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    Help Please - Numbers posted

    depends where your FC will be at that moment. You can use PoolMath link at the top to estimate how much. As an example I entered 20K for pool volume and it says 1 gal of 8.25% bleach will bring FC up by about 4.5 ppm.
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    Slightly green hazy water

    I have couple questions: - what did you use to measure FC with 3 significant digits? - how do you chlorinate your water?
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    Help Please - Numbers posted

    73% calcium hypochlorite? I would use plain bleach instead- your CH is already high at 300 and you said drain is not an option. For your pool volume (20k?) that 20 oz addition raised your FC by 5 ppm to 8 ppm which is still below even maintenance level recommended above let alone SLAM.
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    Erika Riley - Burned lights

    Re: underwater lightbulb keeps burning out IMO, this is most probable cause- use of a bulb not rated to be installed in the pool light.
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    Chlorine high, water getting greener

    OK, looks like normal algae reaction so far. Please forget about FC loss test for now and continue SLAMming: add 2 gal of bleach, leave pump running and brush whenever you can.
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    Green pool, I'm losing faith in the fight!!

    are you using K2006/TF100 test kit? It would be too much of FC drop even for algae. So this would be either measurement error or some other chemicals added there in the last year besides chlorine.
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    Chlorine high, water getting greener

    I believe after 3 gal of bleach went in they're around 21 atm.
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    Low Chlorine after algaecide

    that is new to me- looks like they do regeneration at their location or it is one of the 'filter' systems altogether. Please find out details how it works to be sure what kind of chemicals would go into your pool at the end. Pool presents unique challenge as it tends to concentrate contaminants...
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    Anybody use a photometer to measure CYA?

    have you got a chance to calibrate it? Like buying known concentration solution(s) and see what it shows? When some meter shows some numbers they're just that- some numbers unless it comes with very solid spec and produces consistent results on standard solutions. That usually comes with...
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    Chlorine high, water getting greener

    you do realize it was 20 extra drops for 1 additional FC reading? The pic of the pool is taken kind of in dark conditions and FC loss was surprisingly low. I don't know about you but something is off- the pool with such color should've lost almost all FC overnight.Since the SLAM already started...
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    Low Chlorine after algaecide

    offtopic but since OP is asking: real softeners work on the idea of replacing Ca ions with Na ions in ion- exchanging cylindrical tanks filled with special polymer granules. As you can see there's no scavenging of the salt, quite the opposite: hard water gets replaced with salt one. Since the...
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    Chlorine high, water getting greener

    it is- pics ^^^ in post #22
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    Chlorine high, water getting greener

    So is this correct: last night FC=8.4 ppm (25mL), this morning FC=8.5 ppm (10mL) and no chlorine additions in between? If so- do you have SWG / chlorine tabs dispenser / any other chlorine source in the pool? I'm not so worried about 0.1 ppm 'increase' as the test is not that accurate to begin...
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    Erika Riley - Burned lights

    Re: underwater lightbulb keeps burning out these are very different beasts compared to normal incandescent light bulbs- they work in very overloaded mode 'assuming' the water is always present around its enclosure. It will simply burn out if you turn it on outside of water.
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    Chlorine high, water getting greener

    I believe lowering pH is one of the recommendations prior to SLAM, it makes the process more efficient. The fact you won't be able to monitor it doesn't change much- it will still be there at the end. FC is the only parameter which is actively changing during SLAM. You got accurate values of pH...
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    Chlorine high, water getting greener

    You can also try to add 1/3- 1/4 gal of 31.4% MA to bring your pH slightly down. Just don't add it with bleach at the same time, keep them 30 min apart. I'd add 4 gal of bleach to start SLAM. It's slightly over 20 but with that color it will be down in no time. Please monitor FC every 2 hrs at...
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    Chlorine high, water getting greener

    that is as green as it gets unless it was green LED pool light but then again it's too cloudy. Please measure your overnight FC loss just in case although it looks like you'll need to SLAM it. Is your pump working fine and filter clean? You'll need their help pretty soon. Please buy about 20 gal...
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    Chlorine high, water getting greener

    your numbers look OK, except TA but it can wait, don't worry abut it now. Can you measure overnight FC loss: measure FC in the evening after sunset and then- in the morning before sunlight hits the pool. The pool shouldn't have any chlorine sources during the test, even bleach- the point of the...
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    Pool Temperature

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    Mustard algae staining walls??

    Sounds like normal algae to me. Please post pics if you can. How often do you brush? How long do you run your pump/filter daily? Has FC fallen below min level over the week?
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    HELP..How bad is this. Is this a priority or can I wait a few months until it's coole

    It's hard to see on the pictures but can you check if you have expansion joint and if the whole design looks like this: The idea is that coping is bound to the top of the pool wall but the surrounding deck is not and separated from coping/wall with expansion joint so 2 parts could move...
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    Pool cloudy after 3 straight days of rain

    you can check FC overnight loss to make sure the cloudiness is not organic in nature.
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    New member! Save me from Leslie!

    are you posting from mobile? Your signature just became empty. If your pool is already green start from 2 gal of 8.25% bleach (whatever # of bottles it takes) and then add 1 gal of the same bleach daily. Please don't add anything else to the water until the test kit arrives. One thing about...
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    help!! algae keeps coming back

    Please stick to liquid chlorine for now and don't add anything to the water until you feel 100% sure why you are adding it and what result you are expecting. - - - Updated - - - well, that sums it up nicely :)
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    Got my kit, help interpret my first test!

    could you please clarify reasoning on waiting for drain? I understand 100% drain solves everything but then why wait if going this way? IMO Marian's recommendation is less drastic and OP can always drain the rest later when feeling more confident on the proposed acid wash. I'd agree with her...
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    I'm getting RO done this week

    I believe RO is a 'mobile' service which come in the shape of a truck with independent pump, power source and pool size RO filter. It recirculates rejected water back into the filter and concentrates dissolved solids to much higher values than present in the pool so only fraction of the water...
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    I'm getting RO done this week

    Makes sense, my situation is different- I 'think' my 'autofill' line runs from the garage oddly enough from one of the channels of irrigation controller so I'm going to re- route that to soft water while leaving irrigation with incoming water. Since my CH is 500 now and fill water at 170 I still...
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    The rain effect

    What matters is how much you have now so simply run the tests after all this flooding ends. Please add name of your kit to your signature for reference.
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    I'm getting RO done this week

    Wouldn't water softener be more useful overall or you're trying to get rid of something else besides CH? At least this is how I'm going to address high CH in my pool eventually.