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    How was this done?

    If interested in this sort of thing, used PVC composite boards, and the wood is Brazilian Teak (cimaru), very hard. I have since moved the ladder to the deck, but haven't taken an updated photo.
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    How was this done?

    How you guys doing? Haven't been on for a while, but have been quite busy. Plumbing has held out so far - no issues and fingers crossed. Added some pics for your enjoyment...yes, i have completed the deck!.
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    How was this done?

    Any comments on the setup of the skimmer? Notice how high it is on the pool side, about 1.5 inches higher tham most i see here, but allows the skimming, and kept the core strength of the pool.
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    How was this done?

    Just looked at the Vid. Schoolboy error on my part, didnt know the difference. My neighbour runs a hardware store and sent me all the pipework and fittings - i just assumed it was all ok. Just counted, i have some 50 tees, elbows and 45s in my setup😥😪. Will need to keep an eye and change out...
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    How was this done?

    Oh yes, just need to change out the 2 flex hoses in the pump really call this phase completed.
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    How was this done?

    Well, 2 weeks later and think i got most of it done, all working and no leaks. Took longer than i thought, but well worth it. Got skimmer installed (higher than most i saw here), fountain, and pump and swg in pump room. Thoughts, comments and feedback would be welcomed. Now to go build a deck😉.
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    How was this done?

    Many thanks Andrew_D, CowboyCasey, Dirk and all the others that contributed on th his thread. This community really works. Today, I will be out shopping for my hard piping part of the project which I will be starting tomorrow, at least to relocate the pump and SWG. Wish me luck.
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    How was this done?

    That's exactly what I want, but my pool only has one suction and one return. The pics and info helps alot. I could probably live with one return, and put up a fountain instead. This is a large pool, and need to get the water moving more, I feel. @cowboycasey, are you able to post pics of actual...
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    How was this done?

    This contribution is excellent. 2 skimmers is an option, but I live in the Caribbean and everything has to be ordered and shipped, so costs doubles. I have a skimmer on the way already. AndrewD, are you able to send pics of the locations of your new holes - will be interested to see how it is...
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    How was this done?

    Thanks Dirk. This is what my temporary plumbing look like now ( pic below) Skimmer ( in wall) ordered and not in pool yet. The intent is to plumb similar to the url link attached in the first post. The pics there are from that link. They are not mines. The final solution will use the 2 current...
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    How was this done?

    Thanks for the info AJW22. Arnt the Intex suction/inlet fittings and covers VBGA compliant? Asking as I am new to this, and after going through what was sent, they seem to be. The one in the pic, and the one I intend to use will be Intex inlets. Also, these pools have 2 drain plugs on opposite...
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    How was this done?

    Hi there, This is a great site and helped me to get my 32x16 rectangular Ultra frame pool up with no probs whatsoever (that was 2 weeks ago between Xmas and New Year). Now turning to the next part of the project to hardpipe some parts of the water flow - as we need to move pump (Intex 3000 GPH...
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