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    Grout falling out in parts of pool , need to repair

    the pool is about 40 years old. Original mosaic tiles. The grout has started to fall out in small sections in various locations in the pool. The rest of the pool seems OK. We are looking at doing the patch job with Pool Patch White Pool Tile Grout Repair Kit . Has anyone used this...
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    tile at the perimeter joint question

    Unsure of how to go about this. We are retiling a portion of our pool and need expert advice as to what the proper procedure is in regards to joining the pool wall top tile and the underneath the decking tile. A hand drawing is for reference. The concrete deck extends approximately 2 Inches...
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    The little pool reno that grows. never done this before.

    Ready to start! The 40-year-old pool is not leaking, so all can be fixed. Or are we in a fool’s paradise? A special thank you again to cowboycasey for helping us get started with my post of on “bond beam and tiled pool wall work.” We are the 2nd owners of what was a completely tiled 6-inch...
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    Rubber poured on Decking

    has anyone had issues with a salt water pool and the rubber poured on decking? We are looking at the DIY options.
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    bond beam and tiled pool wall work - need advice

    We are the new owners of a 40 year completely tiled salt water pool 16x32x 9 foot deep-end semi inground pool that had a ceramic/porcelain tiled cantilever deck. And we live in Canada. Cracked grout on the pool deck resulted in water seeping from the pool deck in-between a section of wall tiles...