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  1. schuetteknight

    HELP! Coping crack need quick fix for party today

    Thinking about some PL fast grab 8x to get this to stick for a party we are having this afternoon. I know it's not the best fix but it's about to fall off and I don't want anyone getting hurt at a kids party this afternoon. Anyone have a better solution?
  2. schuetteknight

    Outdoor kitchen build

    Waiting for the last few parts to come in for my outdoor kitchen build. I plan to use PT lumber for the build. Durarock and stone veneer for the outsize. Concrete counter tops with an undermount sink. I have the big door already waiting for the small door to get delivered. The only change I am...
  3. schuetteknight

    Too much water loss? Possible leak?

    Hello all, I have a new inground pool. I am having to add water about once a week. At first I thought this was just from slashing and such but now I'm wondering if there is possibly a leak. Yesterday I attached a scale in my pool and to track the change in water level. It looks like the level...
  4. schuetteknight

    Water cloudy after chlorine drop test

    Hello all, I am using the tf100 test and noticed that my water sample was cloudy white after doing the dpd chlorine test. Is this normal. I seem to remember this being clear last time I did it. Is this normal? I added 6 oz of Jack's purple yesterday. FC 5.5 pH 5.5 CyA 75 Ch 425 TA 80 Salt 3750
  5. schuetteknight

    Please delete

    Admin please delete thread
  6. schuetteknight

    New to TFP in Central Florida.

    Just finished with a new pool install. . I look forward to learning from the community, and sharing what I learn a long the way. I like to tinker with electronics, and I am currently working on Google home integration for control of pentair lights, pump, and SWG.