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  1. pdalton

    New filter: Orientation to pump?

    Great info, as always! Thanks so much!
  2. pdalton

    New filter: Orientation to pump?

    You guys are great! So, if I'm correctly understanding what both Jim's and Dean are suggesting, the orientation of the filter's inlet/outlet ports relative to the pump (or the piping to the Pool) really won't make a significant performance difference. Plus a a more important consideration...
  3. pdalton

    New filter: Orientation to pump?

    I just don't know whether this issue is really important, but I believe it's better to ask first than to find out later I could have made a better choice. The shell of my old Tagelus 100D cracked & couldn't be repaired. And it took a LONG time to find a source for my preferred replacement...
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  5. pdalton

    Texas freeze killed filter, need replacement advice

    As warned in advance here on TFP, my efforts to repair the cracked tank of my Tagelus TA-100D sand filter failed (FYI: I filled the crack with JB Weld & pressure-cinched the tank tightly for 3 days; then sanded inside & out, cleaned with acetone, & installed fiberglass patches (4 layers) inside...
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    Need filter sizing help

    In a different thread, I got some GREAT help completing the wiring for an Easytouch 4 control system I installed for my 20K gal pool with an IntelliFlo 2 VST (3HP) pump & IC40 SWCG. Turned it - worked great, BUT I discovered a crack in the old Tagelus TA-100D (w/ 2" pvc piping) sand filter...
  7. pdalton

    EasyTouch 4 -- Self-wiring roadblock

    Jim - Thanks for the filter info. I checked and you're sure right about this being a bad time! Just my luck! But I have to do something fairly soon. Checking online, it looks like the prices for either the CCP-320 & the CCP-520 are a lot more than for Pentair's sand filters, but of course...
  8. pdalton

    EasyTouch 4 -- Self-wiring roadblock

    Thanks James, I do see that now. However, a big part of my misunderstanding is that NO "IntelliFlo COM Port" exists anywhere on my EastTouch. There's a terminal on the Easytouch circuit board marked as both "J20" and as "COM Port", but nothing is marked as "IntelliFlo COM Port" anywhere on...
  9. pdalton

    EasyTouch 4 -- Self-wiring roadblock

    Thanks again! "since the pump has its own power, only the two data lines get connected." I sure wish Pentair would have mentioned that little fact in the manual! Can you give me any recommendations for cartridge filters I should look at for this 20,000 gallon pool? Bedford & Grapevine are...
  10. pdalton

    EasyTouch 4 -- Self-wiring roadblock

    Jim- THANK YOU very much! After reading and acting on your recommendations, I have good news & bad news. Every bit of the good news is due to you . . . and every bit of the bad news is on me! So thanks, thanks, thanks for your great observations and really good advice! As you...
  11. Manual Excerptopt.jpg

    Manual Excerptopt.jpg

  12. pdalton

    EasyTouch 4 -- Self-wiring roadblock

    I hate to have to ask for help on this because I've read so many other posts about it, but I somehow still am getting it wrong. After my old IC40 died, it seemed like a good time to get some automation options for the future, so I bought an EasyTouch 4PSC-IC40. The IC40 went right to work -...
  13. SCG Circuit Board.jpg

    SCG Circuit Board.jpg

  14. EasyTouch 4 - top 1.jpg

    EasyTouch 4 - top 1.jpg

  15. EasyTouch 4 - bottom section.jpg

    EasyTouch 4 - bottom section.jpg

  16. EasyTouch 4 - top panel lts brkr.jpg

    EasyTouch 4 - top panel lts brkr.jpg

  17. pdalton

    Intellichlor wiring with/without Easytouch automation & components required

    My IC40 (v1.06) has finally reached it's max life (flashing "Life" light, salt reading WAY low), so I know the IC40 cell needs to be replaced. However, I think I need to do more than just that. When we replaced the original single speed pump a couple of years ago, the installer wired the new...
  18. pdalton

    Sand in pool

    I've had the same problem for years. A couple of years ago, I finally got around to opening and cleaning out my sand filter, replacing the laterals, and installing new sand. At first, it seemed much better, but eventually the problem returned, though not quite as severely. I was...
  19. pdalton

    How to Remove Pool Light-Screw Stripped

    This probably won't help everyone with the "screw stuck underwater" problem, but maybe it will help some. I needed to replace the bulb in my pool light and found that the single screw holding the bezel just would not move. The Phillips head screwdriver kept slipping out of the screwhead...
  20. pdalton

    Chemical Calculation of Pool Size - possible alternate?

    I just read the thread on A Chemical Way of Calculating Pool Volume, including the various comments about its complexity, color matching issues, and the required amounts of chemicals and water. I don't claim to have ANY expertise on this, but I do have an irregular-shaped pool and curiosity...
  21. pdalton

    Something wrong in returns

    I finally had a chance to get back and recheck more closely in light of everyone's comments. Jason had the answer to the real problem: The valve markings were wrong. The valves were marked when we bought the house several years ago and I've just assumed all along that the labels were...
  22. pdalton

    Something wrong in returns

    Thanks. Well, I don't know what to say about that West skimmer. Looking at them above, I agree that those photos make it look like the East and West skimmers are about equally active when all 3 are open, but it really doesn't look that close when "live", rather than a photo. And it's true...
  23. pdalton

    Something wrong in returns

    I have photos of the valves & each of the two skimmers for the several configurations. However, I can't upload that many. So here's just the one showing three valves, all ON: Paul
  24. 04-West Skmr - all 3 valves open.jpg

    04-West Skmr - all 3 valves open.jpg

  25. 03-East Skmr - all 3 valves open.jpg

    03-East Skmr - all 3 valves open.jpg

  26. 02-All 3 valves open.jpg

    02-All 3 valves open.jpg

  27. 01- All 3 Valves.jpg

    01- All 3 Valves.jpg

  28. pdalton

    Something wrong in returns

    My pool pump pulls water through three valves = I call then East (E), West (W) and Center (C). "Center" is from the two floor drains, "East" and "West" are skimmers. Today I noticed that the East and West are pulling water in differently. The East is very active and has a really good flow...
  29. pdalton

    Salt Cell Saver/Protector products

    Does anyone know whether either the HTH "Salt Cell Saver" or the Clorox "Salt Cell Protector" does anything good -- or anything bad -- to/for Salt Cells or to/for the pool? From their labels: - the Clorox (liquid) product says it contains "Polymaleic Acid and Phosphoric Acid" - the HTH...
  30. pdalton

    Suggestions for Replacement Pump & motor

    Thanks. We have no water features, heater, solar, spa, etc. We have thought about adding a waterfall, but haven't done it yet (the plumbing is there already). We're in Texas and it's hot, so we use shade sails. Nothing else really to say. We do have a Legend Platinum cleaner with its...