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    Mini Heat Pumps

    I've been looking at adding a heat pump to my 18ft above ground pool. I found a hayward variable 40BTU heat pump for 1399$ CAD brand new and then I figure another 2-300$ for install. However then I noticed these:
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    My AGP Pool Installation story/experience - disaster and recovery included!

    So I had an old 18' AGP steel wall which I demolished a couple of years ago (I had converted to saltwater which eventually destroyed the pool) and this year due to CV19 and the blight that was left by the old pool we decide to take the plunge and replace the pool. I purchased a pool from a local...
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    Pavers in northern climates?

    It’s come to my attention that in northern climates people sometimes don’t use pavers under uprights due to frost heaving...
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    Replacing old AG pool - additional steps for reprep?

    A couple of years ago i demolished my old heavily leaking pool (there was significant through the wall rust) and I've left the land whre the pool was bare. I'm considering installing a new pool and might have to do it myself because the pool stores are all swamped (if I can even find a pool to...