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  1. proavia

    Auto fill failed

    Post a picture of the autofill valve/float. Chances are it can be adjusted or replaced quite easily.
  2. proavia

    Salt Cell Scaling After Less Than One Year

    My soft water loop and softener are in the garage and supply only the house - so no outside hose bibs or irrigation. The original autofill was plumbed into the irrigation line. Recently, I drilled a hose in the garage wall and plumbed a soft water line to connect to the autofill.... copper until...
  3. proavia

    Pentair Clean and Clear Plus cartridge replacement

    Many members here have used the Pleatco brand replacements with good success.
  4. proavia

    Salt Cell Scaling After Less Than One Year

    I am in Chandler also. Maintaining a TA of 60 isn't all that difficult. But it does take a bit of time and effort. I refilled this Spring with a TA of 120. It took a while to get the TA down to 60. Last Summer was brutal. More evaporation than usual, which cause more of a rise in CH. Maybe...
  5. proavia

    How can I have 35 psi AND a leak

    Does your DE filter have a multiport valve? If so, set it to recirculate and check the pressure with and without waterfall on. If no multiport, consider removing the filter grids, clean out the filter housing, put the housing back together without the grids installed and check the pressure. This...
  6. proavia

    Salt Cell Scaling After Less Than One Year

    Bring your TA down to 60. If you stay on top of the pH, you can manage the water with CH at 1000 - but you need to check pH at least every other day. And you will go thru a bit more acid. My CH was almost 1300 this past Spring. I kept the TA at about 50-60 and pH in the low 7's to keep CSI...
  7. proavia

    Hayward Ecostar 3400 VSP - squealing/grinding noise

    Oops, 19psi is at 2900 rpm with IFCS running. Its about 23 psi at 3450 rpm with IFCS. Pump is at most one foot above the water. At 2900 rpm, I get adequate cleaning unless a lot of larger debris sinks to the bottom - then I usually go to 3300 rpm until clean. Crisis averted for now though.... I...
  8. proavia

    Hayward Ecostar 3400 VSP - squealing/grinding noise

    Thanks guys! I am leaning toward the Pentair CCP420 if I can find one available. I like the idea of 4 cartridges and ease of removing them versus a single or double cartridge setup. @mas985 - Mark 2900 rpm for marginal IFCS performance. 3100-3200 rpm works well with a higher debris load...
  9. proavia

    Hayward Ecostar 3400 VSP - squealing/grinding noise

    @mas985 @Texas Splash @cowboycasey @Jimrahbe
  10. proavia

    Hayward Ecostar 3400 VSP - squealing/grinding noise

    This morning, I noticed my 9 year old Hayward Ecostar SP340P VSP was making a slight squealing/grinding noise while running at 1100 rpm (usually, I can't even hear it running unless I am less than 4 feet away). This afternoon the noise is louder when running at 2900 rpm - as expected...
  11. proavia

    Help me with heater bypass

    You won't see a measurable difference. Just plumb the easiest way possible and then be sure 'INLET' is on the side closest to the pump/filter. Easy to change by removing the screws, lifting the lid and rotating it to align 'INLET' to the correct location.
  12. proavia

    dumb question...what is this?

    If on a vertical surface, it's probably a suction line for a vacuum. If on a horizontal surface, maybe an umbrella holder. Are there any pipes at the equipment pad that aren't connected to the system? Or possibly one marked vacuum or cleaner that you don't use? Show us a pic of your equipment...
  13. proavia

    Scale on tile (SWG in Phoenix)

    Round up - it's not possible to read single digits on the CYA tube as it's logrithmic not linear. Your estimated CYA of '33' should be read as CYA 40. Fill out your signature with your pool, pool equipment (including manufacturer and model numbers) and test kit info. Be specific. This helps us...
  14. proavia

    Scale on tile (SWG in Phoenix)

    How are you testing your pool water? How did you get a CYA reading of 33?
  15. proavia

    How to turn off the Hayward H400 gas valve?

    You can call SCG. They will probably send a tech out to check it out and possibly cap the line for you. This used to be a free service from SCG years ago. No idea if it's still free though.
  16. proavia

    Phosphate levels? Who's testing?

    Recommend you use the app or old PoolMath link at bottom of pretty much every page in this forum. The Pool Calculator is just not as accurate as . I see you aresharing your logs, but the last log was over a month ago. In that log, given your listed CYA, your FC is way too low. Use liquid...
  17. proavia

    Help me win this plumbing setup debate

    Having the main drain (and all skimmers) plumbed thru the leaf trap is a good idea. The leaf trap provides one more net or basketto catch stuff before it gets to the filter. This helps keep larger debris from entering the filter. The IFCS should be run at a relatively high speed to provide the...
  18. proavia

    CYA at 76 should I lower before Slamming.

    There isn't a 152832 zip code - but there is a postal code with that number in Russia. Being in San Ramon, CA, yours is probably 94582 or 94583. Please insert your city, state in that spot as it's important to know when we are offering advice - and most members won't have any idea where you are...
  19. proavia

    Is this light safe?

    Losing 1/2" or more of water per day is not unheard of in PHX when it's 110*. Suggest you do the bucket test to see if it's evaporation or a leak.
  20. proavia

    Salt Cell clogging up in days

    Post a full set of current test results from one of the recommended test kits. FC CC pH TA CH Salt Water temp Read thru Read thru Use the Use Unless you are testing your pool water using one of the recommended test kits you really have no idea what your true test results are. With a...
  21. proavia

    Pentair multi port valve handle broke off - not the day for this--911!!

    While waiting for the replacement, add liquid chlorine to keep FC in the proper range. Used your pool brush to mix it in.
  22. proavia

    I'm getting very different FC and CC readings - even from the same sample.

    Sounds like time to clean both tubes. I believe some have used isopropyl alcohol to clean the tubes.
  23. proavia

    Pentair multi port valve handle broke off - not the day for this--911!!

    You can turn the key to align correctly with filter. But, based on where the handle broke, it may leak out of the handle shaft area. Only way to know is to try it. Get a replacement key and install it as soon as you can.
  24. proavia

    Figuring out the pool

    Use instead of the "Pool Calculator". has the most up to date recommendations and is the one used here at TFP.
  25. proavia

    Pool Math........The App

    Maybe @Leebo can best reply to this question. My question to you is: How do you intend to update any app (freeware or payware) without a Play Store (Google Play) account?
  26. proavia

    What you all think of the plaster job?

    How did you measure a TA of 92?
  27. proavia

    What you all think of the plaster job?

    What is the TA? High TA will also cause the pH to rise quicker. Share your logs here. There is a setting in the app to share logs.
  28. proavia

    waste port to garden hose?

    You may wish to look into getting a 50' length of backwash hose. You can get these on Amazon, at a pool store or maybe even Lowes or Home Depot - among other places. This will allow you to route the hose to a location of your choice. Are you on septic or sewer? If sewer, that may be an option to...
  29. proavia

    ***SOLVED***Just learning. Help!!!!!!!

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: In order to assist you, we are going to need a little more information about your pool and pool equipment. Please fill out your signature with your pool, pool equipment (including manufacturer and model numbers) and test kit. Additionally, a few pictures of your equipment...
  30. proavia

    Welcome and yet another CYA/FC question.

    With you being in Austin TX, with hot summer weather, you may be better served by a SWG. Beach will degrade faster when stored in high temps. It's possible that the storage tank for a Stenner setup will get a bit toasty sitting outside in your area. Initial buy in is higher with a SWG - but over...