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  1. riny

    Any tricks for PVC connections at an odd angle?

    That's awesome, I had no idea it would bend that easily. Because it's already vertical, I think I'll get my friend to help me. If I heat it with the heat gun while he keeps pressure on the top, pushing gently back towards the house, maybe we can gradually bend it until it's vertical without sagging?
  2. riny

    Any tricks for PVC connections at an odd angle?

    I'm getting ready for my FPH (heater) to be installed, hopefully this Friday. I'm doing a test-fit of all of the PVC connections though, and I have an issue. The lines in the pictures go to/from the equipment pad. The pad is downhill of the heater location, so the trench is on a slope, and when...
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  7. riny

    Rust stains on new Unilock pavers

    Sorry if this is a bit off-topic... our patio just went in this year, Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers. We got some new lounge chairs too and when it rains, water seems to collect inside the hollow metal frames of the lounge chairs, where it stagnates for a while and then comes out all...
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  9. riny

    My post-Ida salt level doesn't make sense

    I would have believed it if I'd also lost 1/4 of my CYA and borates. With ONLY my salt level being down, I got suspicious. My normal water level is maybe 4" below the coping so while the pool did overflow, I should only have had 2-2.5" of spillover. And hopefully that was mostly rainwater that...
  10. riny

    My post-Ida salt level doesn't make sense

    Ah that makes sense. My method has always been: small plastic container, hold it upside down, plunge it in about 12" (just shy of elbow deep), flip and raise. Then I bring it inside and test from there. That also explains why I got a slightly higher reading with the second sample. I probably...
  11. riny

    My post-Ida salt level doesn't make sense

    Well we got about 6.5" inches of rain here, not as bad as many people but still enough to make the pool overflow. I ran the SWG for extra time before the storm to pre-emptively raise the FC level and that seems to have worked. Now all of my numbers make sense... except the salt level. My CYA and...
  12. riny

    Hotspot FPH pool heater install

    I also have one hopefully going in soon. I've had the FPH for a few months but couldn't find anyone to install it. I've had 4 different HVAC guys lined up to do the installation and they all backed out. Eventually I just started calling every HVAC contractor in the phone book and I changed my...
  13. riny

    Pool refill

    BTW if you're still looking for CYA... around here at least, it's never marketed by that name. All of my local brands sell it as either Conditioner or Stabilizer. Then if you look at the ingredient section, it should say Cyanuric Acid 100%, but you might not see that term otherwise on the label...
  14. riny

    Getting ready to add borates to my pool...

    If you have a BioGuard dealer nearby, you can also use BioGuard Optimizer. This is the same 100% boric acid and if you're lazy, you won't have to wait for shipping. (Note: make sure you get Optimizer and not Optimizer Plus.) I did some research and couldn't find any other pure boric acid product...
  15. riny

    New borate drop test at piscines-apollo vs. test strip

    Some of the products mentioned earlier are no longer available, so here's an updated shopping list for 2021 (these are all available with Prime in a day or two, in my area at least): Beaker BTB Mannitol Total cost was under $30. The diameter of this beaker is slightly larger than the well in...
  16. riny

    Can I use this skimmer port as an overflow drain?

    Ha, that's awesome. I have an annoying pair of 3/8" holes where my PB put in this puck feeder that I don't want or need. It connects using plastic tubing and saddle fittings. I keep the thing hooked up now, just because I don't have plugs for these holes and they're both in really inconvenient...
  17. riny

    Can I use this skimmer port as an overflow drain?

    Well it's interesting... but what a goopy, gloppy mess! The biggest challenges here would be to (a) cover the inner hole but not fill the very small gap between the layers, and (b) have the patch sit flush so it doesn't interfere with the basket. This stuff looks pretty bulky and imprecise. I...
  18. riny

    Can I use this skimmer port as an overflow drain?

    So, I screwed up... I didn't realize there was an outer layer and an inner layer. I think you're only supposed to remove the outer layer, so water enters the overflow by coming up underneath (which can only happen with a high water level) and not from normal splashing. Well when I drilled it...
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  20. riny

    Best adjustment to correct CSI

    Yes I'd happily trade, we've had a bit of a cold snap in the northeast the past few days. My kids still insist on swimming every day though. I usually let them stay in the pool until they have blue lips and chattering teeth, then they still get mad when I tell them it's time to go in the house...
  21. riny

    Best adjustment to correct CSI

    No plaster at all, but a stone patio around the pool. Is a low CSI not a concern in this case?
  22. riny

    Best adjustment to correct CSI

    I just started looking at the CSI calculation in Pool Math. This morning's test results: pH 7.6 TA 60 CH 200 CYA 70 Temp 74F Salt 3200 This gives me a CSI of -0.68 which is apparently not good. I started playing with values and found that if I were to raise the CH to 550, the CSI would be...
  23. riny

    Salt water generators are closed systems... what?

    Ah, very interesting. I guess sodium is just inescapable. :)
  24. riny

    Salt water generators are closed systems... what?

    Ok let's be precise here. Do you mean SALT as in any anion/cation compound, or specifically NaCl? According to wikipedia anyway: Dichlor = C₃HCl₂N₃O₃ Trichlor = C₃Cl₃N₃O₃ There's no sodium in either of these. I understand that they'll both leave you with plenty of Cl- at the end of the chain...
  25. riny

    Salt water generators are closed systems... what?

    You know, I just found this thread after asking a very similar question about Cl- build-up. Everything makes sense but I'm hung up on something: To be pedantic, I'm not sure this is correct. I'm pretty sure the water does that. Only the Cl- participates in the reaction in the salt sell; the...
  26. riny

    Where does the chlorine go?

    Fascinating, thanks for that!
  27. riny

    Reduce % output or pump time?

    Incidentally, I found this spreadsheet very helpful in setting my SWG runtime and percentage.
  28. riny

    Where does the chlorine go?

    Hey @JoyfulNoise, I just watched the pH/TA video from a few days ago and found it super informative, so thanks for that! My chemistry education is limited to a few college classes and that was a lot of years ago, but I think I followed the basics, specifically the part about constant CO2...
  29. riny

    Can I use this skimmer port as an overflow drain?

    Ha, ok, thanks for confirming!
  30. riny

    Can I use this skimmer port as an overflow drain?

    My pool doesn't have an overflow, and twice this summer we've had heavy enough storms to cause a spillover. I noticed that my skimmer has this unused port (looks like inch and a quarter). I'm not sure what it's supposed to be for but it seems to be just above the normal water level. Could I...