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    Our pool motor had to be replaced. I used liquid chlorine to try and keep things okay until it got replaced. Based on "clumps" on the bottom of the pool that show up over night, I started the SLAM and they were almost non existent this morning. I have pretty high CYA, but seem to be able to...
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    Pressure Vacuum Breaker question

    So not sure exactly where this question falls. When the pool was built they included piping directly from the pipe attached to our hose bib to the pool underground into the pool. This allows us to directly fill the pool with a larger volume that could be done by the hose. There is a Wilkin's...
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    Leak around pump

    So the comment on the casing being warped is BS? and SCS is silicon Carbide Seal? Reading other posts people mention different seals around the pump/ motor - is there just one and people are using different names? If not will you be specific on which one I would be wanting to replace? By simple...
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    Leak around pump

    Pool built in 2008. 2018 pump moter went out - replaced motor and seal. Spring 2020 saw water around base of motor area, call and they replace the pump and the seal again. Fall 2020 - saw water again - they said mechanical seal failed and replace that. Now I see water again. New story is when...
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    General chemistry and tile scale question

    Yes tested everything with a "real kit". May not be exactly 180. The dot disappeared before it reached any reading, so I used half pool water half tap, and multiplied the result by 2. How low do I need to get the CYA...aka how much water will I need to replace.
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    General chemistry and tile scale question

    I have a 15,600 gal in ground pool built @ 2007. It does have a spa and heater. There is some calcium scale along the water line. Before I work on removing it, I want to make sure I understand how to keep it from coming back. Current stats CL -5 pH 7.4 ( I have to regularly add acid to keep it...
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    How White Pool Plaster Turns Blotchy

    So this means my pool contractors comment that pools just do that over time, I should have done a different finish is really - no they did a bad job of finishing the plaster. Does it just get worse over time?
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    Plaster Staining Identification

    That article does not have any pictures - so it doesn't really help identify. I have similar spotchy spots. The unhelpful comment I got from the pool people was plaster just does that with age, you should have gotten a different finish. So are there pictures of the various stains to help with...
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    Scale Removal from Glass Pool Tiles

    Any update on how that worked? I have some tiles with the same issue.
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    Hurricane recovery if you got bayou water in your pool

    Except now my husband already put floc in the pool, lots of stuff dropped out, I have managed to get 80% or so out - so I am looking for any advice on how to deal with the remaining residue. The water still seems cloudy, so I may SLAM again - but didn't know with the residue floc chemical in...
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    Hurricane recovery if you got bayou water in your pool

    Too late - he already added the floc - That is my problem. I think what dropped out initially was dead algae as it was yellowish. Very easy to dissipate with little agitation. Now what falls out is grayish - but I haven't vacuumed anything else out in a few days. I do not have a regular...
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    Hurricane recovery if you got bayou water in your pool

    Husband put in floc - options? First chemistry - I think we are finally ( maybe ) in balance. CL 4, CH 250, CYA 60, TA 100, pH 7.6 - Water was still a little cloudy - I think DH meant to add clarifier but purchased Floc. Lots of stuff did drop to the bottom - but we don't have a regular vac -...
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    Hurricane recovery if you got bayou water in your pool

    I posted this on someone else's Harvey post before I noticed the caveat to start your own post for a new question. Our pool was flooded by bayou water. We super chlorinated it for about a week and got the pH adjusted. Now the question is how to clear the water. Leslie's suggested superfloc...