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    New House, Old Pool, Can't get spa suction to work

    Hello, thanks for all of the help you provide to new people like me. I have a pool/spa combo and on the bottom of my spa are what I assume are two suction drains. However, there are also these red/brown hard as rock scales that are there and I can't get them to break off. Also, it looks like the...
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    Particulate in Water (will DE help)

    I have a sand filter. The water is nicely balanced and clear but at night when I look in front of the light, there is a lot of particulate matter just floating around. Would adding some DE to my sand filter after each backwash help to remove this particulate or is this something I will just have...
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    Spa Drains through jets only sometimes

    I'm pretty new to taking care of pools and this summer I was asked by my father-in-law to manage his pool. He has a spa and pool combo. I noticed the other day when we had the spa suction and return turned off that the spa water didn't drain. I have also noticed that if suction is set to pool...