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  1. m a hanson

    Tommorrow is a sad day..pool is getting closed.

    Started to skim leaves out every day, and now that it's never above 65 at night here in the Northeast, it's a wee bit chilly now. Anyone else have pointed oval leaves falling sooner than the other trees? I think the tree is ill, as I can see the top of the canopy is about bare.( Not my trees...
  2. m a hanson

    Curious water loss and gain within a week.

    I noticed a strange thing last week, after all the rain ceased here in the Northeast, my pool water level was really good. Several days later, I was out there hooikng up the robot and noticed I had a 1" loss of water. Then a few days later, it was back to normal. I believe it happened a few...
  3. m a hanson

    Pool Renovation, haven't seen this posted.

    I haven't seen a post about this yet. Anyone have an older vinyl inground pool that has been fully or partially restored. Costs, Who to contact, pros,cons , what to expect? I am vacillating between filling in the pool next year or getting it a facelift. The concrete slabs have dropped/cracked...
  4. m a hanson

    Battery operated pool lights.

    I found a link on reddit for battery led pool lights and had to buy and try them. These run on 3 AA batteries, are waterproof a have rgb functions. They came as a 4 pack. I am blown away by how bright they are. UPDATE...
  5. m a hanson

    Adding dry chemicals, turn floor drain as opposed to skimmer?

    I have my pool running on skimmer, should I switch to floor drain when adding chemicals?
  6. m a hanson

    Chlorine pucks,

    Can I place them in a mesh bag and hang it off the deep end ladder to hold me over until I can buy liquid chlorine this weekend? I bought a bucket of pucks last fall but never used them as I closed the pool soon after. I did a hurried chlorine check today and it showed less than 3. Will do a...
  7. m a hanson

    I want to purchase a Robot pool cleaner, I have my eye on the Dolphin Nautilus CC refurbished @ 499.00

    I like the reviews on the Dolphin Nautilus and I need to buy something quickly, as I have some trees that are near the pool and the debris clogs the skimmer pretty quickly. I see alot of mentions of Dolphin Pool Robots in TFP and would like some feedback. It seems to be in the right price range...
  8. m a hanson

    Hey, new to the pool scene. Located North of Syracuse NY.

    Hi everyone, I have been doing so much rearching lately and I am glad to have found this wonderful resource. I hope to learn all I can about taking care of my pool so I can enjoy it for years to come.