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    I see these two options on Amazon. They appear to be the same thing, but there’s a suspicious price difference for the 2 packs.
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    Thanks! Can you recommend a specific brand of liquid CYA? Better to buy from Amazon or a local pool store?
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    When we closed the pool last year the CYA was at 55. However, the pool was drained this spring so my husband could replaster it. We refilled with well water last week with an ecoone filter attached to the hose during refill. Only thing we’ve added, other than some solid CYA, liquid chlorine...
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    My CYA is currently at zero & Pool Math says I would need to add 18 lbs to reach my target 😳. Last year I was able to get the CYA to dissolve/disperse by using the sock method, putting on gloves & massaging it in front of the outlet. Took forever, but it worked. This year I’m pregnant & the...
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    Slam or No?

    Trying to determine if a slam is needed. Complete refill on the pool water (well water with an ecoone filter on the hose) after replastering. Spouse says we should slam, I think no. FC: 1 pH: 7.5 CYA: 0 CC: 0 CH: 175 TA: 200 Definitely need to increase the chlorine & CYA, but is an actual...
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    How to Test Iron Level before filling Newly Plastered Pool Filling w/Well Water

    Husband just replastered our concrete pool (not a fun task) & we will be filling it using well water in the next week. It looks great. After all his hard work, I’m hoping to avoid issues with discoloration of the pool anytime soon. We have Metal Out on hand if necessary, but would prefer to...
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    Fiberglass Color Restorer?

    Anyone used Star Brite Fiberglass Restorer to improve the look of the fiberglass sides of a mostly concrete pool? Or any other product that worked well for these purposes? We will already have the pool emptied for acid wash & replastering & want to check this off at the same time.
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    Pool repair and painting

    Getting ready to undertake this project ourselves because replastering would be ~$12,500, if we could find someone to do it. What paint did you use? What about the acid wash?
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    Painting a Concrete Pool

    That was my husband’s preference, but the quote we’ve received was ~$12,500. That company discouraged us from replastering (weird) & said most people would just repaint it. And that was before the pandemic. Husband is typically all about DIY projects, but said DIY replastering is...
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    Painting a Concrete Pool

    Bought our house with an IG pool two years ago. At the time it already had bare patches where the plaster appears to have worn down. No water loss, but the spots definitely take away from the attractiveness of the pool. Never been painted. Planning to drain & paint the pool before winter so...
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    Switching to SWG - Which System to Get?

    Thanks! What about where to purchase it from? We bought our M600 robot vacuum from Marina Pools & they were amazing. Do they also sell SWG systems?
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    Switching to SWG - Which System to Get?

    We are looking at a AquaRite Pro w/Sense & Dispense, T-CELL-15. Thoughts?
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    Best practice on order to correct chemicals?

    Thanks all! I am using the test kit, just need to update my signature (doing that now).
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    Best practice on order to correct chemicals?

    Chlorine - 0.5 CYA - 0.0 pH - 7.0 TA - 70-80 CH - 125-150 I know I need to increase 1) CYA & 2) TA in order to help address the Chlorine & pH. Also need to increase the 3) CH. Is there a best order in which to address these three? Or are they unrelated? Given how many adjustments I need...
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    Aquarius XL Doheny’s Inground Robot Cleaner

    2nd full summer in our house with in ground pool. Hoping to spend more time swimming & less time cleaning & treating, so we are installing an SWG & buying a robot vacuum this year. Has anyone purchased this version (Aquarius) of the Dolphin robot cleaner? Thoughts? Is there an S number that...
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    Still green......

    Status Update: The pool is no longer green, but is still cloudy, now. Received the TF-100 Test Kit. First test results: PH: ~6.8 FC: 2ppm CC: 1.5ppm CH: 250ppm TA: 160ppm CYA: >100 (dot became invisible approx. halfway to the 100 line. Examining how to drain and refill to bring stabilizer to a...
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    Still green......

    Bought house at beginning of August, pool turned green a week later. We had been adding algaecide, Burnout 73 and Smart Shock, but its still green. Wondering if a SLAM is our best option but the stabilizer (CYA?) is really high. Is there another way to fix this without refilling the water...