episode is about “Abductions”! :eek: I will look for your builder, but that is the only help I can provide. Your design looks very nice. Good luck.
  21. BigPapaSmurf

    Patio extension structure started

    1. Yes. There is an electronic auto fill and an overflow valve. The water in the basin would stay at a constant level no matter what activity is happening with the pool. 2. One of my requirements of the builder was I wanted to run the vanishing edge while in spa mode. This setup allows me to...
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    In the planning stages...

    Congratulations Casey, your patience is paying off big time. :party:
  23. BigPapaSmurf

    Patio extension structure started

    Herman - here is the equipment pad
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  25. BigPapaSmurf

    In the planning stages...

    Oh, happy day! :party::party:
  26. BigPapaSmurf

    Patio extension structure started

    Yes, they are interfaced.
  27. BigPapaSmurf

    Patio extension structure started

    More progress on the patio extension and the electricians also showed up to do some work;
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