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    Impeller help needed - please see picture

    Chip/ cut the rest of the impellor off, replace shaft seal (better to do it now than get it put back together and it leak....they are cheap enough), and replace impellor.
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    Cleaning Liner Stains?

    If 8th scum you can use a baking soda pas5e, or "off the wall" from bioguard.
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    Polaris 280 issues

    The backup valve should only turn in for 30 sec....I beleive every 2 min or so. Only other thing I can think if is to adjust the jets and tail to let more water out (try opening up the tail all the way). Maybe there was an obstruction in your pump that worked itself out over the winter? They...
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    Polaris 280 issues

    Uh....are any of your jets clogged in the polaris? Is the backup valve working properly? Expandable plug wore out?
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    Bury or Not to Bury an Above Ground Pool?

    It can be done, but it must be done right, I personally wouldn't recommend burying more than halfway.
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    Cost to pay someone else to open the pool?

    Ir sounds like the builder is just covering their butt if the pool happens to he nasty (which it is I'm sure). That broken pipe could possibly be freeze damage and unless I was with the company who closed the pool....I would also be very cautious with my pricing. Also with the equipment...
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    New liner time, where to order

    Doughboy pools are not the true measurements they are supposed to be....for example a 16 X 32 is actually closer to 15'10" X 31' 10" to get proper fit you must order from doughboy. I give my customers the option of going with a different liner manufacturer , but I warn them there will be...
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    Polaris 280 issues

    It sounds as if that 2nd plugged return Was meant to be a 2nd place to plug in the polaris, or just another return. It may leak in that line? I would just get a threaded winterizing plug and cap it off....or cut at the T under the deck and cap it off. It might come in handy in the future however.
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    New liner time, where to order

    If it is a MUST get a doughboy liner for it to fit properly...don't ask me how I know.
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    Dreammaker Pump/Heater question

    I'm sorry I was is the red unions on the wet end of the pump, I should have specified. The two that I worked on though also had fins just on the inside of the wet end of the pump as well.
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    Stains after adding salt.... Help.

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    Dreammaker Pump/Heater question

    You need that red wet end of the pump (that is the "heater"). There are "fins" or groves in that part that create friction and that heats the water. That's the "hot stick" part. Your new pump does not have that. In my experience you have to order the pump from dreammaker (I have replaced 2...
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    Concerned after rain

    Maybe the boards were just a quick fix to stop mud from coming into the pool, or to help with erosion.
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    high prices

    Apparently from what I hear from my distributors us that prices were effected by tariffs with China, who either manufacturer chlorine or have something to do with the process.
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    Adding Fiberoptic perimeter lighting to existing viynl lined pool

    Hi All, I have been doing some research, but to no avail, I cannot find an option that will allow me to add fiberoptic perimeter lighting to a pool with standard alumninum coping. Anyone have any ideas? Paige
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    BEST Brand Of Fiberglass Pool

    Hey All, I am in the process of deciding which brand of fiberglass pool to carry in my pool construction business. I do realize that many of the different brands are actually all manufactured by Latham, but I just want some feedback from pool owners, and other builders. I would like to know...
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    Need advice, I cant figure out what to do with this mess

    It looks like paint to me, not fiberglass. I have never seen fiberglass do this. Also It would be considerably thicker and would more than likely just wear down to where you can see the fiberglass fibers an feel them as well:-|...ouch). It really looks like they went the more inexpensive...
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    Remove attached fiberglass spa, or convert to vinyl lined?

    Re: Remove attached fiberglass spa, or convert to vinyl line It depends how rough the finish is. I would lean to patching and sanding if it's not too bad. I will send you a PM about someone who could do this for you.
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    Remove attached fiberglass spa, or convert to vinyl lined?

    Re: Remove attached fiberglass spa, or convert to vinyl line My husband just told me they also used 3M 5200 on the backside of the track.
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    Remove attached fiberglass spa, or convert to vinyl lined?

    Re: Remove attached fiberglass spa, or convert to vinyl line We have done a handful. I have seen 2 others done by other companies as well. We have had one that had a rough bottom as well that we used floor foam to cover. However, we were called back when the bottom starting wrinkling 6...
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    bluewaters 2.jpg

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    Remove attached fiberglass spa, or convert to vinyl lined?

    Re: Remove attached fiberglass spa, or convert to vinyl line Yes we have done it.
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    Remove attached fiberglass spa, or convert to vinyl lined?

    Re: Remove attach fiberglass spa The only possibility I can think of is to convert the pool into a vinyl lined pool.
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    New Liner - Pool Full of Mud

    Is your pool holding water....any drop in the water level? Can you post pics? If there was enough dirty groundwater coming in to make the whole pool dirty, It would be nearly impossible to get a decent seal on that main drain.
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    New Liner - Pool Full of Mud

    I don't know that it would be groundwater for sure that made the water dirty. If we were to install the liner (even though we would pump the groundwater out first)....and there was still ground water coming in, the liner would be on top of it, with the exception of the cutting of the main drain...
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    Low-Hung Liner Ripped

    That might help, but it would not be a guarantee that damage would not occur. The walls could still buckle where there is not support. Here's a photo of what that would look like.[attachment=0:25eldg3u]getaway2 001.jpg[/attachment:25eldg3u]
  29. getaway2 001.jpg

    getaway2 001.jpg

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    Pics of pool and backyard

    Looks like a project!