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  1. Donldson

    HDC Products Hydro Heat

    Wow, NSF 50? Sounds very impressive! Too bad it's mostly a meaningless certification that confirms an already confirmed-safe chemical is safe. A piece of schedule 40 pipe meeting those standards isn't quite as impressive as the NSF managing to rake in money by selling worthless...
  2. Donldson

    New Hotsprings Limelight Pulse!! Salt, Chlorine, Bromine, or Ozone, Frog @ ease?!?!?! Can't decide!!

    I'm confused, you have a saltwater pool so you must know that saltwater systems are chlorine production systems. So this comment doesn't make any sense.
  3. Donldson

    Just got TF-100 Kit and here are my results. Please advise on what i need to add/do to change my levels

    You can get a digital pH meter, most of them are fine. They require regular calibration and you're not really going to get more accurate data, but it's an option if the upsides are worth the downsides to you. IMO the color matching on this particular test is fairly easy as there's significant...
  4. Donldson

    Working on a SLAM

    If your CYA is 30 then why in the world are you bring your FC up to 20?
  5. Donldson

    Calling water experts

    Boiling pool water won't do anything. Boiling removes pathogens, if your water is properly chlorinated there won't be pathogens. It won't do anything regarding CYA or salt. And while the FC/CYA chart is appropriate for outside the body it's not appropriate for drinking. That chlorine will...
  6. Donldson

    Algae blooming nearly weekly. I can’t afford the chlorine anymore

    In a 38,000 gallon pool a gallon of 12.5% liquid chlorine (giving the best case scenario) would equate to 3.3 ppm of FC. There is no way your water is burning through that little chlorine over the course of a week. In that kind of heat with only 30 ppm CYA you'd be lucky to see 3 ppm FC loss...
  7. Donldson

    New Fiberglass Pool and Mustard Algae already!

    The issue at hand is not the format of the numbers, it is that the numbers indicate an unreliable source of testing. Over and over we've seen that pool store testing is not accurate, there's an active thread at this very moment where someone got completely different results from 3 pool stores...
  8. Donldson

    Why are pool stores so varied in their testing?

    Absolutely no surprise. Pool store testing isn't worth the price you pay for it. Trust your testing, you're the only one who really cares whether it's correct or not. Welcome to TFP!
  9. Donldson

    White Film of Water Surface

    No, phosphates wouldn't do anything like that. My guess is that the phosphate remover included a clarifier which reacted to whatever the film was and allowed it to be filtered out. There's a few very specific scenarios where a clarifier is appropriate, generally not in the case of a "film" but...
  10. Donldson

    Effects of Adding.... tap water.

    Incredibly complex to factor in multiple related variables (for instance, that low TA will almost completely offset the high pH). As well I can't imagine most people use meters on their hoses. I guess the question I have is: why not just test your water after topping off? It seems that to do...
  11. Donldson

    Leaking Anti-Freeze after Closing

    I don't have a definitive answer on the problem itself, just a bit of reassurance for your pets. The toxic ingredient in automotive antifreeze is ethylene glycol while pool antifreeze uses propylene glycol which is considered non-toxic in mammals and generally not harmful for aquatic...
  12. Donldson

    Nbors pool is full of green algae

    Let me just clean this up a bit from the previously more raw version: Strongly disagree on this. The "better to do the wrong thing than do nothing" mentality just makes more problems in pool care. The pool isn't going to suddenly get 10x worse by waiting a few days, but making incorrect...
  13. Donldson

    Use pool time shock to chlorinate?

    That is dichlor. Besides the product itself not being pure and probably having copper in it, dichlor adds as much CYA as it does FC. You will never see CYA listed on powdered chlorine products because it is a part of the chlorinated powder. If space is that much of a limitation I'd suggest...
  14. Donldson

    CYA Removal

    Trichlor tablets don't expire. Next time you're asked what your levels are, the person requesting the information is not asking what the numbers were five months ago.
  15. Donldson

    CYA Removal

    And you aren't finding anything suspicious about it telling you that your CYA level jumped 72 ppm in a matter of days?
  16. Donldson

    CYA Removal

    How are you testing your water?
  17. Donldson

    Perma salt system question

    Welcome to TFP! You're not stuck with it by any means, just unplug it. If you just recently started using it then your water shouldn't have too much copper in it, so if you stop using it now you can easily convert to a chlorine-based water care system (of course we recommend following TFPC)...
  18. Donldson

    Baquacil Question-New to TFp

    Welcome to TFP! To answer the question at hand: yes it is straight hydrogen peroxide. Now of course I'd be remiss if I didn't highly recommend converting ASAP. Sand filters don't just turn to cement on their own. That's a sign that there were problems with algae and/or mold and the previous...
  19. Donldson

    Camco Antifreeze Unavailable? (on Amazon)

    RV antifreeze is available at any Walmart. Honestly antifreeze is a backup in case you don't blow out your pipes completely. It's not worth putting too much thought in to what brand is supposedly better (virtually no different between brands either).
  20. Donldson

    Unexpectedly high FCL

    Initiating Research... ... I don't know what is responsible for this evil, but I know darn well that I'm blaming the metric system!
  21. Donldson

    Unexpectedly high FCL

    A shot is 1.5 ounces
  22. Donldson

    Closing without draining, what all do I need?

    There are a lot of risks to attempting this. If water does get in to your skimmer and freezes it can destroy it. Or bend the walls of your pool, potentially compromising the structural integrity of the entire thing. So I've got to ask what benefit there is to this that's worth those risks.
  23. Donldson

    Waterbag alternative idea

    An interesting idea, but some questions/concerns that would need to be handled: How will you fill a long hose and get the air out of it? How will you keep the hose from moving while it is being filled? Large round objects tend to move around very easily. How will you prevent damage from the...
  24. Donldson

    FAS DPD really necessary?

    Both are about as awful as they come and neither are worth what you pay for them. Every season we see someone who has lost hundreds of dollars on unnecessary products because they didn't recognize the value of good data. They chased problems that didn't exist or ignored problems they didn't...
  25. Donldson

    Should I wait until temps are below 60* in my area before closing pool

    Life is a lot easier if you close when the water is below 60 and open before the water is above 60. You can close or open any time, but the earlier you close and later you open the higher the chance of dealing with algae or other issues when you open.
  26. Donldson

    What is dumbest pool "contraption you've seen this year?

    Does this count as a "contraption"? It makes my list of dumbest thing to add to a pool each and every year.
  27. Donldson

    Pool Pump Settings(schedule) to Prevent Algae

    TFP is a very friendly place. We have people who will work very hard to help someone fix any problem in their pool and get on the right track to an actual Trouble Free Pool. What we don't do, however, is help propagate false information or bad advice. So when someone asks for help...
  28. Donldson

    Battling Yellow Algae

    Oh no... What did they do to "fix" your water?
  29. Donldson

    Taking charge of my rising PH

    It won't change anything, the same amount of chlorine generation will mean the same amount of aeration. What is your TA level? A constant pH rising issue is usually caused by the TA level being kept too high.
  30. Donldson

    Pool green for over a year.

    IMO: zero chance. And I also want to point out with others just how ill-advised it is to operate a filter that's broken. You are opening yourself up to financial liability if something goes wrong after you worked on it. That's why professionals carry considerable insurance coverage.