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    Excessive Chlorine Usage (5 to 6 ppm per day)

    Since opening the pool (equipment was off, no cover), there has been excessive chlorine consumption. The pool was closed (no cover) over the winter. Opened and there were spots of green algae. Brushed, cleaned and brought chlorine to shock level. Water is very clear. Passed OCLT. But the...
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    Increase CH - sources to buy

    Need to add about 17lb to increase CH. Kindly guide on the best sources to buy. This is 94% calcium chloride. Not sure of the remaining 6%. Is this ok to use...
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    Planning a 2 week vacation

    Current test results. FC 8 CC 0.5 pH 7.7 TA 70 CH 175 CYA 40 - 50 (tested at 40 ten days ago. Added stabilizer to bring up to 50. Had a few inches of rain. Will test again this week) CSI -0.24 Currently we are using about 3.5 - 4 ppm even with...
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    Messed up acid addition and now have a CSI of -0.79

    TA 80 CH 200 Added acid and pH dropped to 7.2 this morning. Later I noticed that CSI is at -0.79. Do I need to make any immediate adjustments? Thanks
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    High chlorine consumption (3 - 3.5 ppm a day)

    Please pour some thoughts on what adjustments need to be made to get the chlorine consumption to a normal range. Last year only in the peak summer there were few days at 3.5 ppm a day. Pool was closed (not covered) for 4 months. Opened it a week back, filled it few inches and shocked the pool...
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    Closing pool - spa water level with no cover

    We decided to winterize the pool (no cover) this year. Had someone come do it since we are not familiar with the procedure. We lowered the water below the skimmer for the pool and spa. This is the amount of water left in the spa after draining. Should we add more water? Do we need to add any...
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    Closing question in Oklahoma

    Hello, Folks in Oklahoma, please chime in and help. This is the first year we are thinking of closing. We want to leave the pool uncovered, but winterize. Few say they recommend blowing out the lines, while few say they do not blow the lines. Do you blow out the lines? Do you cover the pool...
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    White stains on tile

    Does anyone know what these white stains on the tile are? I noticed these a couple of days back. Thanks.
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    Understanding differences betwen CYA 60 vs CYA 70

    60 5 7-9 24 70* 5 8-10 28 In both cases the minimum FC is 5. Can someone explain the difference in target level that is mentioned? 7-9 vs 8-10 If the pool is losing say 3ppm per day, at both CYA levels we would be targetting 8 or 8.5 right? So what is the actual difference here...
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    Newbie questions - pH rising, timer question, pump run time

    Pool was maintained with pucks all along by pool service. Started the BBB method few months back. 1. pH has been creeping up and have been adding half a gallon of acid every week. Once it goes to 7.8, but less than 8.2 we add the acid and bring it down to 7.2. Is it Ok to bring it down to 7.2...
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    Is it worth switching to variable speed pump?

    We have a pentair single speed pump that is running good but pretty loud after a huge rain last year. Since then, we have been contemplating on whether we should switch to a single speed or variable speed. We learnt pretty early on that running the pump 24/7 is not friendly on the electricity...
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    Intermatic timer quit working - FIXED

    We are new pool owners. Few months ago the timer quit working and we have been manually turning it on/off using the lever in timer. My husband thinks that there is not enough force for the tripper to turn the pump on/off when the dial reaches the desired time. When I look through the "visual...
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    Refills for FAS-DPD test

    Newbie here working on learning to manage the pool. We have the TF-100 test kit. Running low on FAS-DPD reagents due to high CYA and frequent testing. Is this the same as the one that comes with the kit?