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    Autofill Valve Cavity

    We haven't used our autofill valve since we have been investigating a possible leak. We have fixed the the leak and now want to use the autofill while on a trip. We opened the lid to the valve cavity and were surprised by the nastiness of the water. We drained the cavity and noted the clay like...
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    Freeze protection and heating spa

    Can someone help me with my dilemma? I have a Pentair Intelliflo pump (as well as a cleaner booster pump) that feeds my pool/spa combo. The freeze protection (to protect the pump) kicks on at 35 degrees Fahrenheit. That sends water through the system (including through a spa return that spills...
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    Quartzscapes St. Martin Shade

    I'm planning on going with St. Martin Shade for my pool finish. Does anyone in the Dallas area have that finish in their pool? Just hoping to get one more warm fuzzy about the color before it's too late. Thanks
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    Covered pergola or cover patio

    Trying to decide which to go with. Any suggestions? Price will be about the same since the pergola will be larger due to build line requirements for shingled patio covers. Larger fully covered pergola vs smaller shingled patio cover. Both would be attached to the house. I'd leak proof the...
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    North Dallas 39.5 - the Big Dig starts

    Well the dig is on for tomorrow morning. After months of research, interviewing and selections we are finally starting the pool. I thought this was supposed to be a fun thing but I am really nervous about all the unknowns (or should I say the money for the unknowns). Here's the "canvas" we...
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    Lime soil stabilization contractors in Dallas

    Does anyone know of any lime stabilization contractors in the north Texas/Dallas area? Has anyone done this treatment for their pool/decking? If so, how much did it cost? Thanks
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    New pool specs...any tips appreciated

    Here's what I'm looking at. It's a freeform style. Can anyone see anything I should add or that doesn't look right? I know some will say to lose the ozonator, which I may do. Thanks in advance. Pool Type:​Play Pool / Spa Pool Size:​16’ x 39’ Pool Area:​546 Sqft. Pool Perimeter:​100’...
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    Depth/profile question

    Hey everyone. We're in final stages of pool design. What is everyone's opinion on pool depth and profile? We're planning a 15x38 pool but haven't decided whether it will be freeform or geometric shape. We want a descent amount of shallow water for standing and playing. But we also want it...
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    Interviewing PB's in North Dallas

    It seems every PB that comes over has an opinion that contradicts the previous guys. I'm getting real confused on what I should be getting and what I shouldn't. I'd like to use this thread to get unbiased help on issues as they come up in the interviews. Here goes: 1). Of the 6 builders only...
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    Ozone or chlorine in TX

    Spilt by moderator form HERE. Please start a new thread for your own questions.Thanks, jblizzle Ok, so now I'm really confused. I live in north Dallas area and just started the process of getting pool/spa bids and designs. The builders I've talked to say they are putting in ozonator/chlorine...