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  1. TexasTomKat

    New Pool - Picasso Blue Signature Matrix (Wet Edge)

    We were looking at Picasso but couldn't commit because of the lack of pictures, then decided to go a different route anyway. We changed our mind multiple times during our build, you may too. We ended up choosing Moonlight Prism Matrix and could not be happier.
  2. TexasTomKat

    Thanks TFP

    Its been 2 months since fill, without you guys Id still be going crazy at the pool store scrambling for pucks and shock !
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  6. TexasTomKat

    Ph / Ta relationship

    Good point.
  7. TexasTomKat

    Ph / Ta relationship

    Probably our water isn’t the best .
  8. TexasTomKat

    Ph / Ta relationship

    That’s sound advice, I was heading that direction.. I was thinking those parameters are liability based. Thanks for the input.
  9. TexasTomKat

    Ph / Ta relationship

    Thanks I’m assuming it’s very tight for liability reasons
  10. TexasTomKat

    Ph / Ta relationship

    Too late, yeah this pace for me is not sustainable.. I’m going to keep ph stable and let the The Ta settle where it’s at.. I’ll add some calcium since that’s been pretty stable..still learning with this pool . Thanks
  11. TexasTomKat

    Ph / Ta relationship

    Going by wet edge recommendations 80 Ta min and Ph 7.6 max looking at pebble tec they give a little room on Ta of 70 but ph 7.6 max .. who knows similar products , I have wet edge.
  12. TexasTomKat

    Ph / Ta relationship

    Wet edge recommendations- 80 min Ta Ph 7.6 max .. at 80 Ta ph sits at 7.6-7.8 and slowly goes over during the week. I like to set up low for the week when I travel . Testing with T-2006
  13. TexasTomKat

    Ph / Ta relationship

    Ph-7.4 Ta-70 Chl-4 Cya- 50-55 Calcium-240 Test with Taylor kit and reagents . Trying to bring up Ta without pushing Ph ? Any tricks ? 80-90 TA usually results in 7.6 -7.8 ph on the high side. Seems they are attached and move in tandem.. driving me nuts . Using liquid acid and liquid chlorine to...
  14. TexasTomKat

    Jumpin' on the Bandwagon in NTX

    I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, wanted to add the "almost" finished product
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  20. TexasTomKat

    New build in DFW Area UPDATE: Fill Complete

    Looks beautiful!
  21. TexasTomKat

    Help URGENT ISSUE - New Pool in Houston, TX

    that looks really good!
  22. TexasTomKat

    How often did your pool builder show up? (and contract issues)

    Communication was the most important aspect pf our decision process. Prior to selecting out builder, they were proactive in communication and always followed up after each of our meetings. Our PB was consistently on site before, during and after any work was done. We received daily email...
  23. TexasTomKat

    Jumpin' on the Bandwagon in NTX

    thank you so much!
  24. TexasTomKat

    Help URGENT ISSUE - New Pool in Houston, TX

    Yours looks very similar to ours. The tile contractor explained that it could be filed ever so slightly to promote even flow over the edge. Ours flows perfectly, however It really isn't the spillway that we thought that it would be. I't not a gushing flow, more like a trickle with no...
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  27. TexasTomKat

    Jumpin' on the Bandwagon in NTX

    Thank you! The Ledge Loungers and table are from Sunnyland, we can't place them on the pebble for 28 days. The regular loungers (with the floats on top) are Christopher Knight (Amazon).
  28. TexasTomKat

    Jumpin' on the Bandwagon in NTX

    Not yet 100% complete, but we are loving our pool! Decking, fire pit, and fire bowls still need to be finished. Wet Edge "Moonlight" (after one week), light brushing daily, almost balanced. Lighter than what we were expecting, but is does glisten in the sun with the shells and glass. Overall...
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