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    Filter bypass?

    Pool is cloudy and just won’t clear up. Balance is perfect. Brushing and robot vacuuming daily. I realized my (non robot) vacuum was sending dirt back into the pool so I put in a brand new plm200 pentair cartridge filter. Same issue. Clearly, water is bypassing the cartridge. Any tips for how...
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    Wrinkles in Vinyl

    I have some light wrinkling that developed in my vinyl pool wall. It all appeared in one particular section of the side wall one day. I’m pretty diligent about PH level (and with an SWG it tends to drift up anyway). The water level in the pool did get pretty high after a big rainstorm a week...
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    Old Pucks and Color Match Tests

    I’m wondering... what happens to old trichlor pucks? What do they break down to? This is my first post. A couple years ago I was doing all pucks and had no problems. Crystal clear pool. I added about 3 pucks a week in my offline chlorinator. I only tested Chlorine and PH with a simple 5-way...