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    Single Speed vs Variable Speed, Pump Curves

    I'm a new pool owner or will be. I'm still trying to understand variable speed pump savings and whether I should go single speed or variable speed. I'm looking at the Hayward 1.65 hp Super Pump VS. I took a shot at calculating my TDH. I estimated it to be around 30. In looking at the pump...
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    Single Speed to Variable Speed

    New pool owner. My PB is proposing using a 1Hp single speed Hayward Super Pump. My pool is around 17,000 gallons. He is also proposing a Hayward 300# sand filter with a maximum flow rate of 62 GPM. Plumbing will be 1 !/2" with two skimmers, three returns and main drain, 16' x 32' pool with 6'...