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  1. Kjingram821

    AGP skimmer for 2" PVC and possible cavitation

    Also, I have probably just over 20" of 2" PVC running straight, before entering the pump, per the Mfr's recommendations.
  2. Kjingram821

    AGP skimmer for 2" PVC and possible cavitation

    Does anyone know if there's an AGP skimmer available which will attach directly to 2" PVC? I've got a Radiant Metric semi AGP currently running a 1.5HP Harris proforce with a Hayward ProSeries 27" top mount sand filter. I've got everything plumbed in 2", except the pipe at the skimmer and a...
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  5. Kjingram821

    Semi-inground closing - what to do with skimmer

    I've closed inground pools for probably 20+ years. Blown out the lines, capped at the return, blow out the drain until it bubbles and shut it off at the valve, blow out the skimmer and insert a gizmo with a plug in the top. Then would pour antifreeze in the return lines and skimmer line for...
  6. Kjingram821

    Electrical Installation Planning

    You'll likely need to get the wiring inspected (at least the rough in) before covering it up.
  7. Kjingram821

    Are these bubbles "normal" or at least acceptable?

    Interesting. Every pool I've seen has a small amount of air trapped in the lid for a period of time after startup. This is a new pump and I cleaned/lubed the gasket with Magic Lube.
  8. Kjingram821

    Are these bubbles "normal" or at least acceptable?

    Are you saying the pump basket should be 100% air free when running? Is there a certain amount of time this should take? I think mine will eventually get all of the air out, but it seems when it first starts there's some residual air pockets up in the lid area for a while. Not sure how long...
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  12. Kjingram821

    Over the top returns

    I did this (sort of) on a Radiant Metric 27' round that's 30" inground. I wanted a fountain or waterfall on the backside, so I simply ran 2" PVC around to the back underground and brought it up the side. Necked it down to fit a 3/4" compression coupler and added a fountain I bought online. I...
  13. Kjingram821

    Radiant - adding additional suction and return

    No water quality issues. Having taken care of an 18x38 IG pool for 20 years prior to this, I just think one skimmer and return are insufficient, especially given that I purchased a 1 1/2 HP pump, I probably should've gone 1HP or even a 3/4. Although my pump was running at 22psi upon initial...
  14. Kjingram821

    Radiant - adding additional suction and return

    Anyone ever added an additional return or suction line (and/or wide mouth skimmer)? I'm wondering where one would find a fitting to clear the 2" thick walls. I know they're out there, just want to make sure I find the right one before I tackle this. I had my Metric 27' round installed a...